Securus Investigation Continues to Examine Breaches by Global Tel Link

In an ongoing investigation, Securus technologies will be releasing additional information about the wrongdoings and integrity breaches by Global Tel Link. In 1998, the Louisiana Public Service Commission found that there were a number of infractions that were damaging to GTL with their service to the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Some of the actions noted within the 17 page report (order number U-20784-B)include:
Global Tel Link changed the clocks 15 or 36 seconds ahead to add charges to calls.
– Global Tel Link programmed the phones to charge calls with more expensive rates than were allowed under the current tariffs or Louisiana Public Service Commission rate caps.
– Global Tel Link “inflated charges to its customers” and added extra charges to the calls after they were calculated.
– Global Tel Link condoned the practice of billing a single call more than one time
These unlawful activities occurred over 18 years ago but Securus is upset over the reflection these activities has on the industry overall. If Louisiana taxpayers had to pay more because of dishonesty then even happening a long time ago means these actions are wrong and attention must be brought to this issue. Securus will continue to shame GTL into conducting their business with more integrity and elevate the levels of honesty and professionalism of the industry as a whole.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.