George Soros on the Recent US Elections

George Soros has currently become a blunt partisan player in the political dramas of America. He has funneled millions of dollars to the Democratic Party as well as to causes like Black Lives Matter. George Soros stands at the forefront of all efforts to oppose Donald Trump who is headed to the White House.

George Soros donated $6 million dollars to the top super PAC that is supporting the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. This has proven that Soros is making a comeback as one of the biggest givers in American politics. Other major donors include Haim Saban. He is a Hollywood mogul who donated $3 million together with his wife, Cheryl Saban. Soros has offered more support to the candidature of Hillary Clinton compared to 2012 where he gave only $1 million to prioritize the USA which was backing the re-election of President Obama.

Sources close to George Soros say that he appears to be more engaged politically than he has ever been in the past years. They say he is motivated by the faith that he has in Clinton and the fear of Donald Trump who is her GOP rival. Michael Vachon is the political adviser of George Soros. Michael says that George Soros has consistently donated to Democratic causes although the political stakes for this year are much higher. He goes on to say that the political stakes were even high before the nomination of Trump due to hostility on the other side regarding issues that Soros cares about and which he has rallied for many years.

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George Soros gives praises to Clinton for offering him an opportunity to discuss policy. His huge donation to Hillary’s campaigns is a clear interpretation that he prefers Hillary as the President of United States. The billionaire investor claims that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are doing the work of ISIS. Soros spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland and said that this was interfering with everything and people are bound to do things out of fear. He refers to Donald Trump as a fear monger who is putting fear in the hearts of Americans.

George Soros and other supporters of Hillary Clinton have expressed their disappointment after the United States elections whereby Donald Trump became the president-elect of the country. Soros and other wealthy liberals who donated millions of dollars to support the campaign of Hillary are meeting in Washington. This is according to an article on Politico. The 3-day closed door meeting is aimed at retooling the huge money left in order to fight back against President-elect Donald Trump.

The conference is sponsored by the famous Democracy Alliance donor club. The conference started on Sunday night at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington. Appearances will include leaders of top unions and liberal groups such as Nancy Pelosi (who is House Democratic leader), Keith Ellison (Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman), and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. This is the first meeting of the institutional since Trump was elected president. The result is termed to be a shocking victory.

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