Rodrigo Terpins and The Unravelling of The Universe Through His Racing Career

The world we’re in is getting faster, more modern, more centralized and increasingly more fast-paced. We can observe from people’s statements, situations and actions that there are things today that fuel people to strive and aim for more, quickly. It is as if the universe is unravelling at the speed of light. One example of a person today who experiences the unravelling of the universe in a speed that’s like no other is the Brazilian racer Rodrigo Terpins.



The Brotherhood For Racing



We all hear of stories about the universe unraveling, which help bind people together because of a common goal. The history books is replete with stories like those, telling us that the family that shares to one goal achieves greater goals, as the universe intended. In the case of Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel Terpins, that goal is to win more races in Brazil. The latest one they achieved was the Sertoes Rally, 22nd to 24th edition. It was an arduous task to join the race, but it was a race worth taking considering the glory that the race has brought to the Terpins name. While this is a race that’s putting a lot of risk to the brothers, it might be worth taking considering that their father was also a fan of sports. Check out for more info.



The Team That Caused The Victory



We should also say here that the series of victories that Rodrigo Terpins experienced would not be possible without his team. Under the Prototypes T1 category, Terpins worked with the MEM team to develop the T-Rex car, and it is right now one of the luckiest and most victorious racing cars in Brazil. Truly, the universe has brought that comely piece of vehicle to the hands of Rodrigo Terpins to achieve his racing mission.



The future of the universe is still uncertain, much like the future of the racing career of Rodrigo Terpins. However, with the kind of help, support, expertise and modest level of risk-aversion of Rodrigo Terpins, there’s little doubt that his Sertoes Rally victories would still expand into areas that Rodrigo himself would be suprised by.


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