Locate the Products You Need with Visual Search

So you want to find a particular product online, can visualize it in your head, but you don’t really know what to type into the search field. Maybe you decide to use the color of the item, the material or some other descriptive information. The problem is that unless the item you are shopping for is especially unique, you just are not going to be able to locate it easily through a type in search feature. Instead, you’ll be left searching high and low, clicking page after page in the search results in hopes for the item to pop up. But what happens if it doesn’t? You change the typed in search information and repeat the exact same process until you either spend all day looking for it and eventually finding it, or you just give up. Either way it is not a very desirable outcome and definitely not a productive use of your time. But what other way is there? After all, that is really the only search option available to you, right?

Wrong, there is a brand new search feature that you should take advantage of. Known as visual search, it is a service created by Slyce. The company produced a search option that allows you to take an image of a product, either with your smart phone, download it from the Internet or really any other means of obtaining a picture, and submit it into the search field. The service is then able to instantly compare it with all of the other items it has stored in its databanks and offer you not only the correct match, but also other similar items. This way, maybe you thought you really wanted a particular item, but instead find something that is similar and less expensive or just better for what you need. All of this can be made available to you with the help of Slyce.

But how in the world is this visual search system possible? The system essentially creates different algorithms for an image and directly compares it against other items it has stored in its databanks. It does not just look at a picture like the human eye would and look at other pictures. This is not just an extremely complex version of the card match game where you try to flip over cards and come up with a match. It is a systematic process that is created in order to pinpoint identifying factors of every single item. So even if the picture you snap is not the best of the best, as long as you have some of these visual details include in the picture, you should have no problem with finding the correct match online.