End Citizens United’s Ambitious Dream to Amend the Constitution

One of the things that were different about the last general elections was the level of involvement of PAC and other groups that advocate for social justice. Some organizations that have been thought to be inactive for decades seemed to have come out of the woodwork to have their opinion heard in the entire process. Even more important was the stiff competition which characterized the presidential election and the shock waves that hit after the Republican Candidate won. One PAC, End Citizens United has been very active before, during and after the elections and their ultimate goal is to have the constitutional amended. The PAC supported some candidates in the Democratic Party, but now that the elections are over, they are focusing on other issues.


One of the main issues that the group has been focusing on was the amendment of the constitution, which made it possible for Super PACs to get involved in the electoral process by funding the campaigns of their preferred candidate. The group feels that this move has been a negative impact on politics because it has made it possible for illegal money from sources such as the Koch brothers to make its way into the political scene, which in turn affects the objectivity of the decisions made by the leaders elected into power. The group has been raising funds to support an amendment to the constitution which will drive these super PACs out of the political scene.


It is therefore interesting to note that the group is making quite some big money of its own. When they started the bid to raise funds for awareness and other political activities, few believed that they could make the amount they needed to kick the process off. However, in the first three months of 2017, they have collected $4 million, and they are projecting that they could raise more than $35 million by the time of the congress election mid-terms in 2018. The amount is a significant increase from the $25 million that they had managed to raise before the last election.


Tiffany Muller, the president of the PAC and also its executive director stated that more than 100,000 people have contributed to the fund, 40,000 of them being first-time contributors. She added that people are angry about the Trump win and the manner in which he has polarized the country. They feel that the only way to hit back at Trump is by making a contribution to the PAC.


The bid to have the constitution amended may seem a little over-ambitious for the group because they need a million signatures to get a hearing from the Supreme Court. One thing that is sure about this team is that they are making a positive impact in the community and that is the most important aspect.


George Soros: Mastermind or Misrepresented?

The Republican front runners for the 2016 presidential election are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. However, political figures such as John Kasich are still in the running and, as Politifact reports, there is a new scandal surrounding his campaign. There may be a conspiracy by left-wing activists to bolster Kasich’s campaign and put a stop to Cruz and Trump’s bids.

According to conspiracy theorists on http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2016/apr/04/trusted-leadership-pac/no-george-soros-not-bankrolling-john-kasichs-campa/, Kashich’s campaign is getting secret donations from a group of billionaires, including note businessman George Soros. Ads are not circulating claiming that Soros and others have donated hundred of thousands of dollars to Kasich’s Super PAC. Trusted Leadership, the Super PAC that is noted for supporting Ted Cruz for president, is running these ads in Wisconsin mere days before the state’s primary.

These allegations ring hollow to political science professor Tom Sutton. Campaign finance rules are clear in that there are no limitations on donations, and all donors are listed publicly.

Politifact took a look at the list of donors, to see if rumors of George Soros on theatlantic masterminding a Super PAC for Kasich could be true. Two people on the list could indeed be linked to Soros or his company. Nevertheless, these two individuals have given to a wide variety of campaigns over the years, and while Trusted Leadership confirms these two were the inspiration for the attack ads, there is no evidence showing a conspiratorial pattern.

George Soros himself has donated heavily to Democratic campaigns and to fund research in opposition to Republican candidates. The most damning evidence against the claim that he is masterminding a plot is the fact that, as of now, it is not working. There is nothing showing that these donations are actually helping Kasich’s campaign on opensocietyfoundatons.org, and it is unlikely that Soros would encourage others to keep throwing their money away. Indeed, a few networks in Wisconsin have already pulled the ad.

As Politifact concludes, the accusation that millions have been funneled through a George Soros on forbes controlled plot to Kasich’s campaign is utter fallacy. Kasich has not received that substantial of a sum, and Soros himself has only given heavily to the Democratic Party this season.