Why So Many Business Rely on Southridge Capital

Every business needs a healthy supply of funding to keep itself going. Usually, this funding can come from revenue, loans or investment. However, other companies may need to find an alternative way to get that funding. One company has been able to help these companies get the funding that critical all market conditions. That company, Southridge Capital, has become the “go to” company for hundreds of businesses.


So what does Southridge Capital do? According to a recent article, Southridge provides financial expertise to all types of clients and companies through two basic types of services. The first type of service is structured finance. Through Southrdige’s structured finance service, clients are able to get the funding they need through three types of strategies: securitization, credit enhancing or alternative financing solutions. For more details visit Bloomberg.


For example, let’s say a company cannot secure a loan because of their poor line of credit. Southrdige Capital can offer their client several types of strategies to help them get the financing they need. One possible solution is to monetize the company’s asset base. Another strategy is to enhance the client’s credit by eliminating their debt. This debt elimination can be done by offering the creditors common stock. Another strategy Southridge uses for its clients is to secure loans against the client’s common stock.


If a company does not need financing, Southridge Capital can help their clients with a portfolio of financial advisory services. These financial services include financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice and legal settlement.


Southridge Capital’s CEO Stephen Hicks places a great emphasis on his clients’ success as well as the success of the local community. Mr. Hicks, along with his wife Mary Hicks, started the Daystar Foundation to promote community leadership, volunteer work, and giving. Through the Daystar Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks have been able to serve the community through enhancement of the education, health and the arts. From financial services to social responsibility, Southridge Capital continues to find powerful ways to improve Wall Street as well as Main Street. Check out their Twitter page.


Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=701946


The Growth of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions began as a neighboring butchery supplying processed meat locally in Illinois. The firm started its operation in 1990 as Otto and Sons. The market demanded that the company should transform from being a local company to an international firm with facilities in over 17 countries in the world. The company specializes in the processing of value-added protein food. The company completed its extension for the processing of chicken products by a double to 24,000 tons annually. The development led to an increase in overall production capacity to 45,000 tons annually. The improvement was as a result of a fast-growing demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal.

OSI Food Solutions anticipated a continuous increase in the market. Thus, the preparation was to start serving a broader market in future and remain the top food processing company in the entire world. The company appointed Sheldon Lavin as chief executive officer as a visionary leader who can take the firm a step forward in the production process. Initially, Lavin was the development manager of OSI Group while working in his consultancy agency. Lavin helped the company transform from being a company serving only Illinois to satisfying international market.

During the development of OSI Food Solutions, the process generated an additional 20 job opportunities to add to the previous 140 work forces. Also, the company introduced product development manager. The purpose of the office is to offer proper management of the current products and introduce new products to the industry’s portfolio.

OSI Food Solutions equipped its security surveillance system with indoor and outdoor cameras. On the additional 22,600 square feet work space, the firm introduced various amenities like new receiving area, nitrogen storage tanks, waste material storage containers, and social area for the workers. Most importantly, the firm acquired the Tyson Food Plant in North America to show a brighter future for the region regarding food production. Moreover, the firm purchased the Flagship Europe in 2016. The plant became the primary food supplier in the UK remarking it as the Creative Food Europe. OSI Food Solutions possesses the leading stake in Baho Food in Germany and the Netherlands.


Paul Mampilly Gives Long Term Strategies to American Investors

Premier Gazette recently covered the career transition for Paul Mampilly, a successful Wall Street hedge fund manager turned newsletter writer, in the article “Broadening the Tree of Wealth with Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing”. The article was written by Stephen Ray and details the career of Paul Mampilly.

Mampilly may have worked on Wall Street for nearly two decades, but he discovered his passion was helping the average American make sound investing decisions. His success on Wall Street led him to be named as one of Barron’s “World’s Best” investors where he took many portfolios and helped them realize huge gains of nearly 76%. He was also incredibly successful even during the economic downturn when he recognized several profitable stocks like Google and Netflix. He quickly became recognized as one of the most intelligent investors of his day.

However, Paul Mampilly soon realized that he would prefer helping the average American make money rather than the large companies he had worked for previously. He partnered with Banyan Hill Publishing to help distribute his natural financial acumen in a way that the average American could understand and afford.

One of Mampilly’s key insights into trading is his high level of research. He believes reading is one of the best building blocks to discover the best stocks and how other things may affect the market. He spends nearly 12 to 14 hours each day reading. He also feels it is necessary to make informed decisions quickly.

Mampilly also believes a daily routine or ritual can help a person stay on top of all the information. He feels it is necessary to have a continuous stream of information to keep making the right investment decisions. He created an investment philosophy that identifies trends based on consumer behavior. He is particularly interested in the technological advancements that will be driving consumer purchasing choices in the future.

Mampilly was also featured on the Chronicle of Week website in Haley Thompson’s article Paul Mampilly Makes a Career Change to Help Everyday Investors”. The article reveals that Mampilly also wants to help his readers maintain safe boundaries in the stock market. He encourages all of his readers to set up a small-loss strategy by setting up a stop loss at 8%. That way they never lose more than 8% of their money.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani and His Real Estate Empire

Sometimes all it takes for success is a good idea and lots of hard work. Timing enters in as well, as it did for Hussain Sajwani. Young Hussain grew up in Dubai where, as a schoolboy, he helped his father after school with the family variety store business. The hours were long and he related to his father that being a businessman would not be for him when he grew up for that reason.

However, just the opposite came true as Sajwani today is one of the most prominent real estate businessmen in the world. He is the founder and owner of DAMAC Properties, Inc., one of the largest and most successful real estate development and management companies in the Middle East. His advice and business expertise are sought by many all over the world.

Even though Sajwani earned degrees in Economics and Engineering, because he yearned to become a professional man so he would be able to work regular hours, he became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Middle East. An early venture was a catering company that sold meals to the US Army during the Gulf Wars, which was a very successful operation. That business is still going strong to this very day.

DAMAC Properties, Inc. was formed in 2002 when the United Arab Emirates allowed foreign buyers to purchase property in the Emirates and take up residence there. DAMAC began purchasing property and Sajwani began his relentless marketing efforts. He was so successful that his first project was completely sold out before any construction even began. His slogan of, “A New Bently Comes with Each Luxury Apartment,” was certainly an attention-getter to the buying public.

Sajwani,  the DAMAC Owner, was careful to pay cash for the land so there would always be a solid foundation for the property. He also kept separate accounting and banking accounts for each project so that each endeavor would stand on its own. This practice proved fortuitous when later, a downturn in real estate occurred.

Today, DAMAC is a family-run business with properties from London, Paris, the UAE and projects on the drawing board for other Middle Eastern locations. Sajwani has come a long way from the days of working for his father, and he has become one of the most successful businessmen in the world.

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UK Investment Bank Executive Mike Bagguley

Financial executive Mike Bagguley had worked within the Barclays company in its macro markets business for a number of years before recently being promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer of its investment bank. Because of his successful managing of the macro division, which saw a 3% increase in revenue under his strategic leadership, he was called on to restructure Barclays’ banking division in the same manner. He reports directly to the bank’s CEO Tom King, and together they work on ways to cut costs and increase profitability.

Mike Bagguley is on the bank’s executive committee, and he is also responsible for helping coordinate and deliver on assigned projects. Barclays is one of several banks of its kind to slim down its trading activities and focus more on things like equities and advisory, because of the fact that these things have been less affected by government regulation. Under the direction that the new COO has been taking the investment bank in, it is now one of only 2 banks that has managed to improve FICC revenues.

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick in 1988, Mike Bagguley later went on to work on the Barclays’ fixed income trading desk in 2001 in its London office. He also held several other senior positions in cities like Tokyo, Johannesburg and New York. On top of being in a leading role at Investment Bank at Barclays, he also serves as Managing Director and Global Head of US Dollar Derivatives Trading and FX Trading at Barclays Capital.

Mike Bagguley, who was born Michael Roy Andrew Bagguley, and prefers to be called Mike, has worked within the banking division at Barclays since November of 2015. He is, as well, involved in a number of other organizations based in the financial sector. He acts as the Director of the Association for Financial Markets Europe, and he is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. In his new position as the COO of the Investment Bank at Barclays, he replaced its previous top executive Justin Bull, who left the bank in April.


Aloha Construction Is Joined By A New Sister Company

Aloha Construction is one of the biggest general contractors in the Midwest. Dave Farbaky created this company a number of years ago and recently opened a sister company to it, Aloha Restoration. Aloha Construction focuses on the exterior of home fixing and replacing siding, roofs, and gutter systems. Aloha Restoration does jobs on the interior of homes such as removing mold and fixing water, fire, and smoke damage. This sister company can also do kitchen remodels, completing basements, and other remodeling projects.

Aloha Construction does work on homes across the state of Illinois as well as the southern half of Wisconsin. Their main office is in Lake Zurich and they recently opened a second one in Bloomington. In 2017 they passed an important milestone for the company when they surpassed having completed 20,000 siding and roofing projects. The excellent work they do for homeowners and their commitment to treating customers honestly and ethically resulted in their winning the BBB Torch Award at the end of 2017.

In order to raise awareness of Aloha Construction’s new sister company, Dave Farbaky launched a new series of commercials on tv. In the first tv ad of this series, Dave says that Aloha Restoration is a full-service company which is uniquely suited to restoring homes. He says that his company differs from its competitors in that it won’t leave a mess behind and can take a home from being a disaster to being perfectly remodeled.

There are a number of reasons to hire these two companies when a home has been damaged inside and out. First, Aloha Construction offers a free property inspection. One of their crew of experts will thoroughly go through the home completing a nine-step inspection process. This includes examing the shingles on roofs, the flashing, and making sure there aren’t any issues with the attic ventilation.

Aloho Restoration also offers a free inspection. They will look for issues like mold and flooding damage. They will also assess the situation after a fire has occurred and will determine the best way to fix the damage that has occurred.

Stream Energy’s New Philanthropy Foundation

Stream Energy is among the first corporations to assist in funding of Hurricane Harvey, in recovering. This firm is also known to be of help to their client’s financial crisis. This organization has also joined with the Hope Supply Coin to reduce the rate of homelessness in Dallas. The homeless children are now able to receive basic necessities as well as education.

Stream energy has also been in partnership with an organization known as Habitat for Humanity, which supports less fortunate families to build their homes and also repair the existing ones. The families receiving assistance are expected to contribute labor known as sweat equity. This way they are offered affordable mortgages. They also volunteer their labor. Stream energy is also in partnership with The American Red Cross that help managing disaster in the United States.

Stream Energy also recently joined with the Salvation Army in raising funds for victims in North Texas. They have assisted Dallas-area veterans as well through what is called Operation Once in a Lifetime.

The most successful and effective value of Stream is the corporate philanthropy. Stream Energy has also come up with another charity foundation known as Stream Cares. This foundation was launched to formally present the philanthropic activities that they have been taking place for the past 12 years all over the United States on funding.

Besides offering funds, they also provide human resources. The Stream Company did show other organizations their mode of conducting charity work when Hurricane Harvey took place. Many of the firms take part in philanthropic activities. However, they fail to divide into different departments to cater for similar.

Philanthropy is essential in the society since it benefits both the less fortunate and the organizations carrying out the programs. By offering their assistance to the community, the people get to respect them and will always remain loyal to them. The people will still be ready to give back to the company. Philanthropy places an organization in a better position in time of crisis for they receive assistance from the people. Stream Energy is, therefore, having a better chance in the community.


Let’s Take A Look At Guilherme Paulus’s Hospitality Career

Guilherme Paulus is one of the pioneers of CVC. The firm specializes in touring operations. It has been in operation for more than four decades. He served as an inspiration to many youths as he started the tour operator at his early 20s. After four years, he was left to run the firm on his own when his partner left to pursue personal goals. He has exemplary leadership skills that have made the tour operator be rated as one of the best in Latin America. Over the years, it has expanded its operations in many parts of the United States. CVC sold 63.6% stake to Carlyle group. According to a report by the firm, the deal was valued at $420 million.

Guilherme Paulus has continued to invest in the hospitality industry. About 13 years ago, he started GJP Hotels and Resorts. The group has more than 15 outlets and has been rated as one of the best places to visit in Brazil. He is always keen to invest in strategic locations to tap the potential from the tourists. He benefited from the influx of football fans from around the globe during the 2014 World Cup. He started working in the corporate world before he attained 20 years. At IBM, Guilherme Paulus held a junior position as an intern. The opportunity to work with a multinational company gave him the opportunity to learn how to run a firm effectively. The 69 years old entrepreneur was born in Sao Paulo.

Guilherme Paulus specialized in Business Administration during his higher education. He has worked in the hospitality sector for about five decades. One of the main reasons why CVC has continued to grow over the years is his ability to identify and utilize the latest innovations in the industry. He believes that innovation is the best way to maintain a competitive advantage over the competitors. To increase the number of clients, he has ensured that the hotels have a wide range of services and also the adoption of a competitive pricing system. The tour operator became public in 2013. After being listed on the stock exchange, CVC has grown tremendously. The management has plans to open more outlets each year.

See: https://www.forbes.com/profile/guilherme-paulus/

How To Create An Effective To-Do List

Upwork is a platform for many freelancers to apply for a variety of assignments that need to be completed. This process allows freelancers to choose their own pay per item as well as choose what they wish to work on and what they do not wish to work on. It offers free choice and allows individuals to build on their skills as they grow in their profession. Many freelancers find it difficult to manage their time, especially with multiple tasks at hand. Upwork provides its users with 10 tips to create and get through their task lists.

The first recommended step is to write down all items that need to be completed. Having many incomplete items on one’s mind can lead to an inability to focus on what you are presently trying to complete. Having all the items written down will ease your mind and allow you to focus better. When preparing this list it is best to complete it the night prior and use all your valuable time the day of to knock those to-do items out.

When writing them down make sure to utilize one method of where your to-do list will be located. This will save you time when you are starting to complete the tasks. Next to each time, put a time frame on it. Put the date you will start it, and what time of day as well as how long you will spend doing that task. As you complete tasks you may find that you’ve finished quickly and you can use that data to work more effectively the next time you have similar items. Upwork provides you with a time sampling of how long it takes you to complete items.

After you’ve determined time frames you will want to assign priorities. You can do this by checking to see what needs to happen first in the day and what can wait till later. By doing this you ensure you will get the must-do items done first before unexpected circumstances pop up. Re-evaluate your to-do list regularly to check for items that may not need to be on there anymore. If you’ve procrastinated an item multiple times over a course of weeks, it could be that there’s little value in completing it.

Make sure to make your items stress free by delegating certain tasks to others in your group or team. You can also break down tasks into smaller steps to help you focus on one step at a time to reduce stress. You can also reduce stress by blocking your times accordingly. By spending chunks of time in one area you are making your work easier. For example, spending 30 minutes just sending out emails for the day. Last, but not least, assess your energy levels throughout the day and assign yourself tasks that fit those energy levels.

Trabuco Bradesco Makes Bradesco bank Better

     Trabuco Bradesco is the CEO of Bradesco bank. There are things that he does that makes things better and that’s how he works to bring attention to all the issues in the banking industry. Since he knows how to help the bank, he can feel good about all the things that are going on in the industry. By making sure he can do things right, Trabuco Bradesco feels good about the opportunities he created for others. It was his goal of giving his clients the best banking experience possible. He hopes for a better future for everyone in the industry and for all the people who can come up with the experiences they need. It’s how he does things that brings attention to the industry standards and to the positive experiences everyone can get from Trabuco Bradesco. Even though Trabuco Bradesco knew what he wanted to do, he could help other people get the best experiences possible.

After Trabuco Bradesco looked at the positive options he could include with the banking industry, he felt there were ways he could bring more change to it. He always wanted people to see how he could try things and how he could bring attention to the issues going on around him. It was his goal to help others and to provide positive interactions everyone could benefit from. With his help, more people had the chance to see they could bring positive interactions to the workplace and to the banking industry.

Taking over as the CEO was one of the best decisions he could have made, Trabuco found he was able to do more than he ever did before and that’s an important part of the banking world. Without worrying about issues in the industry, he knew what he could do and how he could bring more opportunities to those who were in need. Thanks to Bradesco’s major success, Trabuco keeps doing things that will help the bank. The customers are the ones who win. They can get more positive interactions and the best banking experiences possible because of how hard Trabuco worked on the bank.