Contributions Made by Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner in the Real Estate Market

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati billionaire who has interest in the luxury real estate market. He is the founder of the DAMAC Properties and has played an essential role in pushing the products and services of the group to other countries. Currently, DAMAC Owner has overseen the development of prime properties in countries such as Qatar, the United Kingdom, Jordan, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates. It is critical to note that the properties are located in prime locations and attract high-end consumers. Hussain Sajwani founded the DAMAC Properties in 2002 and had made valuable transformations in the real estate market. DAMAC Owner is keen on ensuring that the group offers quality and competitive designs.

The DAMAC Properties offers an array of services of products and services. Some of the high-end products include serviced hotel apartments, hotel rooms, and hotel villas. The properties can further be placed under the commercial, residential and luxury categories. Other than offering quality properties, it is critical to note that the group arranges for the financing of the properties. In 2016, the Forbes Magazine listed the organization as one of the fastest growing global companies. The trend can be linked to the commitment and professionalism of the team. Hussain Sajwani engages the services of award-winning contractors, designers, and architects. The move ensures that the products are quality, durable and conform to the global standards.

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner Early Life, Education, and Career

Hussain Sajwani was born in Emirates and attended the early education stages in the region. He later relocated to the USA for further education and joined the University of Washington. He graduated with a degree in economics and engineering. After graduating, he worked at GASSCO as the manager. He helped push the operations of the Emirates-based company to new regions. He later resigned and formed the Global Logistic Ventures which has interest in the catering and hotel industry. He is widely known for his contribution in the creation of the DAMAC Properties which is one of the leading global companies in the luxury real estate market. His contributions paint him as an experienced, skilled and innovative business leader.

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More Facts About the DAMAC Owner Sajwani

Mr. Hussain Sajwani has put forth a brilliant amount of effort, determination, and overall strength in promoting, building, and advancing his company and all its other attributes. As a graduate from The University of Washington and being granted a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics, Sajwani has not only laid out an exceptional starting point but also maintained various skills to complement such a grand education. Having an entrepreneurial father that implanted the idea of being successful and independent, Sajwani was able to have a great education in marketing, financing, sales, property development and many other abilities, as well as land an exceptional job in his early years as a “Contract Manager”. Before his contemporary success that many know him to be famous for, he started off like many other business-oriented individuals, at a small but sufficient standing. He worked at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiary business known as GASCO. This company is an Egyptian Natural Gas Firm, where he oversaw the management of projects.

With the drive to push forward and set out to create his own firm, this started his recognition and involvement that would contribute to the shape of the world. In 2002, Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, began “DAMAC properties“working with real estate and building some of the recognizable projects across the Middle East and parts of Europe. Sajwani set himself up to become the chairman and CEO of the once sprouting and rapidly growing firm. The company quickly found success with Sajwani’s management as the company built many of the UAE’s construction camps, five-star hotels, villas, and hundreds of other residential, commercial, and industrial projects. What brought more fame to the company was its ability to manage the heavy demand of builds for hotels when there was a moment of a rapid population of people visiting for business trips in the UAE. Since then, DAMAC has been a leading property development company standing for seventeen years.

According to Albayan, the company has been affiliated with projects that have been seen across the Middle East in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and others in various cities such as Riyadh and London. DAMAC’s company website has seen a great amount of acknowledgment and traffic as the properties that it has created have been featured there. The company has also been known as Dubai’s best real estate company, with the addition of the company’s properties being in Dubai’s Financial Market”.


Why Jason Halpern is a Successful Developer

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason Halpern is the managing partner as well as the founder of JMH Development. He was born and raised in a family that is renowned for real estate development. His family has been involved in real estate for over fifty years. That is what has shaped Jason to become the great man that he is today. His family has built and managed property across the United States.They have worked on projects in New York and apartments in Westchester County. Working with his family has helped Jason Halpern to acquire a lot of knowledge and skills that are required in the real estate industry. Currently, he is visionary and experienced.

Many would wonder why Jason Halpern is unique compared to the other investors. It is due to his passion for the development of buildings that are in the historic districts. He also has an ability to work with the other stakeholders and the people of his community. His rapport with members of the community and a passion for developing the historic sites has made him stand out from other entrepreneurs. Jason Halper and his dedicated staff respect and work with the community. Since Halpern began leading the company, they have constructed projects more than $500 million.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

One of the successful projects that can be noted is the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. Jason and the entire JMH staff have worked for the development of the project. Jason has also led his company to develop 304 apartments which were formally a warehouse. It has now become a place of luxury because of the individual development that was employed by Jason Halpern.The company is always committed to the construction of buildings that are innovative throughout the state of New York. They have been able to construct commercial buildings and residential property.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

It is something that Halpern does with passion. He is perpetrating what his family has done for many years. It may not be easy for someone to achieve such success in real estate but for Jason Halper, it is not that difficult. He has already achieved great success even at his young age. Jason is also someone who is generous, and as such he takes part of charitable work. Jason has helped a lot of people from his community and also contributed to organizations that participate in humanitarian affairs.

Jason’s Own Time

Among the significant investments that Halpern has done include the Westchester Medical Center. The investment, which is a trauma center has employed people who are ready to help. They are talented and experienced, and as such, it has helped a lot of individuals. The facility has equipment of high quality making it easy for the staff to easily handle emergencies such as open heart surgery, neurosurgery as well as orthopedic surgery. Halpern continues to work with the community and engage in a variety of philanthropic initiatives through his company.


A Look at Some of Jason Halpern’s Property Developments

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

As an experienced real estate developer, Jason Halpern has successfully led his own real estate company, JMH Development, for the last several years. His company has more than $500 million invested in various projects around the state of New York and more invested in Miami, Florida. Jason’s specialty is adaptive reuse. He buys historical properties and then updates them while retaining their historic character. The team at JMH Development that Jason Halpern has put together is skilled at the entire development process, from building design to construction, marketing, and branding of the completed building.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

One of Jason’s recent projects was at 184 Kent in Brooklyn, New York. This property had been a warehouse on the East River that was built in the early 1900’s. After the adaptive reuse reconstruction project, it is now being used as luxury rental apartments with 340 units. As a building that is on the National Register of Historic Places, the building had to retain the essential characteristics of the building that was updated. This property has become very popular with trendy young New Yorkers due to its location and the restaurants and activities that are in the area.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

Jason Halpern has also developed entirely new buildings. Three Hundred Collins Miami Beach is one of these. He is building this condominium in a highly sought out area of Miami that features some of the best restaurants and shopping in the city. Jason is building this in a partnership with Thomas Juul-Hansen who is a nationally recognized interior designer.

One of the Miami Properties that Jason Halpern redeveloped was the Motel Ankara which is a historical hotel in South Beach. The entire building was remodeled and a new eight-story tower was built on the property as well. It is now a luxury hotel named the Aloft South Beach that features larger rooms than any other hotel in South Beach. The topping of the building took place in late 2014 and the entire project was completed in 2015. It includes a 24-hour fitness center, a large space for meetings and events, and a space where local artists can perform concerts.

Tammy Mazzocco and The Ohio Real Estate Market

Tammy Mazzocco started out in the real estate business in Ohio as a secretary to nine realtors in a lively and successful office. She the managed a condominium group, and in so doing she decided that she could do better by selling real estate as opposed to managing it.

According to her Facebook page, Tammy has found real estate very fulfilling and exciting, as well as profitable. Her penchant for research and then putting research into action is what propels her on. Real estate is one of those businesses where you can be self-employed with lots of help.

2016 was a good year in Cleveland, Ohio as home purchases were over 156,000 in the state. According to, sales were on the increase of over 8%. Prices were up and in retrospect, it was a banner year. There was, however, a bump in the road that started around election time in November. Prices were still rising, but a housing shortage began to rear its ugly head. Here you had plenty of buyers, still making their presence felt, but the available units were declining.

A very solid job situation in cities like Cleveland helped to drive up the market and spur people on in their quest for new housing. Due to the shortage, mortgage rates are trending upward as well from their average in the 3 percent ranges to more a higher 4 percent rate.

Re/ Max real estate agents such as Tammy Mazzocco take the stance that you really cannot change market forces, as all you can do is keep working and keep working more effectively. Tammy Mazzocco works with people, not events. Her way of doing business is to be a friend to the buyer. She educates them. She gives information and statistics to the prospective buyer which they are not aware of.

This is where her research comes in. When you find out what people want, you find it for them. When Tammy Mazzocco treats clients time as she would her own, they love her and buy from her.