Caring For Your Dog With Beneful By Purina Take Time Out Of Your Busy Life To Love Your Dog

My days are so busy lately. I work a normal nine to five job, which I enjoy. I love my job because I get to interact with such nice people on a daily basis. My coworkers are by best friends. I could basically roll a sleeping bag out in my office space and live there. I don’t think my manager on would even turn his head at this because he just trusts me. I do my job, and I do my job well. I have a super busy life. I’m planning our wedding and our honey moon. Then, we have a baby on the way, so it’s just going to keep getting busier as time goes on. I’m okay with this because I’m used to it, but still, I know I have to make time for those I love. I love my dog, so I make it a point to take time out of my busy schedule to spend time with him.

We go on walks every morning. Sometimes I’m running late, but we still go on walks. I don’t care what time the clock says. He is more important than the stares I get when I walk in fifteen minutes past seven. My dog is probably, safely my best friend (apart from my wife, of course). When it snows outside, guess what? We put on our snow boots. The dog wears his wool jacket. He doesn’t seem to mind. He doesn’t mind the rain either. I have a doggy rain coat for him, but he seems like he doesn’t like it. I never use an umbrella for myself, but when we go walking in the rain I bring an umbrella for him. That’s just a few examples of how much I care about the furry dude.

I care about his diet also. I get him food he likes to eat. The bag says it is nutritious, so I believe them. The dog food company is called Purina. We get the type called Beneful on walmart. He chows down every morning and every evening on the stuff. I guess you could call him a chow hound. He probably gets it from me. We sit at the table, my wife and I, watching him go to town on those Beneful bites. After all, he is far more interesting than everything on television these days. I used to watch old Lassie re-runs, but they don’t seem to come on anymore. My dog reminds me of Lassie, except Lassie never had an appetite like he does. My dog would eat the whole bag of Beneful dog food. If you accidentally leave it out or unattended, forget it. That bag would be gone. That’s why we bought one of those plastic containers that shuts tight, so he can try to get into it, but that thing is sealed tight. My dog is quite a character. He could have his own comic. He is hillarious. 

Pet Care with Beneful

Dogs have been companions to human for thousands of years. In return for food canines gave loyalty, protection, and helped their owners track and hunt wild game. From that point on dogs would forever stand beside the race of humans. As humans were able to modernize as a whole their furry companions were being fed less and less natural game, switching to kibble based food which could be produced at a quicker rate. The first dog food brands were produced in the mid 1800s, however they were only available in a small number of cities. Due to their popularity more and more dog food companies began to emerge, set back for a time because of the world wars. At first the kibble was not very nutritious. After years of research those dog food companies were able to find the perfect ingredients which were regulated heavily. The dog food market is still dominated by the dry kibble version but there are wet food versions as well.

Beneful is a well known and popular dog food company that was created in 2001 by Purina Nestle. In addition to ranking as the fifth most purchased dog food brand in the United states and Europe Beneful has also gone out of its way to help dogs around the world by donating millions to shelters and sponsoring event to revitalize run down dog parks. The company has had a yearly revenue of around $1.5 billion since the year it was founded. Beneful has taken a strong stance for the healthy and happiness of the animals that they make their food for, with their highest priority being the nutrition of their products. They understand that dogs need to eat meat, grains, and vegetables to stay healthy and strong. With this knowledge the company had been able to make dry food, wet food and snakes to promote the wellness of man’s best friend.

“Healthy” is Beneful‘s most popular dry dog food. There are many dry food products that have the “Healthy” title, each of which with different ingredients that are targeted to a certain type of dog. For example, there is a special “Healthy” blend for dogs that need to lose weight, one for a shiny coat and even some for puppies. Beneful’s wet dog food were made for dogs that had stomach or teeth problems eating the dry versions of their foods, but they have created a large market on their own. Beneful has had to build multiple manufacturing plants to handle the demand. There are three wet food options: “Chopped Blends”, “Stews” and “Medleys”. Lastly, Beneful’s “Baked Delights” and “Healthy Smile” snacks were make with varying textures to help clean and freshen a dog’s tesh and breath. They are also used to train positive behaviors. With the recent addition of resealable bags these treats can last for months. Beneful’s products have a range of flavors that dogs love including chicken, turkey, beef, turkey, pork, lamb, salmon and lobster complimented with cheese, peanut butter and bacon.