Yeonmi Park and the Stakes of North Korean Defectors

Yeonmi Park has come forth on behalf of all of the North Korean defectors and has presented a compelling story to the billions of people that have watched the summit. This has brought a lot of attention to her and North Korea. Now, other North Korean defectors have a lot at stake, especially since the North Korean government is working overtime to discredit Yeonmi. They are targeting her and telling people that she is lying. However, she is not the first one that has been targeted. Another person was targeted for assassination because he was a big threat to the status quo. Yeonmi Park has had videos posted on Youtube about her that told people that the story that she has presented was false. Part of the video involved Yeonmi’s extended family denying some of the things that Yeonmi has stated. However, they may have either been paid or bullied to participate in the campaign. Either way, the stakes are very high for the defectors and the North Koreans who are still living under the oppressive rule. Yeonmi Park is often referred to by North Koreans as a “celebrity defector”. There are also other skeptics that reside outside of North Korea. Either way, it is important for Yeonmi to make sure that her story is straight. Yeonmi Park’s story on The Reason needs to be completely true so that it can give her and other North Korean defectors a fighting chance at bringing justice to their home country. At this point, people are looking for ways to fight the injustice of North Korea. However, it is important to fight based on truth, otherwise this will add to the injustice. Yeonmi Park understands that and made sure that her story is a true story. She made no efforts to sensationalize or emotionalize the story. Yeonmi Park has shown a spirit of honesty and gentleness in spite of all of the trials that she has been through in North Korea as well as during her escape to South Korea. Also, getting the story out and giving people an opportunity to see a better way of life than under oppression is part of the healing process for Yeonmi Park.