How Sam Boraie Has Made an Indelible Mark on New Jersey

Even if you are not a New Jersey resident, you most probably have heard about Sam Boraie. He is recognized as one of the most influential figures in not only the development scene but also for his selflessness in giving back to the community. As the Vice-President of Boraie Development, Sam Boraie has been actively involved in the establishment of a pillar for the great progress in the New Brunswick building market while breathing a new way of living for the community.

Blending Modern Designs with Traditional Convenience

The New Brunswick city is increasing getting the inhabitant of young and trendy people whose idea of housing includes modern designs. To satisfy their desires Boraie Development ( came up with Aspire, one of the most luxurious towers located deep in the heart of the city. In addition to its unrivaled luxury, it is considered one of the most convenient residences especially due to its proximity to the New Brunswick train station, entertainment and nightlife spots and several hospitals including Saint Peter’s University Hospital and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Philanthropic Work

Recognized nationally, the education and outreach programs ran by the State Theatre New Jersey has benefited almost 30,000 teachers, students and families. It involves performances, artist residencies and workshops. Nevertheless, their aim of making performing arts more accessible, informative and affordable cannot be achieved without the support of such philanthropic souls as Sam Boraie who also sits on its Board of Trustees.

For Sam Boraie, supporting the historical theater is not enough service to the community. He is also actively involved in numerous other initiatives aimed at uplifting the lives of not only those who are around him but also people in faraway places. For instance, he is recognized for stretching his helping hand towards Elijah’s Promise, a Rutgers based organization that takes it upon itself to fight hunger, poverty and injustice in Central New Jersey. With Sam Boraie sitting on its advisory board, the organization provides food to more than 100,000 people every year and runs a culinary arts school, a café, a catering business and a community soup kitchen. In addition, it ensures that people whose income is too low get access to social and health services.

Going beyond the Home Turf

While Boraie Development has become a household name in New Brunswick, its popularity outside the city is rising fast. Sam Boraie’s commitment in putting up buildings marked by unique and modern architectural designs and amenities is evident in projects located in Newark and Atlantic City. The results of the company’s efforts include plans for construction of a modern apartment building on Pauline’s Praire in Atlantic City which follows the success of various other projects including condominiums in such places as Enclave and Bella.


Sam Boraie will go down in the annals of history as not only one of the most innovative developers but also one who also did not spare his resources in the quest to better humankind’s condition. His partnership with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal in the opening of a Cityplex movie theatre in Newark is testimony of his dedication in working with likeminded people in improving the way of living of various communities. His company has also worked with O’Neal in several other Newark projects including putting up of the first high-rise building in the city in half a century.

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Bob Reina Is Not Holding Back

When it comes to helping people and truly making a positive impact in their lives, it is not something that someone can only do half way or part of the way. It is something they must fully commit to from the word “go.” That is something that Bob Reina from Talk Fusion has been doing since 2007.

It is also something that he hopes his employees will gain from working at Talk Fusion as well. It is a special company and they are in a special position to do wonderful things for people with the product. The product can be found in the App store for Apple or the Google Play Store for Android phones.

Right now, Talk Fusion is offering thirty day free trials. This was Bob Reina’s idea, as he wants everyone to have a chance to use Talk Fusion. He feels as though once they try it out and give it a shot, they will fall in love with it and they won’t be able to deny the impact it can have on their lives, especially if they are interested in going into business for themselves. This is something that is happening more and more these days.

According to Biz Journals, the way Talk Fusion and Bob Reina make it possible is by giving them video chats, video emails, and video newsletters to name a few. In 2016, Talk Fusion improved the product even more and won two awards.

It is clear that they know what they are doing and they know how to do it. They don’t hold back when it comes to looking for ways to make the product the best it can be for its customers.

Bob Reina has also offered his employees the chance to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing as well. The more people that get their hands on Talk Fusion, the better in Bob Reina’s mind.

Yes, it is a business, but it is a business that helps people. That is a win-win situation for everyone involved and everyone walks away happy and satisfied with how it all went down.

Thor Halvorssen – Human Rights Champion

“When you see evil organizing… the moment it begins, you have to fight it with all your might. Indifference is not an option.” — Thor Halvorssen

Born in 1976, Thor Halvorssen is the president of the Human Rights Foundation and founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. Halvorssen is an active communicator who has written for several major newspapers, spoken on television news outlets, and is an accomplished film producer.

Halvorssen’s passion for human rights is deeply personal.
Halvorssen witnessed basic human rights violations first hand in 1993, when his father was falsely accused of detonating a car bomb in Venezuela. As a result, Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned. Halvorssen, a college student at the time, and his uncle began advocating for his father. Together, they contacted anyone they thought might be able to help. They reached out to Amnesty International, ambassadors, and a host of other government officials. The resulting publicity soon led to his father’s release from prison.

During the remainder of his college career at the University of Pennsylvania, Halvorssen became a judicial advisor for students rights. He worked tirelessly to protect due process, civil rights, and the freedom of speech for his fellow students.

Halvorssen dedicated his life to the full-time fight for human rights after his mother was shot in 2004 while protesting a corrupt election in Venezuela.

He believes in freedom: freedom from torture, freedom from slavery, freedom of speech, freedom from arbitrary detainment, freedom to participate in your own government, and freedom of religion. In his global fight to protect these freedoms, Thor Halvorssen has learned that the most effective champions of human rights are those who have personally experienced the horrors of abuse at the hands of evil, and he partners with these champions to bring about change.

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Added Benefits of Shampoo

Our hair says a lot about how we are. When our hair looks good, that usually affects our mood in a positive way for the rest of the day. When our hair does not look good, the opposite happens. The way we take care of our hair plays a huge role in how our hair looks from day to day.

A traditional shampoo is the main product most people use on a daily basis. The product cleans hair and leaves it fresh looking. There are many shampoos out there that will do the job and many have added bonuses. Some shampoos are good for dry hair while others will add volume to flat hair. There is a lot that can be done with the right shampoo.

Chaz Dean is a celebrity hair stylist and he is the creator of Wen hair. He created a hair care line based on the idea of shampoo cleaning the hair, but he went about it from a natural approach. Chaz created a cleansing conditioner that will clean the hair, conditioner the hair, and make it manageable all in one bottle. He used all natural products that will not only make the hair healthier but will not strip the hair of any of its natural oils.

There are many shampoos out on the market. They are all based on the same principle of making the hair clean. Wen by Chaz goes a step further and will not only clean the hair but will improve hair with every use. Need Wen? Order a bottle from QVC today!

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Vijay Eswaran: An Inspiration To Millions

Vijay Eswaran is a very successful Malaysian businessman. Vijay Eswaran’s the founder and CEO of the QI Group. The company sells media, luxury products, training, wellness, travel, media, telecommunications products all over Asia. Eswaran started the company in the Philippines in 1998. Today it has regional offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong and representatives in many other countries. The company has been a major economic engine in the region. They’ve created millions of jobs for people living in near poverty.

Vijay Eswaran’s success is the result of hard work, discipline and good planning. He’s also a savvy businessman beloved by both his employees and his clients. He was first introduced to multilevel marketing while working and attending college in London. He learned more about it when he worked part time for an American multilevel marketing company while at Southern Illinois University earning his MBA. This prepared him to start his own multilevel marketing organization.

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These days Vijay Eswaran is one of Asia’s 50 richest men. But he uses his wealth to help others. He gives to those in need through the RYTHM Foundation, the Q1 Group’s corporate giving arm, and the Vijayaratnam Foundation, named after Eswaran’s father. Through these organizations Eswaran is able to provide material and many other types of support for individuals and organizations. Vijay Eswaran has given so much to needy people, Forbes Asia has named him a Hero of Philanthropy.

But to many people Vijay Eswaran’s most effective and powerful work has been in creating millions of jobs that have freed countless people from the scourge of poverty. The Q1 Group at has more than a million independent representatives throughout the area it serves. These people create independent businesses that then creates jobs for others. The result is that the entire region has benefitted from the success of Eswaran and the Q1 Group. The company has not only created economic opportunities on Facebook, they have also given a growing number of people access to quality products at prices they can afford.

Vijay Eswaran has also written a series of books designed to show needy people how to better themselves.

The “Evolution of Smooth”

When it comes to good lip care products, lip balms are some of the most commonly used products. Whether you’re male or female, young or old; these products serve a purpose easily and effectively. Fast Company reveals some of the biggest names in the field are Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, and Bistex, but there is a new rival on board these days and it’s turning the industry upside down.

EOS, which is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth is breaking old barriers and setting a new mark in advanced lip care. The products are loaded with organic nutrients unlike it’s competitive counterparts. These healing agents affectively treats lip issues that people are effected by throughout the year. The brand is probably the most popular lip balm of today and it’s growth rate is rising by the months. Many high profile individual have been spotted applying the brightly colored medicine in public which has helped the brand explode with new buyers. Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian can be seen attributed with the brands success, but it’s selective marketing practices are the bread winner here. Since many females tend to use lip balm consistently compared to males, Evolution of Smooth has targeted this demographic which has resulted in huge sales. These sales come out to around $1 Million units sold per week. Wow! No other previous brand has achieved these numbers in such a short period of time.

EOS lip balm is an industry leader and it’s eye catching containers are lined on the shelves of many prominent retailers shelves such as Target, Walmart, Lucky Vitamin, Racked ( and ULTA. The brand really appeals to the senses, which is one of it’s current slogans. By the year 2020, Evolution of Smooth is projected to be at $2 Billion in sales and will stand along as the best lip balm on earth.


New Year with New Active Wear from Fabletics by Kate Hudson

During the holidays, people will take part in many feasts. It can happen with just your family or it can happen during holiday parties. No matter where it happens or how it happens, you most likely will find that you have gained some weight. It is shortly after the holidays that people start to plan their new years resolution. If you have gained some weight during the holidays, you most likely have learned that your next year is going to be the one that you start to diet on. Lets face it however, we all will say that our new years resolution is to lose those extra 20 pounds and will vow to stay on the diet. What you don’t know or want to understand is, you have to exercise to also keep the weight off.


If you are new to working out or dieting, you most likely do not have the proper gear to work out the right way. What’s that? You didn’t know you had to have specific gear for working out! Well at last, you do.


In order to bike the right way, you will see a cyclist has a specific type of gear he or she uses. The gear they use help them to maneuver easily in the wind and rain. The same idea is valid for those people who like to practice yoga. A person who does yoga is going to need clothing that allows them to freely move from pose to pose. The Fabletics yoga wear is what people are talking about these days. The yoga wear is great for those individuals who have shopped in local stores and have not found items that fit themselves properly.


A individual who uses Fabletics will tell you how comfortable they are in their new active gear. The active gear is going to hold you in where it really matters and will help you to remain comfortable enough to move around the room. Active wear is not meant to constrict your air flow which is vital for yoga. You have to be able to breathe in and out with the right amount of air to keep you focused. If not, you will fall down often and yoga then becomes no fun.


If you like to purchase your clothing online, you most likely have purchased something from Amazon or other sites like Amazon. If you have, maybe you didn’t know about Fabletics. Now you do. Now you can turn your head to them to get your next round of athletic wear. What makes it even better, all you have to do is sign up once, pay the membership cost and then each month after, your card will be billed and you will receive a new shipment. It makes it easier on you all the way around. Who wouldn’t be interested in Fabletics?

Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s Winning Team

When using an anesthesiologist team, most patients want to be reassured there is a professional taking care of things while they are lying in limbo. The long-running team of Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the largest practices in the nation.

Why would anyone use this team?

For one, this team of over 80 physicians, 130 CRNA’s or certified registered nurse anesthetists has the training to provide quality care in any situation. This company of professionals has been around since 1973, providing the Austin area some of the highest levels of professionalism in numerous centers of high-acuity over the years.

Being board certified is a plus when looking at the credentials of the physicians on this team. They’ve also trained in specialized areas of anesthesiology, committing themselves to give out the best care possible. With over 130 trained CRNA’s, these techs support the anesthesiologists and have the exceptional training to do so, giving the highly acceptable training found at Capitol Anesthesiology.

Event the administrative staff supports patients and families as they work to ensure smooth transactions and procedures. Their support with answering questions related to insurance and the procedure itself is second to none. It’s because everyone at CAA is determined to give each patient the best quality care and level of service they deserve.

George Soros on the Recent US Elections

George Soros has currently become a blunt partisan player in the political dramas of America. He has funneled millions of dollars to the Democratic Party as well as to causes like Black Lives Matter. George Soros stands at the forefront of all efforts to oppose Donald Trump who is headed to the White House.

George Soros donated $6 million dollars to the top super PAC that is supporting the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. This has proven that Soros is making a comeback as one of the biggest givers in American politics. Other major donors include Haim Saban. He is a Hollywood mogul who donated $3 million together with his wife, Cheryl Saban. Soros has offered more support to the candidature of Hillary Clinton compared to 2012 where he gave only $1 million to prioritize the USA which was backing the re-election of President Obama.

Sources close to George Soros say that he appears to be more engaged politically than he has ever been in the past years. They say he is motivated by the faith that he has in Clinton and the fear of Donald Trump who is her GOP rival. Michael Vachon is the political adviser of George Soros. Michael says that George Soros has consistently donated to Democratic causes although the political stakes for this year are much higher. He goes on to say that the political stakes were even high before the nomination of Trump due to hostility on the other side regarding issues that Soros cares about and which he has rallied for many years.

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George Soros gives praises to Clinton for offering him an opportunity to discuss policy. His huge donation to Hillary’s campaigns is a clear interpretation that he prefers Hillary as the President of United States. The billionaire investor claims that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are doing the work of ISIS. Soros spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland and said that this was interfering with everything and people are bound to do things out of fear. He refers to Donald Trump as a fear monger who is putting fear in the hearts of Americans.

George Soros and other supporters of Hillary Clinton have expressed their disappointment after the United States elections whereby Donald Trump became the president-elect of the country. Soros and other wealthy liberals who donated millions of dollars to support the campaign of Hillary are meeting in Washington. This is according to an article on Politico. The 3-day closed door meeting is aimed at retooling the huge money left in order to fight back against President-elect Donald Trump.

The conference is sponsored by the famous Democracy Alliance donor club. The conference started on Sunday night at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington. Appearances will include leaders of top unions and liberal groups such as Nancy Pelosi (who is House Democratic leader), Keith Ellison (Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman), and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. This is the first meeting of the institutional since Trump was elected president. The result is termed to be a shocking victory.

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How Handy Overcame Financial Difficulties To Come Out On Top

Starting a new business is never easy. One of the most difficult goals of any new startup is to turn a profit after growing and receiving investments. This is what Handy co-founders Oisin Hanrahan and Uma Duang found out. The two founders of the on demand online home cleaning site managed to steer Handy towards profitability despite making mistakes and economic challenges. Here are some of the things they did to make Handy more profitable.

Based out of New York City, quickly discovered that paying employees in their customer service department would end up being very costly. The space to lease for calling centers in New York City would also end up being pricey. Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan made a difficult decision to relocate their calling center to cheaper venues in Florid and the Midwest. It was incredibly difficult and challenging say Oisin and Umang but the pair say they had to do it, as the costs for their customer service department were rising and rising. They were under pressure do cut costs and this was one way of doing it.

Another way that Handy has survived the on-demand bust is by focusing on the market segments that they were already present. Handy’s competitors wasted precious resources on entering more and more markets without really developing existing ones. This lead to a large expenditure of resources and no immediate returns on profitability. Eventually a company has to be able to turn a profit in its markets or it will go belly under. Coupled with scandal Handy’s competitors went out of business.

Handy managed to cut costs by outsourcing labor and focusing on developing its existing service infrastructure in the places it already had clients. This led to repeat clients and high satisfaction. Marketing costs have also been driven down and thus profitability has been increased even more.