George Soros: Mastermind or Misrepresented?

The Republican front runners for the 2016 presidential election are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. However, political figures such as John Kasich are still in the running and, as Politifact reports, there is a new scandal surrounding his campaign. There may be a conspiracy by left-wing activists to bolster Kasich’s campaign and put a stop to Cruz and Trump’s bids.

According to conspiracy theorists on, Kashich’s campaign is getting secret donations from a group of billionaires, including note businessman George Soros. Ads are not circulating claiming that Soros and others have donated hundred of thousands of dollars to Kasich’s Super PAC. Trusted Leadership, the Super PAC that is noted for supporting Ted Cruz for president, is running these ads in Wisconsin mere days before the state’s primary.

These allegations ring hollow to political science professor Tom Sutton. Campaign finance rules are clear in that there are no limitations on donations, and all donors are listed publicly.

Politifact took a look at the list of donors, to see if rumors of George Soros on theatlantic masterminding a Super PAC for Kasich could be true. Two people on the list could indeed be linked to Soros or his company. Nevertheless, these two individuals have given to a wide variety of campaigns over the years, and while Trusted Leadership confirms these two were the inspiration for the attack ads, there is no evidence showing a conspiratorial pattern.

George Soros himself has donated heavily to Democratic campaigns and to fund research in opposition to Republican candidates. The most damning evidence against the claim that he is masterminding a plot is the fact that, as of now, it is not working. There is nothing showing that these donations are actually helping Kasich’s campaign on, and it is unlikely that Soros would encourage others to keep throwing their money away. Indeed, a few networks in Wisconsin have already pulled the ad.

As Politifact concludes, the accusation that millions have been funneled through a George Soros on forbes controlled plot to Kasich’s campaign is utter fallacy. Kasich has not received that substantial of a sum, and Soros himself has only given heavily to the Democratic Party this season.