Chris Burch’s Island Paradise

The world has officially seen the best five-star resort on a remote Indonesian island and Chris Burch, entrepreneur, is to thank. Nihiwatu resort re-opened in 2015 after $30 million was spent renovating it and has become the largest local employer on the island. The hotel is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba ( Burch bought it for his children as something that he can preserve for the community.

The island is mostly unknown but has soft white beautiful sand that looks like paradise. Originally, the resort was small and geared towards surfers, but Burch wanted to expand and partnered with James McBride, a proprietor with hotels. Now, the hotel is giving back to the community by partnering with the Sumba Foundation and raises money from guest contributions and provides aid to the island’s communities.

The rooms at the resort are exquisite and unique, with three of the rooms being tree houses. A plus is that every room comes with a private butler. With costs ranging from $750 to $14,000 per night, there are options for everyone. Accommodations include non-alcoholic beverages, and meals that include produce from the hotel’s organic gardens, and fresh seafood that is caught that day.

While at the resort, there is always time to relax. Therapeutic treatments are offered in the rooms or at the beach spa. Yoga is also offered at dawn as the sun is rising. Another tranquil opportunity to take is to go paddle boarding on the water.   Check for an additional article.

Burch is also the founder of Burch Creative Capital, where he is also CEO, and has invested in multiple industries for almost four decades. In his early years at Ithaca College, his investments began when he invested in an apparel business that grew to be $165 million. As an entrepreneur, he is always researching and looking for innovative projects. However, he doesn’t focus on the numbers but rather focuses on people and the market.

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Newswatch T.V. Another Testimony to Greatness

Newswatch tv is a company that has built for itself a great and influential platform. Over the 20-years span that the show has been around it has helped a many companies and business in getting their products in open space for the public to se them. The reviews that the show and now website provides can and has made products very successful. The show is so good that it even has had multiple celebrities on it. Newswatch tv is truly a technological and cultural influencer that has made an immense impact and the work they did with the company Saygus is a primary example.

Saygus is a company that creates and manufactures tier own brand of cell phones. They recently developed a new line that they wanted to quickly get to consumers. They needed a campaign that reached to the tv as well s online communities and that’s where Newswatch tv came in. Newswatch went to Barcelona to gather the video footage and the resources that they needed to do the video. Newswatch does reviews that are unbiased and that showcase the various functions of the products. This is exactly what Saygus wanted and needed from them. Newswatch created the video and it along with a crowdfunding campaign worked to get the new cell phones the promotion that they needed.

The results of the wok between Saygus and Newswatch had a phenomenal turn out. The crowdfunding campaign that Saygus had reached 1.3 million dollars and exceeded all expectations. They got 3000,000 dollars over the amount that they needed. Tim rush the vice president of Saygus is now singing praises of Newswatch and has officially started recommending it. Newswatch has done this many times over its history with companies. The sales that they drive are a testament to their effectiveness in the marketplace.


The three pillars that Richard Blair will use in financial planning

Everyone will need the help of coming up with a plan so that to assist in the pursuit of financial goals and that is what Richard Blair believes. Richard Blair has one goal in mind, and that is he will be able to assist the community members in coming up with the financial roadmap that will help in the retirement years, and they will be able to manage their wealth too. With those kinds of skills then the community members will have the needed skills in guiding them through the milestones that life brings. Richard will follow an approach that consists of three pillars so that to come up with a financial plan. The pillar gives him an opportunity of looking at the needs of the client and the customer financial situation so that to come up with the holistic plan.

The first pillar is all about establishing the goal and needs of the clients and coming up with clear expectations. The second pillar is coming up with the long-term investments strategies that will be in-tuned with the needs of the client. The third pillar after Richard has discovered the needs of the clients and came up with the strategy, then he will sit with the client so that to review the set strategy and then implement and monitor.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions that is based in Austin, Texas that is registered with investment advisory firm. The goal that the company has with the help of Richard is that they will be able to make a difference that is positive and significant in the lives of families, individuals, and owners of small business. From his childhood years, he learned how knowledge was able to change the life of someone because his grandmother, mother, and wife were all teachers. He combined that with the natural aptitude for finance that he had, and Richard knew that he was in a position of helping people when it came to the financial planning and investments. After he finished his school, he entered in the financial services immediately in 1994.


How The Academy of Art University Is Making Improvements In San Franscico

The Academy of Art University is back in the news again and for good reasons. This for-profit school for the arts has a rich history of producing work in the fields of design, entertainment and liberal arts. The school has produced a boat-load of talent that has made it to the big leagues. These individuals includes Raven Symone, Vicky Jenson, Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Lee Cheol-ha and others. Academy of Art University is located in beautiful San Francisco, California, and it hosts well-over 12,000 students. One of the major ways that this school is standing-out is by getting involved with community events.

For 2018, the Academy of Art University is looking to give back to the community by redevelopment. Yes, San Francisco is a gem of a city, but it certainly has its flaws just like any other American city. Augmented reality is the name of the game and some of AAU’s students are using this technology to improve on the city’s safety and appearance. Tenderfeels is the name of the project and some of the school’s tech students are building an innovative app to provide real-time data. This real-time will be used to cleanup the city’s Tenderloin district. The Tenderloin district is rich in history, has affordable housing and is full of culture. On the other hand, this specific district is crime-ridden, has a high-crime rate and has a high concentration of people. In just a quarter-square mile, over 25,000 people inhabit this region of town.

Academy of Art University’s tech students will use specific moods within the application, and the moods will represent how people feel about certain areas of the neighborhood. This information will be relayed to city officials in hopes to provide solutions for improving on the issues. The idea is rather genius because it gets straight to the root of the problem.

Augmented reality’s virtual environment will overlay on top of the city’s natural environment. Graphics, touch and sound will be embedded into the project for ease of use. The Academy of Art University is making changes for the better, which is why it’s at the apex of its class and that speaks volumes.


WAX Spells Mainstream for Cryptocurrency and Malcolm CasSelle Holds the Chalk

If OPSkins CIO Malcolm CasSelle has his way, the gaming market will become the catalyst that brings cryptocurrency to the mainstream. An early stage investor in Bitcoin, CasSelle led OPSkins to become the largest Bitcoin merchant globally. Now with the creation of decentralized P2P marketplace WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), he predicts full mainstream consideration for digital currency.

CasSelle is a graduate from Stanford with a degree in computer sciences. He started his first company back in 1995, and has been a part of the digital world ever since. He served as a manager for Groupon’s joint venture with gaming great Tencent. As the CIO for OPSkins CasSelle was instrumental in making the company a global leader in digital asset sales. Now as the president of WAX he is revolutionizing the gaming world by offering players an actual return on their investment.

Most video game currency/assets belong only to that specific game. Since most gaming networks operate in a centralized marketplace, gamers cannot sell to each other. WAX offers gamers the ability to sell content they purchase to other gamers, and using blockcahins the network is completely safe from fragmentation and fraud. The ability to actually exchange digital assets for real money will make cryptocurrency a more viable tender. CasSelle believes as the world is saturated with gamers, this will lead to mainstream. Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity, but at this venture big businesses are still staying away. Although many companies have begun looking into digital mediums, it has only been out of interest, not investment. The gaming market is big enough that should WAX prove profitable, many big companies would get involved. Such a flux would definitely bring mainstream access to cryptocurrency, making digital assets viable monetary mediums of exchange. At least that is what CasSelle is predicting. As an early stage investor in Facebook as well, his instincts are wise ones to follow.


Talos Energy 2018 Acquisition

Talos Energy was recently heard making some bold moves in the ever-changing chronicles of the Gulf saga. As CEO Timothy S. Duncan puts it, they will be acquiring Stone Energy Corp to the tune of $1.9 billion through a merger. When combined the two companies will form Talos Energy Inc, and will still trade on NYSE under the symbol “TALO.”

Many are anticipating updates, with news of a late first quarter or early second quarter closing. Having the goal of becoming something similar to the premier offshore exploration as well as production company, Talos is ready to thrive. Not only will development be accelerated, the combination of talent as well as project inventory sends a message of continuity in regard to merger news.

Talos stakeholders should be thrilled to know that in addition to being a majority stakeholder, they will also hold around 63 percent. Stone shareholders will in turn hold the remaining 37 percent, as stated by the release. Talos is thriving and the climate is right for a deal closing ceremony. To put this into perspective, Talos Energy Inc. will have a huge amount of resources at hand when their 1.2 million combined acreage is finalized. Having such a stronghold on these reserves insures that Talos will be a strong player in the field for years to come.

In addition to their proven reserves of 136 million barrels of oil, the newly formed company will have much more flexibility financially. This flexibility allows for growth, since it is expected they will have a $1 billion credit facility. As expected, these reserves are paying out in more ways than one. When it comes to financial flexiblity, you must listen closely to your advisors in order to stay on the right path. Citigroup as well as UBS Investment banks happen to be advisors to Talos, with Stone sticking with Petrie Parnters Securities LLC.

Stone ended up filed for a bankruptcy, when they checked the books and found $1.23 billion in assets along with $1.75 billion as a debt. As much as this merger shows Stone’s success in terms of a restructure, it also shows Talos is willing to do what it takes to ensure the continuity of expoloration. Talos has been known to mention the competition down in the Gulf, as well as the intensity with which business must be done in that climate. Back in 2015 Talos was victorious in winning a bid in Mexico, a way to increase it’s reach in the region.


Rodrigo Terpins and The Unravelling of The Universe Through His Racing Career

The world we’re in is getting faster, more modern, more centralized and increasingly more fast-paced. We can observe from people’s statements, situations and actions that there are things today that fuel people to strive and aim for more, quickly. It is as if the universe is unravelling at the speed of light. One example of a person today who experiences the unravelling of the universe in a speed that’s like no other is the Brazilian racer Rodrigo Terpins.



The Brotherhood For Racing



We all hear of stories about the universe unraveling, which help bind people together because of a common goal. The history books is replete with stories like those, telling us that the family that shares to one goal achieves greater goals, as the universe intended. In the case of Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel Terpins, that goal is to win more races in Brazil. The latest one they achieved was the Sertoes Rally, 22nd to 24th edition. It was an arduous task to join the race, but it was a race worth taking considering the glory that the race has brought to the Terpins name. While this is a race that’s putting a lot of risk to the brothers, it might be worth taking considering that their father was also a fan of sports. Check out for more info.



The Team That Caused The Victory



We should also say here that the series of victories that Rodrigo Terpins experienced would not be possible without his team. Under the Prototypes T1 category, Terpins worked with the MEM team to develop the T-Rex car, and it is right now one of the luckiest and most victorious racing cars in Brazil. Truly, the universe has brought that comely piece of vehicle to the hands of Rodrigo Terpins to achieve his racing mission.



The future of the universe is still uncertain, much like the future of the racing career of Rodrigo Terpins. However, with the kind of help, support, expertise and modest level of risk-aversion of Rodrigo Terpins, there’s little doubt that his Sertoes Rally victories would still expand into areas that Rodrigo himself would be suprised by.


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Will CVS Team Up with Drew Madden?

The medical retail side of things is seeing an incredible upheaval with the arrival of Amazon as the newest seller of medical goods. They’ve been selling general-purpose supplements and OTC goods for awhile now, but certain medical goods require state-bound licenses for legal distribution, and that’s pretty much what the retail giant has been trying to do. They’ve already succeeded at gaining approval to sell pharmaceutical equipment in a handful of states, and as that expands to cover more of the country, the net-based colossus is also attempting to gain a leg-up on selling prescription pills as well.

Now, this doesn’t bode well for a company like CVS, and every such company of their sort is scurrying about at the time of writing this. There are many ideas that are being entertained, but innovation is the only way to go here; Amazon has fought many such battles in its rise to power and continues to push other companies around it into a similar position as the one that it used to be in. Now, it’s more important than ever for health and wellness stores to focus on their health care IT services, and that’s where the assistance of Evergreen Healthcare and the legendary Drew Madden will become relevant.

CVS started by working their way into a discussion with Aetna wherein the two companies would hopefully merge and allow CVS retail locations to convey health insurance as a result. This will take a toll on the current back-end services, however, and upgrades will be necessary to keep the hard- and software ends of the spectrum up to date. On the other hand, keeping up with the expeditiousness of instantly accessing records whenever health care or pharmaceutical services are required is an excellent strategic move that can shut Amazon out for awhile.

To make this happen, CVS is speculated to call upon Drew Madden and his co-managers to bring their sage to the table and keep the company afloat. CVS is currently in no danger of falling apart; they’re simply too well-managed for that to happen any time soon. However, that’s subject to change down the road if Amazon continues their rampage, and CVS is doing what’s required of it at this time. It’s more or less a case of David and Goliath, but with Madden on their side, CVS could turn those tides.

Chris Burch Life and Career

Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur who owns companies in multiple industries ( He was born to middle-class parents in Pennsylvania. Although his parents worked hard, they were never able to build substantial wealth.

Chris Burch wanted to make a ton of money as an adult. When he was young, he started reading numerous books on the subject of money. He quickly learned basic financial principles that he applied in his life. While attending Ithaca College, he started a company called Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye was an apparel company that sold sweater for a low price. The company was successful, and he eventually managed the business with his brother.

Real Estate

Throughout his entire career, Chris Burch has always invested in real estate. He believes that real estate investing is an excellent tool for people to use when building wealth. Many people enjoy buying homes and renting them out to tenants. Although real estate investing can be difficult at first, Chris Burch has done an excellent job building a massive real estate empire.

In the years ahead, Chris Burch plans to continue buying more properties. He focuses on apartments and commercial properties, but he also owns single-family homes.


Burch is a serial entrepreneur. He continually looks for new business and investment opportunities. In 2013, he started a project to build an island resort in Indonesia. He had to invest millions of dollars to get the project started. The project was completed in 2015, and the resort gets impressive reviews from most clients.

The name is the resort is Nihiwatu. It is an amazing resort that offers excellent views for people who stay there. Although it is expensive to stay at the Nihiwatu Resort, Burch believes it is still a great value for people who visit there. Chris plans to continue investing in new companies in the years ahead.

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Lip Balm Review: Are EOS Lip Balms Worth Buying?

EOS has been making waves int he lip balm industry for many years since they are always producing new products and various styles of lip balm. Today, their latest lip balm is a medicated version known as Cooling Chamomile and is chocked full of antioxidants and a nice soothing sensation that can take the pain away from even the most chapped set of lips. All natural ingredients allow the lips to heal quickly and prevent future damage as well. Every lip balm produced by EOS has ingredients such as jojoba oils, olive oils, shea butter, and more contained within (

EOS stands out in the market for various different reasons and they have managed to do so since they first opened for business back in 2009. The first thing that allowed the company to take off was their unique design to their lip balms. They deviated from the standard stick lip balms and created their own ball shaped lip balm. These lip balms can be screwed open or closed to keep the balm inside protected, should it fall into the hands of children or pets. That being said, kids love these EOS lip balms for their shape, colors, and flavors, of which there are more than enough to appeal to virtually anyone. They even have tea and cake flavors.

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Another important aspect of EOS lip balms that should be noted is their affordability. Nearly anyone can buy up these fun and effective lip balms despite their high quality for just a couple bucks. Nearly anyone isn’t an exaggeration either since EOS lip balms are pretty much everywhere around the world. Almost all major retailers around the world carry these lip balms and they can also be found online through sellers such as Amazon or Evolution of Smoothes company website.