Mark Hutchinson Wants the World to Love Nature

Longtime conservationist Mark Hutchinson continues to protect the globe’s wild places in order to ensure that future generations can also enjoy our world’s natural beauty and wonderment. Founder of Wild Ark and EcoTraining, Hutchinson has lived his life in pursuit of obtaining the perfect balance between showing the wild world to others while educating them on the fragility of the world around us. He has worked extensively in the Bush of Australia as well as Africa in his travels. His post-collegiate experiences in the Bush and traveling the African continent were instrumental in informing his decision to found both Wild Ark and EcoTraining. Learn more:

Hutchinson would love for all of Earth’s inhabitants to plant a tree on an annual basis or find a leisure pursuit that helps them to reconnect with nature and the world around them. Through Wild Ark, Mark is able to reacquaint others with their true selves as well as nature. It is his firm belief that the more people are exposed to the wilderness, the more likely it is that they will themselves become advocates of a conservation mindset. Wild Ark aims to expose tourists to a wide range of natural environments in the hopes that their experiences will propel them to become even more eco-conscious. Learn more:

The entire business model of Wild Ark is centered around expanding travelers’ encounters with wilderness and their appreciation of the greater world around them. This travel firm provides high-end and nature intensive travel packages that take their clients deep into the Bush as well the outer areas of Africa. These trips are luxe but also right in the thick of the surrounding natural environments. Wild Ark has Bush trips in Africa that spend 10 days traveling on dirt roads with local guides that offer a high level of insight into the incredibly special area that is the African wilderness. 

Mark Hutchinson has lived his life in the pursuit of wilderness conservation and educating the world at large of the fragility of nature and the importance of preserving these spaces. He will continue these endeavors and efforts through EcoTrainng and Wild Ark. Learn more: