Handling Personal Debt Through Solo Capital


Personal finance is an important topic to discuss about when you are meeting with a finance analyst. Among other things, debt is one of the most crucial matters that these analysts would like to point out during discussion. Debt in itself is not an evil. To be able to never borrow money for anything in life is equal to living in a land full of rich people. At the other extreme, fully financing your life is ridiculous and precarious. All of the debt – mortgage, student loans, credit card loans and loans on discretionary items – are better handled through professionals.

Solo Capital is one of the firms that specializes in personal finance including debt consolidation. It is founded by Sanjay Shah who is also the founder of a non-profit organization called Autism Rocks, as well as more than dozen companies that handles a wide range of businesses all over the world. He is also a well-known philanthropist. Solo Capital has experts where you can talk about your debt and devise a plan suitable for your situation and budget.

Crunchbase.com asked people, what has debt to do with everyday life? When you have little to show for the credit card debt you have over a lifetime, it is when problem arises. Credit cards can perform very big functions sometimes. Other times, it can be a huge burden. It can be a bridge as well as a safety net that can help you keep a roof over your head and take care of all expenses when you are short of cash. Granted, using other people’s money is a slippery slope, all you want to do is use it carefully. Credit cards are used to purchase equipment for business and it can also provide income. Unfortunately, for many people using credit cards is all about living beyond their means. This is where the cost gets much too high and calls for professional help. Solo Capital is one such firm that has the right combination of product and service to handle situations arising in debt related matters.

Credit card debt should not be neglected at any time because this type of debt carry a huge interest rate that can cost you an arm and a leg. Plus any interest that you are paying on the debt that is not put to work for you is a loss. There are many other fees associated with credit card debt as well besides the typical interest rate. Some of them include annual fees, low balance fees, no-balance fees, late payment fee, cash advance fee and balance transfer fee. Solo Capital’s tips and advice can help its clients deal with such fees and charges related to this type of debt.

The Triumphant Story of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park’s story  on The Reason is a triumphant one, almost as powerful as the evil conditions that she once suffered from. The evil that she knew is still very much present today in the Asian country, but her tale of victory just goes to show the type of inner strength that humans are able to summon in their times of need.

A refugee who lived under the rule of the former dictator, Kim Jong-Il, Park has become a voice for the hundreds of thousands North Koreans. She reveals that her native land is one that promotes hatred and torture; a place that demands complete obedience by its citizens through consistent death threats.

Park describes the constant fear that ailed her constantly having to Kim Jong Il–the Dear Leader. The dictator of North Korea was portrayed as God-like figure. Every trivial aspect of this nation- from the trees, grass, and walls of buildings- were all meant only to serve the so-called great leader and his regime.

Yeonmi Park is the daughter of a once-successful man who served the North Korean Working Party She loved her father, who was sentenced to work in a labor camp due to his attempt to smuggle metals so that he could feed his starving family. At this camp, he was relentlessly tortured and developed a form of cancer which eventually killed him. Yeonmi, her mother, and her sister were practically cast out of society as a part of the family’s punishment.

Eventually, the family decided that it was either time to leave this place of death and misery or else die. They eventually escaped North Korea into China over the frozen Yalu River, and were almost immediately trafficked upon entering China. Yeonmi was purchased for $260 Yeonmi said that she served as a sex slave and cried almost every single day. Eventually, their captor released them upon being reunited with her father, who later died of untreated colon cancer.

Once again, the Park family set out on an escape mission once again, venturing all over parts of Northeast Asia. The freezing temperatures of the Gobi Desert did not stop them, however.

Yeonmi tells more about her compelling story of triumph and civil disobedience in her book, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. More information about her experiences can be found at the following link published by Reason TV: https://reason.com/blog/2015/11/15/yeonmi-parks-north-korean-defector-story



Research On Premium Foods Like Beneful

It is my pleasure to bring information to you about my experiences in choosing foods for my dog. I have a large breed dog who eats a lot of kibbles, so I wanted to be sure that I was giving him the foods that he needed to eat in order to maintain optimal health for his active lifestyle. He was eating a lot of foods, like I said, so I was becoming suspicious that I wasn’t feeding him good enough dry foods. I started researching the brand that I was feeding him, and I decided to switch to a better type of dog food.

I chose to switch him to Beneful Dry Dog Food Original because it is made of high quality ingredients. I trust Beneful more than the other food I was buying because they print their ingredients on the packaging, and they use real chicken in the dry food that I buy for my dog. They also make dry foods with other real ingredients, like real beef and salmon. I can’t believe they are actually using real meats and vegetables in Beneful, and I was buying that cheap food for my dog all that time that uses terrible, fake ingredients.

If you want to do your own research, I encourage you to look at an article that I found from the Daily Herald. The article goes through all the ways that premium companies are a step above all other dog food companies. Premium brands care about their image, and they care about making a product that pet owners can trust. I trust Beneful, and they are made by Purina, which is a reputable company in the pet food industry. Beneful makes a large variety of products for different types of dogs’ needs. They have a wet food that I have tried for my dog before, and it smells delicious, so the dogs love it. It has real chicken in it, and they have 20 different kinds of it. It’s called Chopped Blends, and you should definitely let your dog try it.



A Nutritional and Exciting Mouthful for Pets

Recently, the Daily Herald published an article regarding the modern traditions of pet feeding in which a trend among domestic pet owners involved feeding their dog or cat a meal very much similar to what they were putting on their own table. Thanksgiving entrees, lasagna, beef stroganoff are but some of the new dishes both dogs and cats can now consume on a daily basis. And the competition between pet food companies is now said to be more notable than ever as manufacturers rush to create a marketable product that the pet will indefinitely be satisfied with. There is even immense effort and emphasis on the nutritional value of such pet foods so as to keep the pets health in mind while also allowing them to joyfully devour. Though such producing is costly once it is incorporated into the marketplace, company executives like Richard Thompson of Freshpet believes that owners will see past the timid financial concerns and provide only the best for their pets like they would for themselves and their family. Beneful, a dog food manufacturer, produce both dry and wet foods for dogs, with products being sold in virtually every grocery store as well as online on Amazon. All products are made with quality nutritional value in respect to dogs of all ages, sizes, and spirits. Beneful incorporates a variety of meats, chicken, salmon and other ingredients into an array of meal options and treats that owners can feed to their pet. Whether the owner wants to satisfy their dogs meat or poultry craving or provide them with somewhat of a healthier diet, Beneful offers products that will do just that. In addition to helping maintain the diets of dogs, Beneful also provides products that can help dogs maintain their dental health through the consumption of their dog treats produce line. They even offer products in bulk or individually.

Strides Made under the New Pittsburg Steelers Campaign

The Steelers have launched a new website, a fashion line and exciting ways to interact with fans. The move comes in a time when Steelers engage in a premier-season home game. It is not known the number of points that the team will score during the Sunday game but one thing for sure is that they are winning with their fans. Steelers merchandise is on demand and has been made in such a way that they satisfy the utilities of their clients. Steelers’ new director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla, has provided effortless ways for fans to shop and reach out to the team using the Facebook website. Their products also include Pandora jewelry that has the Steelers charms. Teenage and young girls who love Steelers have a selection of pink, metallic gold and neon to choose from. The idea behind the fashion line is for sports to meet the streets and for individuals to pick out styles that suit them. Fashion conscious women will appreciate the thumb holes and the zip. They can also tweak the style by using a scarf. Susan has brought her vast experience to the team. She is well versed in branding and merchandising. Susan is using the skills to push the popularity of the team. Susan McGalla is an American entrepreneur. She was born on May 31st 1964 in East Liverpool, Ohio. She is the daughter of a former football coach and has two brothers. Susan attended Mount Union College where she earned her undergraduate in business and marketing. Her career started at Joseph Horne Company where she worked from 1986 to 1994. At Joseph Horne, she served in managerial and marketing positions before making a career shift to American eagle. At American Eagle, she started off as the divisional merchandise buyer for the women section and worked her way up to being the president and the chief merchandising officer. She was in charge of the launch of the aerie children’s brands. Susan left the firm in 2009 to become a private consultant for financial and retail investment firms. McGalla has in the past served on the board of HFF Inc.

Woke Twitter Unveils Racism; Brenda Wardle Contributes To Discourse

In the minds of many people, racism is one of the most serious issues we face in the 21st century world. The professionals of Woke Twitter certainly think so. In continually and consciously challenging the idea that racism is a thing of the past, the supporters of this online community advance the notion that anti-black sentiment is prevalent in this contemporary era. In acknowledging this reality, the supporters of Woke Twitter are diligent in exposing and analyzing manifestations of racism in online communities such as social media. Recently, the organization drew attention to Penny Sparrow’s use of animal-like language in reference to the blacks of South Africa. Specifically, Sparrow used words indicating her assent to the idea that blacks are like monkeys. Woke Twitter cites her expressed sentiment as a prime example of racism in a so-called post-racial world.

Brenda Wardle’s Suppositions Regarding Sparrow’s Statement

Just as the Woke Twitter representatives are calling out Sparrow for racism, legal analyst Brenda Wardle has decided to do the same. In contributing to the discourse regarding Sparrow’s racist assessment, Wardle has pointed out that the constitution places specific limits on speech freedoms. As such, Sparrow’s equation of South African blacks to monkeys ultimately prejudices the rights of South African blacks. Sparrow goes on to argue that Sparrow’s assessments intentionally and unlawfully impair the human dignity of the individuals at whom the words were aimed.

Who Is Brenda Wardle?

Individuals interested in the commentary submitted by Brenda Wardle regarding Sparrow may want to learn more about her background. Wardle is a legal analyst who maintains an ongoing interest in the legal world. She is currently completing studies at the University of South Africa. Wardle enjoys pointing out the conjunctions between the worlds of race and law.

Woke Twitter Will Continue Pushing Progressives Forward

As made plain by both Brenda Wardle and the supporters of Woke Twitter, racism continues to play an integral role in the lives of people around the world. As such, Woke Twitter is committed to delineating and discussing this ugly reality for the purpose of raising consciousness and challenging the status quo. People who want to participate in this progressive move can do so by commenting on and criticizing acts of racism via Twitter. Be sure to use the #woke hashtag when you tweet!

Brenda Wardle discusses Pistorius Trial:

What You Need To Know About The 2016 Market

For a variety of investors and new businessmen, it’s not uncommon to start the year off investing your money into different ventures like the stock market or a startup. For George Soros, he has recently been predicting and telling others to be very weary with what it is that they do with their money for a variety of reasons. Based on his research and overall experience, he says that he notices a similar pattern to the original 2008 crisis in the economic world. Whether it was the economy or the overall financial market, 2016 seems a bit bleak in his eyes.

The one thing you must know about this economic world is the fact that George Soros knows that while this economy is an up and down process, there is no doubt that people can overcome this situation.

What You Need To Know About The 2016 Market

As scary as it may seem in the eyes of many people following the advice of Soros, this year is not entirely a rerun of the 2008 crisis year. Soros has said that the best way to beat it out is to remain as confident as you possibly can by being an overall smart investor. You must know all about what you can or cannot control. While you cannot control the market and when they rise and fall, you can still easily control your way of thinking, align with what you decide to put your money into. Being cautious with your investments can help align what you are doing and ensure you don’t spend too much on high risk markets.

It’s important that you invest your money in businesses that are basically. “Recession-proof ” as Soros has said on uncommonwisdomdaily.com. The recession can destroy any money in your life if you invest it in the wrong business that goes bankrupt during the recession. Invest in top quality businesses that do well regardless of the environment throughout the market. You also need to think about the business in general other than the stock price.

The last thing you must know is that you shouldn’t be afraid to not invest that money. Don’t be scared to avoid investing anything. Take your time by being cautious and patient, and make sure you seek the advice of any financial advisor to help you invest efficiently and effectively. 2016 isn’t completely going down the drain. A bit of preparation can go a long way.

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

Coriant’s New Head

For every business, both major and minor ones, it is certain that there will always be some form of change occurring regarding the company. For Coriant, that change came not too long ago, in the form of Shaygan Kheradpir.

Kheradpir was recently named the new CEO of Coriant, the company announced in a statement to the world. Coriant is a telecommunications-based company that also provides networking solutions to other companies and network operators in more than one hundred companies across the world. Now Kheradpir has become a more prevalent part of the company, after previously working with the senior management as an operating partner for Marlin Equity Partners earlier in the year. With him now as the CEO, he replaces Pat DiPietro, who was also the president of the company, and DiPietro now serves as the vice chairman of the company. When asked about his feelings on the company, Kheradpir said that he was very attracted to the huge array of products being marketed to people, namely in the data networking solutions area. He added that since the market is constantly changing and getting more competitive, Coriant will be able to allow customers with disruptive networking solutions a better degree of stable services.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the son of a wealthy doctor, being born in the United Kingdom but spending a portion of his youth living in Iran. He later decided to move to the United States, where he attended Cornell University and earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in the electrical engineering fields.

After completing three different degrees, Kheradpir took his first job at GTE Laboratories, working as a data and network routing manager. His work with the company allowed him to be promoted to the position of chief information officer (CIO) in a fairly short amount of time. By the year 2000 GTE Labs and Bell Atlantic had come together to form a merger and create what is now Verizon and Kheradpir retained his role of CIO with the new company. During his stint at Verizon he was responsible for creating small teams that would be tasked with developing new and innovative ideas for the company and marketing them. One of the ideas that came about was an application called “Iobi,” which was a way for users to mange their address books, caller ID and other electronic features in a constructive way. Over the course of his tenure at Verizon, Kheradpir was responsible for reducing the informational technology staff and budget down to more reasonable levels. He was also able to get vendors to cut down on their prices and was even able to get new and improved software installed for much of the IT department.


Majeed Ekbal’s Marketing and Philanthropic Pursuits

The field of real estate investment is a high-stakes one indeed. This is a market that craves innovation, especially in the competitive area of Chicago. Enter Majeed Ekbal, who has been active in this real estate since the early 1990’s. Ekbal began as just any other hungry entrepreneur, devising a system in 1991 where customers of grocery stores could have their purchased and delivered for them strictly through electronic means. The system was called Expresso, Inc., and quickly grew into one of the preferred means for upper middle-class Chicago residents to acquire their groceries.

Even though that was almost a quarter-century ago, Ekbal has continued to remain a force in the Chicago real estate and entrepreneurial markets. He has established a number of venutres where direct and digital marketing where an important facet. Ekbal is experienced in generating revenue for businesses and works tirelessly with his associates to develop comprehensive marketing strategies for his clients. His ability to assemble and provide mentorship to diverse teams is simply unheralded within the Chicago area. Naturally, his expertise as a consultant has become highly valued and sought after within the state of Illinois.

Ekbal has also established himself as a humanitarian for his many efforts working within special projects locally and throughout the world. His tireless efforts have ensured that marginalized women and children throughout the world are empowered to become productive world citizens. Because he realizes that many individuals throughout the world are victims of circumstance, he has developed a number of campaigns in order to assist and help them. One of his latest projects would be the establishment of a GoFundMe campaign in order to aid the victims of the Earthquake that occurred in Nepal earlier this year. The nature of Majeed Ekbal’s humanitarian efforts can be found in the fact that he only begins projects that are relevant to him. His current effort to raise for the earthquake victims in Nepal is important to him because he has developed many friends from that area. The donations garnered from Ekbal’s GoFundMe campaign will be put into a crowdrise campaign that has a goal of raising one million for the Nepalese earthquake victims. He hopes to help the sick, hungry and homeless through this effort.

An Insight Into Beneficial Investment Banking

Investment banking according to wikipedia is rapidly becoming an important financial aspect in every citizen of US. Many people are quickly embracing the concept of investment banking with a variety of individuals, corporations and governments signing up in order to raise capital especially in the stock market. In short, investment banking is a big deal now. Statistics reveals that more than 70 percent of US citizens are benefiting from the lucrativeness of this financial sector directly and indirectly. The statistics show that it has become a huge financial sector with millions of stocks flowing in and out on a daily basis. The success of investment banking sector is as a result of stable and brilliant individuals from different investment banking companies that formulate efficient and wise policies that steer this part of the financial economy. One of the enterprises that has rapidly emerged and spread its networks is Citadel LLC. Citadel is a big hedge fund that is primarily oriented to offering financial assistance to a wide array of people from different countries. Citadel LLC is managed Ken Griffin, one of the prominent business men in the whole of US. Mr. Griffin has worked tirelessly to oversee the company’s transformation from a small investment agency to a big wig company in investment banking. At just 45, Ken Griffin is already hitting business headlines for all the right reasons. He is currently ranked at no 89 in Forbes’ release of top 400 richest people in the US with a net worth of $7 billion. Griffins is an influential, but secretive politician who will donate his money to politicians he feels has manifestos that please him. In June 2014, he was a record breaker when he signed a check worth 2.5 million to Reuner, a Republican candidate who was competing against Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. Kenneth started his business career in 1986 at Harvard University where he was a freshman studying a bachelor of arts. He began trading in stocks and during his sophomore year, he launched a convertible bond arbitrage fund and by 1987, he had already hit the stock market so hard and came out rich. Since graduating from Harvard, Griffins has been in the forefront in making investment banking have a meaningful appeal. Due to his success, he has many admirers across the US and other parts of the world. For instance, his exemplary managerial skills have handed him membership in several organizations such as the Economic Club Chicago, Civic Committee Commercial Club of Chicago, Wall Street and the G100. Outside work, Mr. Griffins is actively involved in philanthropic and community activities. For instance, he is an active supporter of the Chicago civic and cultural institutions. In February 2014, he offered $150 million to Harvard University to aid in supporting unprivileged students within the system. The donation marked one of the largest gifts ever made to Harvard University since its commencement. He is also on the board of trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago and the Whitey Museum. His sound principles in Hedge fund management have helped him to make Citadel a top notch company when it comes to investment banking.