US Money Reserves Changes its Tactics

Tough times call for tough measures. US Money Reserves realized that that the economy was straining and they, therefore, decided to change their operations and educate their customers on some few tips about how to go about the tough times.

After analyzing the market needs, US Money Reserve decided to release an eBook to educate their customers. According to the PRMewswire, the new eBook is referred as The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.  According to the same source, the book is specifically meant to address some issues such as political unrest as well as global unrest.

The company also announced that they had a limited offer for their clients known as 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins offer. This offer provides Americans with an alternative investment rather than bonds and shares. The best thing about buying gold is that it is not affected by the economic unrest.

This means that gold is a safe haven compared to other forms of investments. The company representatives say that they expect a full sellout of the 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins offer. The chief executive officer of US Money Reserve acknowledges that gold has good prices that do not surge with uncertainty. At the same time, Philip N. Diehl feels that gold is less vulnerable and it’s also tangible.

Other than the United States, US Money Reserve has built a name for itself across the globe for selling government issued gold coins. Apart from gold coins, they also specialize in other precious metal coins such as platinum and silver products.

With this reputation, it means that they have served millions of people across the world. However, they mainly concentrate on government issued gold coins and silver coins. Their success perhaps lies in their customer service. They have the best support that can be attributed to talented individuals.

Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, US Money Reserve can address many issues and problems affecting their clients and customers. The firm also believes in acquiring the best candidate for every position.

The team at the firm can handle several issues such as coin research and expert market analysis. Since its establishment in the year 2002, the headquarters are still located in Austin, Texas.

US Money Reserve remains a privately held company that has an employee base of between 51 and 200 employees. Some of the departments within the firm include sales, administrative as well as quality assurance.

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Hippos Return to Dallas Zoo Thanks to Philanthropist James Dondero

At the beginning of 2017, visitors of the Dallas Zoo started experiencing the beauty of a special hippo habitat with two hippo residents made possible by Dallas philanthropist James Dondero and his investment firm, Highland Capital Management. Hippos have been absent from the zoo for over a decade after the last hippo in the old exhibit died in 2001. Highland Capital Management’s donation of one million dollars has been instrumental in reconstructing the hippo exhibit, providing unique displays, and building a lodge designed to drive proceeds to be used for future zoo advancements.

Adhama and Boipelo, male and female hippos respectively, enjoy the lavish living conditions in the hippo environment. The new habitat is an extreme undertaking, built over two acres and including a massive waterhole with underwater viewing privileges for visitors. In addition to the entertainment brought to individuals by the return of the hippos, the habitat has raised awareness of the importance of exotic animals in accessible zoos for families and organizations. The inclusion of the hippo exhibit has quickly shown an increase in visitors and interest for the already famous Dallas Zoo.

Reinstating the hippo exhibit at the Dallas Zoo adds more positivity to James Dondero’s glowing reputation and the history of donations from his investment firm. Other philanthropists contributed to the 14 million dollar hippo project including foundations in the names of Harold Simmons and Eugene McDermott.

About James Dondero

As co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero uses the influence and capital of his investment firm to improve the lives of residents and living conditions in the Dallas area. He frequently supports many education and community progress initiatives.

Highland Capital Management has been in operation since 1990, and it has grown into a global investment giant in the industry. The firm has donated substantial amounts of money to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, and the Education is Freedom charity .

Eric Pulier Starts A New Seed Company For Mobile Apps

Things didn’t quite go the way Eric Pulier planned when he hoped to make one of his companies the feature part of the Computer Sciences Corporation, an endeavor that became fraught with untrue stories and allegations. But despite that setback, Pulier found something even better when he saw the potential for mobile gaming to be turned into practical solutions at his new company, vAtomic Systems. Pulier has moved from SOA to cloud computing and now believes new apps with functions like Uber are going to take over the mainstream.


Pulier’s disruptive technology really actually started when he was only in elementary school and began impressing his teachers with his programming skills. By high school he was already taking his programming into business and building database systems. He became a top student at Harvard where he studied literature and wrote for the Harvard Crimson. What made his time at Harvard unique was being the only literature major to take high level computer courses at MIT at the same time. He graduated with high honors from both schools.


Eric Pulier joined a group of students and activists in Los Angeles in 1991 when he formed People Doing Things which emerged into Digital Evolution. This was a company that took advantage of web design and video solutions to help companies market their niches online. Pulier became one of the nation’s top young entrepreneurs and was soon a favorite of then President Bill Clinton. Clinton selected Pulier to be the chairman of the Presidential Technology Exhibition, and at this event Pulier showed displays of future technology at various exhibits.


Eric Pulier’s philanthropy includes being a lead member of a team of engineers at Starbright World. This 1998 program connected patients at different children’s hospitals through a social media network aimed at helping them discuss their illnesses with others and make friends at other hospitals. It also had live games and simulations. Eric Pulier is also on the board of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp in California that provides summer weeks of fun activities to children with special needs. He’s also an advisor to XPrize Foundation.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, Protecting The Human Rights Of Others

The origins of advocacy for civil, human and migrant rights began with violations which were defined by the broad term, “civil liberties.” Groups that advocate for human rights have grown beyond the early days of civil liberties protests and now have official organizational status.

Some of them received more attention than others such as the American Civil Liberties Union. But, regardless if they are in the spotlight or not, they all have one common objective, to protect and afford all humans the same rights and freedoms. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The advocacy groups mainly fall under the heading of Human Rights Organizations. Among these organizations are: The Advocates for Human Rights, Amnesty International USA, Oxfam and Center for Constitutional Rights, Migrants and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Americans for Immigrant Justice. The roots of human rights violations lie deep and some of the groups also overlap with other well-established organizations, including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

When the worldwide movement for human rights hit the center stage, many thought that it was for the purpose of getting attention. In some ways, it was, but not for the individual organizers, the movement became bigger than any “one” person. It was sometimes hard to separate human rights from the issues faced by migrants.

So, the call was started to have all advocacy groups fall into one governing body, it’s called the, “International Migrants Bill of Rights Initiative.” The main emphasis is to secure the treaties already in place and establish worldwide domain over the protection of virtues for all of humanity.

In pursuit of unity advocacy, fundraising plays an important role. Many individuals such as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin devote tireless hours to finding new methods of funding. Lacey and Larkin are the two co-founders of Village Voice Media and The Phoenix New Times. As long time owners of the newspaper they also worked as journalists. When they were awarded a settlement from the city of Phoenix and Sheriff Joe Arpaio they decided to use that money to help fund multiple human rights organizations.

The money, $3.75 million came from a case stemming from their arrests concerning notes they had taken while preparing an investigative story about the Sheriff. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came to be because the whole matter related to their imprisonment was a violation of their human rights, as protected by the First Amendment. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin subsequently sought a way to use their platform for good. They ultimately won their case, when it was heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin wanted to make certain that every person who could not afford to fight human rights violations had access to funds in the Phoenix township, stretching to Arizona and the Mexican border. The fund also supports grass root efforts for groups which form for the benefit of those seeking advocacy in matters related to civil, human and migrant rights and Freedom of Speech.

An Interesting Biological Parallel In NuoDB Functions And Performance

The actions of NuoDB are, in a way, related to biological sciences. DNA in a body is a self-replicating structure that carries all of the characteristics of the body in which it is produced. In other words, DNA is both a mirror of the body, and copier of the body’s features.

The cloud computing and data sharing that NuoDB allows is similar to DNA. Each bit of information that NuoDB sends is called an “atom.” These atoms retain characteristics of the larger data package, but are used as translators with other information senders and receivers. Also like DNA traveling in the suspensions of a cell, NuoDB asynchronous data is transported by the thrust of the data world’s cloud atmosphere. Somehow, in a body, trillions of DNA strands are shifted and assigned different jobs. Amazingly, all DNA is controlled and guided by natural biological mechanisms. The power and uniqueness of NuoDB is that it has the ability to seamlessly and automatically control all the atoms is uses for information transfer. When a person uses a decentralized peer-to-peer database like NuoDB, they are literally working with the building blocks of the technological universe.

Jim Tananbaum’s Role In Advancing The Field Of Healthcare

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum has been very successful investing in startup companies in the field of healthcare. Over the course of his professional career, he has developed the skills and knowledge to identify companies which have very promising products and services in which he will invest his business assets as well as give access to his networks and the information that he and his team have.

Before he founded Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum founded his own biotechnology company, GelTex Pharmaceuticals. He was able to get two drugs approved by the FDA and onto the market for a remarkably efficient $80 million investment. He sold this company in 1998 for $1.6 billion. One of the drugs he created, Renagel, today earns over $1 billion a year. He was also a co-founder of Theravance, Inc. which, along with its spin-off Theravance Biopharma, Inc. is now worth about $3.2 billion.

Most of Jim Tananbaum’s workdays are spent in meetings with members of his team as well as phone calls. He splits his time between getting updates on the current portfolio of companies his firm has invested in, investigating new healthcare companies, and networking with other leaders in the healthcare industry. The times he is away from the office is most fruitfully spent with his family but he also continues to network with other healthcare and investing professionals as well as spending time eating dinner with friends.

There are still a large number of unmet needs in the healthcare industry, despite the staggering advances over the last 20 years. Jim Tananbaum has said that soon most people will have their blood, saliva, and/or tissue sampled and sequenced in order to help them prevent diseases they are susceptible to as well as establishing individualized treatments for them when they do occur. Deep learning has already established itself in a number of industries, he says, and employing this in the healthcare industry will revolutionize how people are treated and cured of serious medical conditions as time goes on.

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Why Securus Technologies Is a Leading Provider of Secure Communication Channels

There has been increasing concern about the safety of many correctional institutions around the world. The concerns have led to the emergence of companies that provide secure communication channels among the correctional facilities thus giving the inmates an opportunity to express themselves. The communication also helps family members and inmates have access to information regarding the prisoners’ wellbeing by communicating through cell phones. This has also been replicated among the administration where they can share information with other correctional facilities without the information leaking to the public. This is considered as one of the safest forms of communication that are highly secured with tamperproof software. Securus Technologies is a provider for communication channels for the criminal justice technological solutions, correction, monitoring and investigation.

The company has been investing heavily in the development of advanced software that has been used to improve security in our correctional facilities. For instance, it has spent over $600 million in the development of safe, efficient and secure communication products in a span of 3 years. This has been one of its primary investment towards ensuring the development of modern security features is up to date. The company has embarked on the recruitment of new sales team that will ensure professionalism in the elaboration of the new software.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus Rick Smith, the company requires the services of an experienced and professional sales manager that will expand their product in the market. As a result, the company has recruited John Bell who is one of the leading sales executives in the industry. He has over 35 years’ experience in sales having worked in different multinational companies like the IBM. John Bell graduated from the Holy Cross where he acquired the desired skills to take him through the managerial process. John Bell is now in charge of over 100 sales representative in the company spread across the market. He will be responsible for formulating policies and guiding his team to reach daily targets while identifying the niche market in the society. Josh Conklin who is the Vice President of sales will be reporting directly to the new Senior Vice President John Bell.

The success of the company revolves around accomplishing particular goals that include selling the product to more customers and reaching right decision makers, present the product to customers face-to-face on a monthly basis, to fully utilize the facilities at the Securus Technologies Centre and developed responsive sales training programs. These are the key points to drive the company to the next level.

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The company has continued to receive positive email feedback from the public. Many people have started appreciating the work they have been doing over the years and have recommended their real work by writing back. This has been a significant boost to the company because of increased media coverage. Read more on

Eva Moskowitz Fight and Success for Charter Education

Public education criticism has been the core of her livelihood, aiming at making education accessible to each and every child regardless on their economic bases. This has enabled children to exploit and fulfill their education potential. She has been offering parents with the alternative from failing local schools. Graduating from Stuyvesant High School, the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University respectively.


The mother of three, urge to this career started after she studied writing, getting a B.A. with honors in history. This has been her priority influence to enhance writing by her students at Success Academy Charter Schools. She has also written about health care and campaign finance reform including publishing Mission Possible in 2012 and In Therapy We Trust. Eva Moskowitz also noticed a gap in the educational career which included widespread student cheating and a cover up by the senior teachers. In her view, non-charter schools are not as good as parents think they are. She disagreed with the culture of children going to where they are zoned and also campaigned for the state to enhance its efforts to help struggling students from as early as prekindergarten levels. This is to identify learning disabilities earlier and perhaps solve them in time to enhance grade levels.


According to her views, Moskowitz questioned public school system in New York City public, calling on its reformation to replace the traditional model with charters model which is more challenging. She supported parental choice for their children choice of school and advocated for charter schools to be funded as public non-charters too. She also encouraged socio-economic integration in school. The school runs with no bureaucracy.


After graduating, she taught communications and mass culture in women’s history, as a visiting professor at the University of Virginia in 1989–1990. She later worked as an assistant professor in Vanderbilt University and City University of New York teaching history. Eva Moskowitz also chaired the faculty seminar in American studies at Columbia University and headed the children’s literacy program Read Net and public affairs at the Prep for Prep school.


Born in 1964, she is the CEO of success academy and former City Council member for the Upper East Side. Through the success academy, Eva had centered on the privatization of public education. The success academy operates 41 schools and supports 11,000 kids and employs hundreds of teachers among other professionals Great Public Schools. This has seen Eva receive 2016 Savas Award for public and private partnership from Reason Foundation.


Clearabee is a Same Day Rubbish Removal Service

Got a pile of rubbish that you need in your home or office surroundings that you need removed dearly? You’ve procrastinated over and over again abut how your going to get around to cleaning up the clutter, but each time get sidetracked? Starting to think that the only way the mess will ever disappear is if someone id the de-cluttering for you?

If you’ve answered yes to all these questions then you’ve come to the right place. Lucky for you, rubbish removal services exist. What does a rubbish removal service do? A rubbish removal service specializes in the disposing of junk not required anymore. They remove stuff from anything including houses, office surroundings, garages, storages, etc. They are a huge help to those who just can’t find the time to do so themselves. A good rubbish removal service doesn’t stop removing junk from the premise until the clutter is gone completely.

Clearabee is one of the best rubbish removal services in Britain. The man and van style waste management company Is up for any job a client throws its way. Hiring Clearabee to clean up your space is also cheaper than DIY (do it yourself) garbage removal. Plus, Clearabee is much more efficient than any DIY strategy or plan you can cook up.

Clearabee is very flexible, to fit a client’s individual needs. The company can send over a purple Clearabee truck and uniformed staff to remove the rubbish the same day a client calls the company office for booking.


Dick DeVos and his Philanthropic Contributions have no Stop

Dick DeVos, former Chief Executive Officer of Amway Corporation and a well-known educational activist, has no stop in terms of his philanthropic contributions. Per the latest reports, Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos have spent at least $139M for various charitable activities. I am still wondered how effectively he manages his contributions falling on the right heads and even finding time for his activism from his busy entrepreneurial life. There were few critics for his political contributions, and I can remind them that in the year 2015 alone, Dick has contributed $11.6 million that is almost double to his five-year political contributions which are standing at $5.3 million.


Even Dick’s father and the co-founder of Amway, Rick DeVos was a major contributor to various philanthropic causes, and the total contributions of the family stand at $1.33 billion which is a quarter of their total fortune worth $5.2 billion. The family has a strong sense of understanding that it is not about any costly dress they wear or any branded cars they drive, but it is about what they contribute to the society. In the year 2015, Forbes ranked the DeVos family as the #24 in the top charitable contributors in U.S. Dick and Betsy have set up a foundation to ensure the efficient contribution to various non-profit organizations called Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Dick contributes in five areas, and that include education, arts, leadership, justice, and community.


A significant percent of his contribution goes to education, and in the year 2015, almost $3 million went to education and its improvements. Dick has strong apprehensions about the current education. I too share his feeling of the current education system in U.S. not sufficient to follow the American dream. Dick is very upset with the fact that people from wrong ZIP codes and disadvantaged backgrounds are not able to fulfill their optimum, due to inaccessibility to quality education. I admire for his educational activism as well and feel that his ideas such as the school of choice, charter school system, school vouchers, and school grading system are well crafted and can be an apt choice for improving the quality of education.


Dick started his career with Amway Corporation in the year 1974 and held various responsibilities including working as the Vice President of the firm with responsibilities of foreign operations. DeVos family bought NBA team, Orlando Magic in 1991, and Dick was appointed as the President of the team. In 1993, he returned to Amway as the CEO and helped the firm in a major restructure. Currently, Dick is the Chairman of The Windquest Group, a privately owned investment management firm. He is also on the advisory board of a number of foundations such as Kids Hope USA, Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management, ArtPrize, and more.