Opportunity to Work for Talos Energy; the Global Explorer

Talos Energy is an equal opportunity employer based out of Houston TX. The company pursues offshore oil and gas projects in and outside the USA. It has increasingly become a company to watch out for when it comes to employment opportunities. Currently, Talos has advertised several positions that it seeks skilled individuals to fill and work with the rest of the Talos Energy team to realize the company’s objectives. The reviews available online show that Talos is growing faster than its support staff; a situation that has forced it to seek more human power to steer its agenda in the exploration of the increasingly rare and valuable natural resources. Some of the positions that have been advertised at Talos Energy include

An Offshore Operations Engineer

The position demands include supporting facility operations on a daily basis as stipulated by the policies and regulations that govern the operations of Talos Energy. The Engineer will be responsible for completing and or coordinating documentation required for production to proceed. He will also make sure that the production equipment is regularly and properly maintained to facilitate the daily operations. He will be relied on to offer expert solutions to the process of production whenever needed. These are highlights of the responsibilities of the Offshore Operations Engineer. This piece does not provide the comprehensive set of the expectations attached to the job position.

Drilling Engineer

Talos Energy also needs a Senior Drilling Engineer. The drilling engineer will be expected to give briefs and guide the drilling team regarding the challenges and dynamics of both current and potential drilling sites. He will be relied on for advice on the appropriate approaches to the drilling processes and safety guards required to accomplish projects.

 Deepwater Drilling Manager February

The position is available at the Houston site. The successful candidate will be reporting to the Talos Energy Group Director. The successful candidate will help to mentor upcoming engineers; apart from the expected role of leading the drilling team to greater heights of performance.

Drilling Manager

As the title suggests, the drilling manager position is largely an administrative position. The manager will oversee the drilling activities and coordinate the staff and operations of the firm. The successful candidate will be relied on for processing of the required documentation including agreements to facilitate incident-free drilling activities. The manager shall be in charge of the drilling team too. He will be expected to coordinate with the relevant offices for a smooth logistical flow including the supply of equipment and other necessary tools of the trade.Meanwhile, Talos Energy has made it clear on their website that it is a nondiscriminatory, equal opportunity employer. The ad says that the company uses merit to hire. It emphasizes that applicants will not stand a better chance or a disadvantage because of race or other reasons not related to performance.

Jason Hope predicts massive investment in Internet of Things technologies

In business, as the saying goes, it is always best to be first, be smarter or to cheat. Since most ethical technology business people are against cheating in any circumstance, that only leads two options. One must either be smarter, or be in the right place at the right time, exactly as a new trend is taking off from the ground.

Nowhere has this been truer than in the area of technological innovation. Jason Hope is one of America’s most prolific tech entrepreneurs. After having founded Jawa, the first premium mobile content streaming service in the United States, Hope has gone on to have a superlative career, creating a multitude of highly successful startups and creating business models and nobody had ever seen before. It is not an exaggeration to say the Hope is one of the most talented entrepreneurs that the American Southwest has ever seen.

It is for this reason that when Hope talks, the internet listens. Recently, Hope has stepped down from his role as the manager of day-to-day operations over his empire and has begun blogging for a number of outlets about a wide variety of topics. One of these has been the topic of the coming revolution that will be heralded by the Internet of Things.

Hope believes that the technologies collectively known as the Internet of Things will have such a transformative effect that it will completely revolutionize the ways in which everyday Americans live their lives. Hope believes that, by 2020, more than six trillion dollars will have been invested in Internet of Things technologies. This represents one of the most enticing opportunities for entrepreneurs that has been seen since the Industrial Revolution. Hope believes that people who can get in on the ground floor, creating innovative technologies using Internet of Things concepts, will be able to be first movers in industries that may be the multibillion-dollar businesses of tomorrow.

Hope points out that many people are aware of the most visible Internet-of-Things technologies. Things like smart buildings, self-driving cars, refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers that automatically operate when needed are all things that most people are aware will be the commonplace technologies of tomorrow. But Hope believes that there are many niche markets that individuals can capitalize on in the near-term future.

Hope believes that those who are capable of creating mobile applications that can seamlessly interface with everyday products, making them run with higher degrees of efficiency or more ease of use, will be able to create entire industries overnight, potentially becoming the Googles, Facebooks or Amazons of the next 20 years.

For details: twitter.com/jasonhope

Rick Smith Making Remarkable Strides At Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies. He has an unparalleled track record in the correction industry that dates back many years. With his experience, he was the best choice to head the leading provider of inmate technologies. Rick Smith holds a bachelors degree in engineering and a master’s in engineering from the State University of New York. He also has another master’s degree in business administration from the University of Rochester. Under his leadership, Smith has grown Securus to become the securest platform to make calls that enable families and friends to reach incarcerated loved ones. After joining the company, the technology expert introduced video calling. The firm has been utilizing cameras installed in prisons to enable this video call. This video calling technology is part of Smith’s belief that everyone should have a better visitation experience by being allowed to see their loved ones.Smith has a precise plan for the future of Securus.  As such, Rick Smith has laid down plans to expand Securus Technologies to every prison in America as well as investing in technology to make each correctional facility easier to reach.

Securus Technologies Merges with JPay

In July 2015, Securus technologies purchased JPay Inc. JPay is a renowned leader in the technology market that introduced electronic payment systems, emails, and several entertainments and educational apps for the correctional industry. At the time of purchase, JPay was operating in 33 state prisons.The transaction put Securus Technologies as the fastest-growing firm in the provision of technologies to the correctional industry. According to the organization’s CEO Rick Smith, the company is ranked as the best in terms of payments, emails and provision of inmate tablets. After securing the deal, Securus obtained equity funding and approvals from state and federal regulatory authorities. The CEO further said that their mission of the purchase was to ensure that they provide the best products, security and reduce recidivism.On his side, Ryan Shapiro the CEO of JPay said they would continue to produce cutting-edge technologies that will have value for prisoners, prison staff, and family. Making prisons safe, efficient and enabling prisoners to transition into good people once released will continue to be their core values.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a reputed organization and a leading provider of technology products and services to correctional facilities in North America. Currently, the company serves over 3,450 correctional facilities and over 1,200,000 inmates. Securus has ensured that calls made to prisons are clear and safer than before. Under the current CEO, Mr. Smith the company is committed to offering exceptional consumer experiences.