Let’s Take A Look At Guilherme Paulus’s Hospitality Career

Guilherme Paulus is one of the pioneers of CVC. The firm specializes in touring operations. It has been in operation for more than four decades. He served as an inspiration to many youths as he started the tour operator at his early 20s. After four years, he was left to run the firm on his own when his partner left to pursue personal goals. He has exemplary leadership skills that have made the tour operator be rated as one of the best in Latin America. Over the years, it has expanded its operations in many parts of the United States. CVC sold 63.6% stake to Carlyle group. According to a report by the firm, the deal was valued at $420 million.

Guilherme Paulus has continued to invest in the hospitality industry. About 13 years ago, he started GJP Hotels and Resorts. The group has more than 15 outlets and has been rated as one of the best places to visit in Brazil. He is always keen to invest in strategic locations to tap the potential from the tourists. He benefited from the influx of football fans from around the globe during the 2014 World Cup. He started working in the corporate world before he attained 20 years. At IBM, Guilherme Paulus held a junior position as an intern. The opportunity to work with a multinational company gave him the opportunity to learn how to run a firm effectively. The 69 years old entrepreneur was born in Sao Paulo.

Guilherme Paulus specialized in Business Administration during his higher education. He has worked in the hospitality sector for about five decades. One of the main reasons why CVC has continued to grow over the years is his ability to identify and utilize the latest innovations in the industry. He believes that innovation is the best way to maintain a competitive advantage over the competitors. To increase the number of clients, he has ensured that the hotels have a wide range of services and also the adoption of a competitive pricing system. The tour operator became public in 2013. After being listed on the stock exchange, CVC has grown tremendously. The management has plans to open more outlets each year.

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