Clean up Your Negative Reviews!

Wouldn’t it be ideal to build a business and automatically have the reputation you want?

No matter how hard you work or how wonderful your idea is, there will always be those who do not agree with you; there will always be those who want to tear apart everything that you have built up. Unfortunately, you have to be on your feet all the time, and be smart about the ways that you deal with controversy. There are small companies, such as Search Cleanup that will help you remove negative reviews and bad search results, letting you be an entrepreneur.


As entrepreneurs, it’s hard. But there are five ways explained in this post that will help you deal with controversy of your work.


  1. Be smart. When someone is attacking you, it’s easy to become irrational, but stay calm, and keep doing what you think will better your business.


  1. Don’t let attacks get in the way with normal business. Let your customers know that this will not break you.


  1. Focus on the value of what you are doing. If people see the value that you are giving, they will take it; they will no longer care about the attacks on your business.

4. Others can help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those that have been through this before. Find them on Facebook for more information.