How The Academy of Art University Is Making Improvements In San Franscico

The Academy of Art University is back in the news again and for good reasons. This for-profit school for the arts has a rich history of producing work in the fields of design, entertainment and liberal arts. The school has produced a boat-load of talent that has made it to the big leagues. These individuals includes Raven Symone, Vicky Jenson, Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Lee Cheol-ha and others. Academy of Art University is located in beautiful San Francisco, California, and it hosts well-over 12,000 students. One of the major ways that this school is standing-out is by getting involved with community events.

For 2018, the Academy of Art University is looking to give back to the community by redevelopment. Yes, San Francisco is a gem of a city, but it certainly has its flaws just like any other American city. Augmented reality is the name of the game and some of AAU’s students are using this technology to improve on the city’s safety and appearance. Tenderfeels is the name of the project and some of the school’s tech students are building an innovative app to provide real-time data. This real-time will be used to cleanup the city’s Tenderloin district. The Tenderloin district is rich in history, has affordable housing and is full of culture. On the other hand, this specific district is crime-ridden, has a high-crime rate and has a high concentration of people. In just a quarter-square mile, over 25,000 people inhabit this region of town.

Academy of Art University’s tech students will use specific moods within the application, and the moods will represent how people feel about certain areas of the neighborhood. This information will be relayed to city officials in hopes to provide solutions for improving on the issues. The idea is rather genius because it gets straight to the root of the problem.

Augmented reality’s virtual environment will overlay on top of the city’s natural environment. Graphics, touch and sound will be embedded into the project for ease of use. The Academy of Art University is making changes for the better, which is why it’s at the apex of its class and that speaks volumes.