The Rise of Qnet


There are people all over the world that are interested in becoming their own boss. For people in many countries, it is difficult to go out and start a traditional business due to a lack of capital funding. For these people, Qnet represents a great solution to this issue. Qnet allows people to buy and sell things online for a profit. There are many people that have been able to make several thousand dollars a month through their website. For people around the world in poorer countries, this can be life changing money that makes a difference for generations. Anyone that is interested in selling products on Qnet can set up a store quiet easily. This is one of the best aspects of the site, and is one of the reasons that so many people have signed up and started selling products to people around the world. Due to the high margins on the products, many people are able to make a profit quickly. Users of the site can also get other people to sign up to sell products on Qnet. This leads to getting some commissions on the sales of the people that sign up under their store.

Selling Products

One of the great things about having a business on Qnet is the fact that selling products is fairly simple. Some people decide that they want to sell just a couple of products, while other people want to sell everything that the site has to offer. The great thing about Qnet is that people can customize their experience and what they decide to do in terms of owning their own business. There are even some people that are known for selling only one product on their site and specializing in that one product. Anyone that wants to succeed over the long term need to have a plan and execute it for Qnet.

Building a Business

There are several different ways in which people can build a business on Qnet. There are ways in which people have taken a different approach to building a business on the site. Qnet operates in a way in which it is helpful to the people that are selling the products. This is why they have such a large number of people that are signed up to sell products through the site. Qnet is great for people that want to buy and sell products in a way that earns them extra money every month through commissions. Overall, Qnet has done a great job of setting sellers up for success over the long term on the site. This is a great way for anyone to start being in business for themselves.

Bruce Levenson Soars in Big Sale of Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks, for a long time, were mired in the sort of mediocrity that keeps franchises from growing in a meaningful way. In the ’90s we saw an Atlanta team that was too good to tank for elite talent but not good enough to overcome some of the Eastern Conference Juggernauts: MJ’s Bulls or the Bad Boy Pistons. When Bruce Levenson took over for the team in the early ’00s he was inheriting a franchise in disarray. In 2004, Levenson’s first full year as a majority owner, the team was coming off of back to back abysmal seasons. Fan attendance couldn’t sink lower as the Hawks were ranked 30th in the entire NBA in terms of how many fans they brought in to their home games. Levenson had just paid a pretty penny, over $200 million, for the team and it was starting to look like an uphill battle.

Flash Forward to 2014
After 10 years as the owner of the team we saw the Atlanta Hawks make a great run under owner Bruce Levenson. Atlanta made it to the Eastern Conference Finals after setting a franchise record for regular season wins with 60. Multiple Hawk starters made it into the All Star Game and the Hawks were behind only Golden State in the regular season standings. This season, which filled Atlanta fans with so much joy, was the perfect send off for Levenson to sell the team. It was also the perfect contrast to where the franchise had stood when Levenson acquired it so many years prior. What exactly had happened to bring the team to this level?

Spending the Right Way
In the NBA there are really only two ways you can build a team: through free agency or through drafting. Hitting in the draft comes down to either getting lucky with a late round pick or being bad enough to land a lottery pick. The Hawks hadn’t had much luck in either category as they made some boneheaded picks in the lottery and missed in the later rounds. Fortunately, however, Atlanta knew how to spend their free agency dollars to great effect.

Levenson’s first big signing was in 2005 when he brought in budding star Joe Johnson from the Phoenix Suns. Johnson was an immediate impact scorer and ‘go to’ player in late game situations. He would become the center piece around which Levenson would rise the team from the ashes. Drafted players like Al Horford and Jeff Teague turned into stars and future free agency signings in Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver completely changed team culture. It’s rare for a team to hit on so many big off season contracts, but hit they did.

The Big Sale
With Atlanta now a yearly contender it only made sense for Bruce Levenson to try and sell the team at peak value. The sale of the L.A. Clippers had temporarily boosted market value of the teams and there was an eager buyer lurking in billionaire Antony Ressler. Levenson would end up selling the team for a cool $825 million, more than double what the Hawks were initially valued at back in 2013.

Motorola Moto E Deal from FreedomPop

The mobile phone industry is constantly changing, and these changes have been especially dramatic over the last couple of years. With all of the new technology being released phone prices have still been dropping. However in order to keep profits up carriers have moved toward extremely aggressive plan pricing. This can lead to unreasonably high monthly bills for many customers. However, this does not need to be the case any longer thanks to FreedomPop. This company is the country’s one and only 100% no cost phone service. This includes all voice, text, data, and even some international calls.

Freedom Pop offers a basic plan free to all users which consists of 200 voice minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data which can be more than enough for the average phone user. However if you find yourself needing a bit more the company offers several different options. The next tier of service is still an absolute steal at $10.99 a month. This plan gives customers unlimited talk and text with 500MB of data. If the 500MB of data is not quite doing the job the company’s premium plan provides unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data for only $19.99 a month.

In order to be eligible for these plans one first needs to purchase a phone. However with FreedomPop the phone is almost as cheap as the service. Currently a certified pre-owned Motorola Moto E (2nd generation) is available for just $49.99. That is almost a $250 value for just $49.99. After buying the phone customers also receive a one month free trial to the premium service option with the ability to change to the free version at any time. Although pre-owned the phone has been looked over by FreedomPop staff and is also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Doe Deere, The Cosmetic Industry Trail Blazer

Doe Deere is the founder, inventor, and CEO of the cosmetic company called Lime Crime. She didn’t just start out with a cosmetic company. It took some time for the cosmetic company to become an idea and then it slowly developed. She actually started out selling second hand clothes on eBay, with her own store called Thunderwear. Soon, she was not only selling second hand clothes, she was redesigning them, to the point of making the articles of clothing have no resemblance to the original clothing pieces. That started Doe Deere thinking about designing her own clothes, which she did. Her eBay clothing store would no longer sell other people’s clothing designs, but she would sell her own.

After some time, she designed and developed a website, she called Lime Crime which is where she marketed her clothing designs and taught makeup techniques that she posted on her website and on These makeup tutorials, as she referred to them, displayed her carefully perfected makeup applying methods, using very bright colors of all combinations. Doe Deere developed a following of people whom frequented her website, to watch her makeup tutorials as quickly as she would record them. The makeup tutorials became immensely popular, even more popular than her clothing line and designs, so she stopped designing clothes and decided to focus all of her attention and efforts on makeup application, color combinations and creating her own cosmetic line.

The Lime Crime website soon became known as the place where Doe Deere would display her new cosmetics line that she designed and developed. She created the bright spectrum of colors in her makeup lines and series. She also came up with the individual names for every one of her makeup products. She also designed and created her own packaging for her makeup products. The website which at one time showed only her makeup tutorials, now serves a bigger purpose for her cosmetic company. She brilliantly markets her cosmetic lines, she demonstrates her innovative techniques of applying makeup and she also plans for future cosmetic lines.

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur, business woman, website designer, artist, model and teacher. She is someone who started with nothing and built for herself, a thriving cosmetics company, becoming successful, and earning an excellent reputation as an ethical business woman. Doe Deere is someone that should be watched in the near future, because she will be making huge strides for the cosmetic industry. But she probably won’t stop there. She will probably go on to doing great things for any industry she chooses to be apart of, no matter what it is, because she’s that type of person she is.

Omar Boraie and His Developmental Role in Rebuilding New Brunswick


Omar Boraie, 73 was born and raised in Egypt and only came to America in the late 1960’s to further his chemistry studies. He had come to America to pursue a Ph. D in Chemistry and settled in New Brunswick during the race riots of the early 1970’s. He realized what a good investment the American real estate industry presented and decided to gamble with the then deserted New Brunswick city. It is during this time that he started Boraie development LLC that he currently serves as the President in partnership with his two sons.
Four over four decades, Boraie development has been transforming the New Brunswick city with developments of both affordable and high end residential and commercial buildings. It has had the backing of the local government, local investors, and has been seeing a lot of input from outsiders interested in property development in New Brunswick and the larger state of New Jersey. It is these partnerships that the company attributes to the restored glory of the city of New Brunswick.
In the early stages of the company’s development, Omar says that he started out with buying properties burnt during the racism unrests and rehabilitating them. He then approached the local authority with development proposal who termed his dreams unrealistic. However, he went on and built his first two developments which stand to date and on which his company’s offices rest. He had a vision for the city which he has maintained and one that has drawn in more industry players to help fulfill.
His company is the largest in New Jersey and is acclaimed with the development of some of the most prominent structures in the region. It is credited with the development of the record setting One Spring Street Condominium Building in New Brunswick. This is a New-York styled building, the first of its kind in the entire region, and also the tallest with over 100 residential units and over 40,000 square feet of office space.
He also has been instrumental in the development of other valuable properties in the city including the Albany Street Plazas and The Aspire. The Aspire is a project he is undertaking in downtown Newark in partnership with a basketball legend O’Neal. They started with the refurbishment of the city’s theatre and before embarking on the 17 storey High end commercial and residential building.
These are just some of the ways in which he and his company are bringing back life to New Brunswick. He has been very instrumental to the city in its post racism era and will surely be remembered for the many initiatives he started.

The Lime Crime Look

Though rock and roll has been around for a really long time, its funny how certain industries, like the cosmetics industry, seem to have avoided its influence. The commercial makeup industry generally has kept going with a look that is lovely, yet also somewhat safe and staid. Each season we seem the same list of new concealers, primers and foundations, and a new assortment of lip colors in very predictable shades. All of this is presented in ads with predictable looking models and actresses who look polished and lovely, and yet, predictable.

Something New

While the commercial makeup industry certainly has a lot of quality products to offer, there has been a void as far as brands that offer something new and a little bit rock and roll. That is, until the Lime Crime brand came on the scene and started to shake up the way makeup looks.

Lime Crime is an online makeup brand on facebook that was launched by Internet Entrepreneur Doe Deere in 2007/2008. Deere created Lime Crime with the idea of introducing bold colors into an industry that had gotten far too staid. Lime Crime has a definite rock and roll vibe in its look and in its approach to beauty. The look of this brand is strong, colorful and wild. It makes a statement for the women who wear it that’s all about not being afraid to take a few chances with beauty. Under scoring all of this is the rebel feel of rock and roll, and how it infuses everything that goes on with young people today.

Glitter Rock Lip Color

Lime Crime has lip color that truly rocks. The Velvetines lip color line is the first lip color that goes on “liquid to matte.” That means this lip color is both a gloss and a lipstick, and frankly, it’s attention getting and pretty as can be. Lime Crime also has the Unicorn Lipstick line, which is another lip color that really rocks it, color wise. Women who want to get daringly beautiful can choose colors from pink to purple and red, all the way into blue, yellow and orange. These colors go on full and matte, and have a major impact.

If these colors aren’t quite wild enough for some, they can add a dusting of iridescent glitter from the Zodiac Glitter pots from Lime Crime. These glitters stay put with Glitter Helper adhesive from Lime Crime, for a look that stays fabulous for hours. The Zodiac Glitter can also be used on the eyelids and cheeks, for a look that is as glamorous as can be.

When it’s time to find the rock and roll influence that’s been missing of late, look no further than Lime Crime cosmetics.

Frans Schoeman And His Contribution To Intellectual Property Law

We all have big ideas of success. Through our daily experiences, we go through difficulties here and there. There are inventions that we come up with to make life easier. That single idea could be the beginning of something beautiful. The inventions that have seen life become all beautiful and simple were made by people like us. When you have that original idea, and you want it to benefit the world through you, get it secured. This is because there are many people out there who may copy it and get credit for it. This leads us to an important topic of intellectual property law.

The intellectual property law deals with ideas and inventions that the owners are given the upper hand. The people or artists, who come up with these ideas, want to be in control of their invention. For this reason, the law prevents other people to make use their inventions. For instance, movies and songs are easy to be copied thus the owner of a song needs to have the copyrights for the song. The owner has a right to sue you for copying their content. This means that if you want your property covered, you need to have originally come up with the idea.

There are many things that are covered by the intellectual property law. For instance, copyrights and patents are covered by the IPR. The copyrights are usually cover music and literature. The movies have a copyright at the end that clearly states that they are intellectual property that have been registered by the owner and which should not be duplicated without the owner’s knowledge and approval. Other works of art are also covered. These include trademarks, trade secrets, and even industrial design rights. These cover products and even the company itself.

There are a number benefits from getting an intellectual property lawyer. Through the lawyer, your intellectual property will remain solely yours. A good lawyer is needed here as you can lose your property easily due to lack of sobriety. A lawyer should also explain to you what intellectual property entails and what you can do to ensure that everything is covered. This can prevent other users from exporting your property or even selling it for a period. Your invention needs to meet various requirements. It should be unique and out of the blue, and it should be practical meaning that it can really be made. When you meet these requirements, your invention can be secured and patented.

Frans Schoeman is a managing director at the Phatsima Diamond Corporation. He holds a law degree from the University of the Free State. He has been practicing law for over 25 years. Apart from intellectual property, he has expertise in other areas such as constitutional law, corporate due diligence, property laws among other areas of practice. This makes him an excellent lawyer. When you hire his services, he will fully deliver ensuring that y6ou meet all the legal requirements. Frans Schoeman is the perfect person top contact when you need legal aid, especially about the property.

How Did Adam Sender make $70 Million Dollars?

The answer to this question is even more intriguing if you understand a little about who Adam Sender is. This was a full-time hedge fund manager who was running a successful firm and making his clients great money over the years. The hedge fund was successful enough that Sender had the chance to pull profits and reinvest, but he decided he wanted to grow his money faster in a shorter period of time. Rather than stay in a market he was familiar, Sender decided he wanted to enter the world of Contemporary art instead.

Sender quickly realized this was going to be a serious challenge right out of the gate. The first thing he discovered was that buying masterpieces from the top artists in the world would require some serious capital. Painting by Warhol were fetching over a million dollars a piece, and in order to make any profit, the market would have to be at an all time high. The risk of the market bottoming out or stalling could literally wipe out his entire savings. This was a real possibility that Sender just was not willing to take. He was not ready to give up on his dream of being a successful art collector.

Adam Sender began to focus his efforts on high-quality pieces that were painted by some of the lesser-known artists in that niche. These artists were literally just about to break through, but not yet recognized as true masters in this industry. The tell-tale sign was their paintings were averaging a little over $100,000 a piece. Sender seized an opportunity and began looking for the best possible pieces he could find, amassing a nice size collection in a very short period of time. Once he accumulated a decent amount of paintings he wanted to reassure himself he was headed in the right direction, so he auctioned off 40 of his paintings in 2006. He was astonished when he sold the entire lot for $20 million dollars. He knew he was on to something.

Over the years, Adam Sender grew his art collection to 4000 pieces by over 130 different artists. This year he is no longer managing that hedge fund, and he has called in Sotheby’s to liquidate all his positions in the Contemporary art world. The auction house estimates it will take the better part of a year and a half to sell the entire collection, having to inventory, list, and then auction each piece one at a time. Even though the sale will take a huge effort, the auction house estimates that Adam will walk away at the end of the sale with $70 million dollars. This one decision to stay the course and find a way to be a part of the art world made him a very wealthy man indeed.

Locate the Products You Need with Visual Search

So you want to find a particular product online, can visualize it in your head, but you don’t really know what to type into the search field. Maybe you decide to use the color of the item, the material or some other descriptive information. The problem is that unless the item you are shopping for is especially unique, you just are not going to be able to locate it easily through a type in search feature. Instead, you’ll be left searching high and low, clicking page after page in the search results in hopes for the item to pop up. But what happens if it doesn’t? You change the typed in search information and repeat the exact same process until you either spend all day looking for it and eventually finding it, or you just give up. Either way it is not a very desirable outcome and definitely not a productive use of your time. But what other way is there? After all, that is really the only search option available to you, right?

Wrong, there is a brand new search feature that you should take advantage of. Known as visual search, it is a service created by Slyce. The company produced a search option that allows you to take an image of a product, either with your smart phone, download it from the Internet or really any other means of obtaining a picture, and submit it into the search field. The service is then able to instantly compare it with all of the other items it has stored in its databanks and offer you not only the correct match, but also other similar items. This way, maybe you thought you really wanted a particular item, but instead find something that is similar and less expensive or just better for what you need. All of this can be made available to you with the help of Slyce.

But how in the world is this visual search system possible? The system essentially creates different algorithms for an image and directly compares it against other items it has stored in its databanks. It does not just look at a picture like the human eye would and look at other pictures. This is not just an extremely complex version of the card match game where you try to flip over cards and come up with a match. It is a systematic process that is created in order to pinpoint identifying factors of every single item. So even if the picture you snap is not the best of the best, as long as you have some of these visual details include in the picture, you should have no problem with finding the correct match online.

Doe Deere: The Artist Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, created the make-up brand Lime Crime. Lime Crime has recently been featured in the November 2015 issue of Nylon magazine. Deere’s Lime Crime takes the idea of the beauty of the unicorn to the next level, featuring the silhouette on the packaging for individuals who radiate unique spirit like the unicorn. Deere calls herself the “queen of unicorns” because of her love for the mystical creature.

Deere was originally a Russian mail order bride who moved to the U.S. in 1999. Since moving to the U.S. she has begun fashion school and then dropped out, worked in fashion as a clothing designer, been a part of the rock band Sky Salt, and become a cosmetics guru. At one point Deere sold clothing that she made and altered with unusual techniques, such as the use of duct tape, on eBay. Eventually her interests turned to other endeavors and she quit making clothes and selling them.

In 2002 Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime  started working on her new project, the rock band Sky Salt, along with her husband. At one point Deere rented a club for the night to showcase her music. She enjoyed playing music and taking part in creative endeavors but found it difficult to make a living. In 2007 Deere was forced to take on a position at a bank to pay the bills.

The move to working at a nine to five job at a bank sparked Deere’s interest in becoming successful as a cosmetics business owner. She began creating eye shadows made from mineral micas to sell under her brand Lime Crime. The eye shadows and lipsticks are known for their whimsical packaging and beautiful, vibrant colors. Deere has worked to remove as many fillers as possible from her products so that they appear as bright and bold on the face as they do in the package. Deere often posted videos of her cosmetics business or tutorials on how to apply her products. By this time she had developed quite a following online the world wide web.

Deere has many fans, but the Internet has a love and hate relationship with her. She is not bothered by the criticism she receives, as it is natural for an Internet celebrity to receive some flack for being successful, along with simple jealousy from haters. Deere’s success speaks for itself, as she is a self-made woman who believes in the products that she sells through her Lime Crime brand.