Music Executive Desiree Perez Recognizes Barriers to Women in Industry

Music executive Desiree Perez is perhaps one of the most influential and powerful women in the music industry today, with years of success and networking behind her. With her role in many of the careers of female and male singers, as well as establishing herself in the business and executive side of the music industry, Perez and her opinion matter.Recently, society and culture has come to the realization that women in the music industry are not always given equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

Everyone is recognizing that it is up to everyone, at every level of the industry, to make opportunities both available and possible for both men and women without any barriers or preferences based on sex. Following a controversial statement made by Recording Academy president, Neil Portnow, Perez joined in with a group of other female music executives to point out the issues with Portnow’s statement about women and the Recording Academy and Grammys.

The letter criticized Portnow, saying that it was not a badly voiced personal opinion about women and their role in the music industry, but a deep rooted belief by members of the Academy that fails to recognize the barriers that are faced by female artists.The letter goes a step further and addresses the need for the Academy as a whole to reevaluate and assess the organizational issues that can lead to unequal opportunities in music, and even harbor individuals that chronically oppress or abuse their power over women trying to gain opportunities within the industry. As one of the most vocal and prominent women in the music industry, Desiree Perez can and has made a difference simply by using her voice to call attention to the issues.