Doe Deere: The Artist Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, created the make-up brand Lime Crime. Lime Crime has recently been featured in the November 2015 issue of Nylon magazine. Deere’s Lime Crime takes the idea of the beauty of the unicorn to the next level, featuring the silhouette on the packaging for individuals who radiate unique spirit like the unicorn. Deere calls herself the “queen of unicorns” because of her love for the mystical creature.

Deere was originally a Russian mail order bride who moved to the U.S. in 1999. Since moving to the U.S. she has begun fashion school and then dropped out, worked in fashion as a clothing designer, been a part of the rock band Sky Salt, and become a cosmetics guru. At one point Deere sold clothing that she made and altered with unusual techniques, such as the use of duct tape, on eBay. Eventually her interests turned to other endeavors and she quit making clothes and selling them.

In 2002 Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime  started working on her new project, the rock band Sky Salt, along with her husband. At one point Deere rented a club for the night to showcase her music. She enjoyed playing music and taking part in creative endeavors but found it difficult to make a living. In 2007 Deere was forced to take on a position at a bank to pay the bills.

The move to working at a nine to five job at a bank sparked Deere’s interest in becoming successful as a cosmetics business owner. She began creating eye shadows made from mineral micas to sell under her brand Lime Crime. The eye shadows and lipsticks are known for their whimsical packaging and beautiful, vibrant colors. Deere has worked to remove as many fillers as possible from her products so that they appear as bright and bold on the face as they do in the package. Deere often posted videos of her cosmetics business or tutorials on how to apply her products. By this time she had developed quite a following online the world wide web.

Deere has many fans, but the Internet has a love and hate relationship with her. She is not bothered by the criticism she receives, as it is natural for an Internet celebrity to receive some flack for being successful, along with simple jealousy from haters. Deere’s success speaks for itself, as she is a self-made woman who believes in the products that she sells through her Lime Crime brand.

New York May Be Overcrowded, But Your Lifestyle Doesn’t Have To Be

New York City has always been the place to go, but it seems lately everyone wants to live in the Big Apple. The apartment vacancy rate in the big city hovers around 1% and average rent is about $4000, and luxury rents are far above that. It should come as little surprise that people are starting to squeeze in with each other in an effort to save some money and some space. A new report was just published that reveals that one out of every 12 NYC apartments for rent is actually overcrowded.

The report was released from the office of Comptroller Scott Stringer and showed that households in the city are getting more and more packed. In some cases more than one person is living per room and in severely crowded locations there are is about 1.5 persons per room if not more. The overcrowding is a legitimate concern in the city. Long waits for public housing make it even larger problem.

However, not everywhere in New York City is crowded. In fact, just the opposite is true if you look for a building that is situated closer to downtown and in the happening neighborhoods. There are a lot of great luxury rentals that manage to offer you space and in some cases even a little open air spaces on the roof.

Town Real Estate offers luxury residents in all of NYC’s top neighborhoods including Greenwich Village, SoHo, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, West Village, and more. Perfect for the modern business professional, each apartment is crafted to offer space, modern décor, and safety. Door service, multiple bedrooms, and even multiple bathes in some case allow everyone the room they need to spread out and relax.

New York may be quickly becoming the most cramped city in the US, but that does not mean that you have to experience the cramped lifestyle that comes with it. There is still plenty of prime real estate in the city calling to professionals and families. Look a bit harder into the city past the statistics and find out just why most NYC citizens would never consider living anywhere else.

CCMP Capital and Contribution of Stephen Murray

The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an investment company focusing on leveraged buyout as well as growth capital. Since inception, the company has made heavy investment in growth capital and in leveraged buyout amounting to around $12 billion. This has seen it ranking among the top 20 companies in private equity funds. This firm was established in the year 2006 in order to continue with the successful investment strategy that was developed and executed by the professionals of the firm while they were still member of the LLC, JP Morgan Partners and its predecessors. These predecessors included, Manufacturers Hanover, Chemical Venture Partners and the Chase Capital Partners.

Murray was among the founding partners of CCMP and he saw the firm spun out of the JP Morgan Chase and Co. This was done in 2006 as measure to avoid looming conflict with the clients of the bank. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has put more emphasis on growth-equity investments and mid-market leveraged buyouts. This has seen it raise its latest fund, as per last year, with an estimated $3.6 billion. The firm typically invests about $100 to $500 million of equity on each transaction. Its primary target are those companies in industrial, consumption, energy and health care sectors.

On March 12, 2015, the world woke to unfortunate news that Stephen Murray, who had served as the CEO of CCMP Capital, had passed on. Murray was raised in New York. He attended Boston College where he earned an undergraduate degree in Arts before enrolling for a graduate degree in Business Administration from the Columbia University. The Hanover Trust Co. employed him as credit trainee before he later on rose to the position of a vice president of the mid-market lending. In 2005, he was named the head of the buyout business of the bank. He acted as the CEO of the CCMP Capital until he resigned early this year.

A sense of teamwork, partnership, diversity and integrity are very essential to the realization of each investment. Murray left a legacy in the firm through his successful business career and his philanthropic measures. The company has remained true to his faith on hard work and it is putting all its effort to remain at the top of the game.

The deep industry expertise of the CCMP Capital is a direct result of their significant transaction experiences in the four targeted sectors. The firm has heavily invested in these sectors over a prolonged time period including various business cycles and the widely varying market conditions. The deep understanding of specific issues and the opportunities within the industries has made the firm to stand out as the preferred partner among managers of potential companies that operate within the sectors that are their primary target (consumer, industrial, energy and health).

From Victim To Human Rights Activist

Growing up in North Korea, defector Yeonmi Park witnessed the gory deaths of fellow North Korean citizens, fought starvation by eating grass and insects to survive along with countless others in her community, and saw young girls being sold for two and three hundred dollars from the tender age of nine. When North Korea is featured in the media, be it on television or an article in the newspaper, rarely is it portrayed as the dismal, terrifying environment that young Yeonmi has experienced.

At just thirteen Yeonmi Park of and her mother fled North Korea, via the borders of China. Although there are guards stationed to shoot all people caught fleeing the country her mother knew someone to help them cross, but this was only the beginning of their journey. Once across the border, her mother sacrificed herself to be raped to save Yeonmi from being sexually assaulted at only thirteen years old. Two years passed, and they were finally able to make their escape from human traffickers to Mongolia. A then fifteen years old Yeonmi Park crossed the Gobi desert with her mother and five others on a minus forty degree night, following a compass at first, then using the stars to guide them to freedom.

Currently, Yeonmi resides in South Korea, but has not forgotten about her people in the north but travels the globe telling her story and raising awareness for the plight of North Koreans living under this terrifying regime. She heard for the first time only years ago that all humans beings are equal and all have their rights, further pushing her to help those who were not able to escape as she and fortunate few have. She has become the face and the voice of North Koreans,

People such as Park who are able and unafraid to speak up are being credited with starting a grassroots uprising and putting a massive pressure on the leader, Kim Jung Un. “(He) doesn’t like me,” says Yeonmi, during a discussion in Dublin at the Women in the World Summit. When asked what she wanted the world to know, she replied with passion that freedom allowed her to have a voice, and that people in North Korea are dying, both of starvation and for freedom. She goes on to say that these people are just like us, they have fears and know love, and they deserve what she has now, “I want to let the world know that we are the same. And that it’s not only North Korean rights. It’s all of our rights. It’s human rights.” Parks’ memoir titled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” is set to be published in late September of 2015.

What Everyone Needs to Learn About Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin is a leading hedge fund manager, who has taken over the American market for his creative ideas that have transformed how these funds are managed. He has featured in many investments and his contributions have been invaluable to offering a lasting solution. Ken Griffin has been featured in many dailies and magazines including Forbes for his great efforts to bringing a transformation to how the hedge fund management industry works. He founded and heads the largest investment management firm, Citadel, which has managed to stand as the most successful funds in the world.

Born in 1968 in Daytona Beach, Ken Griffin started his zeal for investment at an early age. He joined the Harvard University and started his investing career after he got information through an article in Forbes. Ken Griffin has been successful in creating a system that has stood firm for many years offering solutions to different problems. During his second year at the University, he launched his first hedge fund, which was founded on convertible bond arbitrage. His strategy managed to gather $265, 000from friends and family. He was smart enough and he installed a satellite in his dorm so he could receive real-time information about the movement of the market. This exposed him as a young entrepreneur and his early success opened up more opportunities for his career later. In 1989, he graduated with a degree in Economics.

After the completion of his university education, he now came out with a bigger idea and sough for financing from Frank C. Meyer, who was the founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. He received $1 million, something that was viewed as an excess of what Meyer had expected. In that process Meyer made 70% return on investment.

It is in 1990 when Ken Griffin founded Citadel with a capital of $4.6 million. In less than ten years, Citadel had expanded into an international company that employed more than 100 employees and with an investment capital of $1 billion. Twenty years working in the industry, Ken Griffins has managed to record a great reputation and has spearheaded the creation of great products that are seen as a great revolution to the industry. His creativity and patience have been seen as top qualities that have contributed to his emergence as a leading investor and manager. His worth grew by the years and he has been featured in the Forbes magazine many times highlighting different roles he has played in the creation of systems that are meant to make the operations of Citadel seamless.

One of the things he has been successful in achieving is showcasing the ability to read the flow of the market and to offer strategies that have helped tap the market at the right moment. Even when others were struggling to catch up with rising competition, Citadel moved on and managed to grow despite many challenges that were happening in the market. Ken Griffin is indeed a reliable professional, who has impacted positively in the market.

Corporate Law Services In Bellville, South Africa

Corporate law services in Bellville, South Africa help you manage legal issues that plague businesses all over the continent. You are in need of services that will help you untangle strange legal issues that are difficult to tackle, and your corporate lawyer will assist you with contracts that help your business stay afloat. This article explores how a lawyer will help you prevent legal problems that could swamp your business permanently.

#1: Sign Your Retainer Today

You must have an attorney under retainer while you are managing your business. The retainer fee is a standard fee that pays for basic legal services you require, and you will write once check to pay for your retainer upfront. Any extra help you need is paid for after services are rendered, and you will stay in touch with the attorney you use for any legal questions. Keeping an attorney on retainer allows you to make a quick phone call in any situation.

#2: Contracts

Contracts are easy to manage when you have an attorney reviewing your documents. Attorneys are trained in contracts, and your attorney will ensure that your contracts benefit your business above all others. Employee contracts must protect you from liability, and contracts with other businesses must be financially sound. Working with a lawyer helps you get your contracts done properly the first time.

#3: Legal Trouble

Customers may threaten to sue your business, and other businesses may accuse you of breach of contract. You cannot respond to any legal issues on your own, but your lawyer will handle the response to any legal problems for you. Your lawyer will help you manage the public relations effort during your legal troubles, and your lawyer will negotiate with the plaintiff in any case involving your business.

#4: Filing Claims Against Others

You may contact your lawyer at any time when you must file a claFrans Schoemanim against another business or individual. Your lawyer will collect the facts of your case, and the attorney will file motions so that you do not have to. You are involved in legal proceedings in that your lawyer keeps you updated, but you will not be forced to manage a lawsuit you must bring against someone else. Your lawyer will manage the case, and all settlements must be approved by your office first.

#5: A Feeling Of Security

Keeping an attorney on retainer helps you feel safe when you are managing a business. You cannot worry constantly about the ramifications of every decision you make, and you must have someone to call when there is trouble. A skilled lawyer will ensure that you are protected during times of legal trouble, and your lawyer will get in front of every legal matter on your behalf.

Keep a lawyer Frans Schoeman at Phatsima Diamond on retainer to ensure that you are protected from lawsuits and legal trouble. Your contracts must be reviewed by a professional, and your business dealings must be reviewed by someone who understand South African law. Frans and his team can step in when you need legal assistance. Schoeman

The Highland Village Offers Endless Fun

Houston Eater says that when someone is visiting Houston, Texas, and they are looking for something fun to do, then they are going to want to check out the Highland Village. This shopping center offers something for everyone, and it is an upscale place that will leave them feeling great. Whether they end up making any actual purchases for themselves, or not, they will have a great time looking around. And they’ll have an even better time if they follow their nose into one of the great restaurants in the Highland Village. The shopping center has so much to offer its guests, and everyone who goes there is sure to have a great time.

The Highland Village was put together like it is right now by Haidar Barbouti, the owner for the place. He wanted the Highland Village to have a special something that not every shopping center has, and so he put a lot of heart into the work that he did in getting the right restaurants and shops to come there. More heart went into one project than any other, and that was the restaurant that he created, there. He didn’t know that he was going to get into the food business, but when he wanted to bring a restaurant into the place that was unique from the others that he was looking at, he decided that building his own was the only thing that he could do. And, even though he didn’t have any experience with doing something like that, he built the restaurant and made it happen.

The Highland Village is a great place for everyone who is new to Houston to visit. It holds a lot of potential for a really great day, as there are endless things that one can do, see and eat while they are there.

Kenneth Griffin’s Contribution at Citadel

Citadel LLC is an American investment firm with its headquarters in Chicago. It has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Citadel has about 1500 employees spread across its 10 offices in the regions. The firm manages financial assets valued at over $26 billion; making it one of the major players in the field. Citadel caters for both retail and corporate clients.

Citadel was founded by Ken Griffin in 1990 as Wellington Financial Group. When it was founded, the company only had a capital of $4.6 million. However, the outstanding expertise of Kenneth Griffins and other investment managers at the firm enabled the firm to expand quickly and increase the value of assets under its management. By 1998, the investment firm was already managing over $2 billion in assets.

One of the unique moves that have been pulled by Citadel’s management is by requiring its investors to restrain from withdrawing their investments. The 1998 capital lockdown enabled the company to survive the collapse of Long Term Capital Management fund in 1999 by Ken Griffin on citadel. It used the locked capital to buy bond inventory unloaded by other hedge funds.

Citadel’s $26 billion capital makes it the eleventh largest investment manager in the world. In multi-strategy hedge fund field, it is the second largest player. The company’s hedge funds are popular among investors due to the high returns investors earn from them. The hedge funds, namely Kensington and Wellington, remain some of the most successful hedge funds globally.

The five main investment strategies that the firm is involved in are commodities, fixed income, equities, credit, and quantitative strategies. In order to ensure these investment strategies succeed, the firm has invested heavily on fundamental research and state-of-the-art technologies. The company’s strong risk management culture has also been critical for its success. Citadel’s strong risk management culture enabled the company to weather the 2008 financial crisis. Although its two funds lost of 55% of their value during the crisis, the company did not collapse.

Citadel LLC established Citadel Technology in 2009. The affiliate company is independently operated but fully owned by Citadel. The company is involved in the development of investment management technology. A number of funds and firms depend on this product for their successful operation. Citadel Technologies partnered with REDI to add execution management capabilities to its order management system. This greatly improved the investment management technology.

Citadel’s Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth Griffins, has been the main force behind the company’s success. He started trading in 1987 at Harvard University where he was studying Economics. His first major success was increasing the value his initial capital of $265,000 to $1 million in just months.
Citadel is also known for its philanthropic efforts. It has mainly focuses in promoting education, medical care, and food security. Citadel has also been involved in mentoring students from low income background through the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurs.

Selling Your Home Through The 990 Company Really Works

I cannot say enough good things about the 990 company. I saved over 20,00 dollars by committing the sale of my home to the 990. My home sold in less than one week and we received full service amenities from our local licensed and trusted real estate agent. This amazing company is changing how business in the real estate market is currently being handled. I could not be more happy with the services provided to me from this comprehensive company. There really is no up front or hidden service costs to start when you work with the 990 real estate listing company. You can start today, without spending a dime. I can tell you that the 990 company worked for me, and it can definitely work for you as well.

You receive fantastic full online advertising through popular companies like, zillow and trulia. You will have listings published in print, MLS, and color brochures printed to showcase your home at its best to attract your future buyer. It is just like you are using a real estate selling service that expects a 6% return upon selling your home. You do not need to give up quality services to save with the 990 company. But you only pay $990 dollars. This is not a scam or discount service by any means. The 990 company really is the real deal. You will never need to pay more to sell your home again.

But, why you might ask would a licensed real estate ever want to give up a 6% commission to receive only $990 at closing? There are lots of great reasons that working with the 990 company can be an amazing opportunity for you real estate agent. Our local real estate agent tells us that he loves working with the 990 company. We went ahead and purchased our next home through our incredible local real estate agent. He closed that deal with a regular 6% commission.  He also received lots of clients generated from buyers who were originally interested in our home. Using the 990 company, in the end is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Do you want to save a considerable amount of money, while still enjoying all the best services and advertising available to generate interest in your home? Then I highly recommend you use the services offered to you from the 990 company.  You will be a believer in this innovative new home sales program just like me. Try 990 sells homes, and expect nothing but the very best!

Three Challenges Facing an American Business Woman and Solutions Thereof

In a world dominated by men, making it as a business has been increasingly difficult for many women. Not only does the society see a woman as incapable, she is also seen going against and competing with whom nature has dictated she compliments, men. Naturally, women are viewed as supporters to the male gender and therefore face opposition when they engage in what is perceived as male ventures.

Here are three major challenges most women entrepreneurs find themselves into and how they can handle them without affecting their business:

Gender discrimination
This is perhaps the biggest challenge any woman entrepreneur will have to learn handle. It is something that women go through in their daily business life and it does not only affect startups. Established women-run businesses will always face a certain bias, especially where they compete with their male counterparts.
This can be overcome through show of confidence. Faced with such scenarios, women should adopt not trying to prove discrimination against them but calmly show their professional capability.

Lack of financing
It is common for investors to shy away from women run ventures. Most women are known to mixing emotions and businesses which is not business healthy.
This fear can be watered by having experts on their start-ups who can boost investor confidence. Having these experts on board proves to investors that they themselves have confidence in the business and this goes a long way in gaining the investor’s confidence.

Finding work-life balance for parents
It is double tragedy for a woman who is trying to succeed in business and has family especially young children to take care of. For a start up business to pick, it requires a lot of time commitment and so does a family. This proves a tight rope to cross without being swallowed by one side.
The best way moms can do this is setting out time frames for dealing with each issue. They then have to strictly adhere to this and maintain a balance. They should however start by explaining to their children and family why they have to spend too little time together. This best works in a family where the husband is supportive of her engagements enough to take time with their children whenever she is unavailable.
Despite these and many other challenges, women are still thriving in their businesses. One such a woman that has had a successful career and business life is Susan McGalla. Susan was born the only girl in a male dominated family. This might be the reason she has been able to make it in this male dominated business world. Susan McGalla according to wikinvest owns a consulting firm in Pittsburg and has once been the Chief Executive Officer of West Seal Inc. she was also the first female president of American Eagle Outfitters. She is a living prove that even a woman can also make it in business.