David McDonald highlights why OSI Group has been successful

David McDonald is an employee at OSI Group, and he is recognized for serving this organization for many years. He is among the longest-serving employees of the company. He joined the company thirty years ago after graduating from the Iowa State University with a degree in animal science. He started at the company as a project manager but because he was dedicated to his work, he has been rising, and he is now at the top. He is serving OSI Group at the management level being the company’s president. The company has been the top supplier of food products to various parts of the world.

In an interview, David McDonald talked of why the company has been successful in its endeavors. The company was started by a leader who was visionary, and one of the main agenda was to grow it to become an international firm. When he joined the company, he learned about this focus and worked hard towards achieving its goals. He also dedicated himself to helping the company to grow, and thirty years later he is doing his best. The food industry is a dynamic one, and that is why OSI Group is always looking for innovative ways. Being innovative makes the company remain relevant in the industry and attract more customers. For example, OSI Group adopted advanced storage techniques that make use of modern technology. The initiative enabled the company to expand its operations, and it has now become a global institution. It can now offer a wide range of food products and serve clients from different parts of the world through the right storage.

David McDonald has been one of the leaders who are leading the growth of OSI Group. It is a private company, but it has achieved a lot through the dedication of its leaders. The decision to expand the company comes from the top executives, and David McDonald is one of the individuals who have seen the growth of the organization to its current position. When making the decisions, they are careful and are always dedicated to ensuring make the right choice. That is how the company has managed to remain in a market that is competitive. Leaders like McDonald are an inspiration to many young people who would like to excel in business. They show the kind of leadership that is needed in order to grow a business to the highest heights possible.

OSI Group: A Trusted Global Food Producer

OSI Group, a company based in Aurora, Illinois, mainly focuses on meat processing. It supplies items such as hot dogs, vegetable products, meat patties, bacon, pizza fish and poultry to the leading food service as well as retail brands. It has over 50 facilities in about 17 countries.

Although many things have changed since it first was started, one thing remains steadfast: its unwavering dedication to the success of its customers. This is actually one of the reasons why most of the world’s top brands regard the company as a perfect global food provider. They believe that OSI has the capability of delivering a perfect food solution to meet their processing needs.

What you need to know

David McDonald OSI ‘s president says that the company has offices in different parts of the world. The company has a local management team that is sensitive to local cultures as well as tastes. The team ensures that the company does not produce foods that are against culture and traditions of the society.

OSI group has been operating in China for the last 20 years. The OSI’s presence has been growing as the Country’s economy grows. Currently, the group operates about eight factories and two more are underway. In the nearest future, OSI is likely to be the largest producer of poultry in the country. A few months ago, the company started constructing a new processing plant in Henan Province.

OSI Group signed an agreement with a group called DOYOO to create DaOSI. In China, it serves clients like Yum, Saizeriya, Subway, Burger King, Starbucks and many more. David McDonald says that they are focusing on China because it has a fast developing consumer market in the entire continent. In addition to that, they have good customers there and they are not willing to let them go.

Plant Production

OSI Group is expanding rapidly. It is actually opening branches in different parts of the world. McDonald said that the company has a desire for growth. Sheldon Lavin, the chairman of the group is really working hard to ensure that the company grows and produces better and more services to its customers.

The company engages the manufactures of the equipment to come up with processes that help in food quality and safety like machines that have X-ray facilities to help detect foreign particles. It also engages with agricultural supplies to check on how the agricultural products are grown. This enables it to produce products that meet the industry standards.

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OSI Group: Sustainability Is Progressive

Otto Kolschowsky started Otto and Sons USA in Chicago in 1909, today known as OSI Group is all about sustainability. OSI Group’s Leadership team tackles customer trust by the quality of the products they carefully produce and manage.

OSI Group consistently reaches out and builds upon its success as the leading provider in food production services. OSI Group understands that to survive and thrive in today’s technical age, extending industry partnerships are a key ingredient in advancement.

There is always a push from OSI Group Chief Officer and President David G. McDonald to uphold it’s handling of sustainable beef as a global valuable resource. OSI Group commits to fully support and backs new President of Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) Nicole Johnson-Hoffman in keeping practices involving the treatment of food production in regard to the standards of the plants and animals that are used.

OSI Group international growth can also contribute to the purchase of Creative Foods Europe in December 2016 formally known as Flagship Europe, a 2016 Excellence in Innovation Winner at the Food Supplier Awards. The focus of food to go as a constant sustainable entity that keeps OSI Group thriving. Extending it’s global reach, Creative Foods purchasing of Calder Foods, a supplier in sauces and sandwich fillings adds to OSI Group out doing themselves even further.

Creative Foods is also a member of QADEX, a raw material management system. OSI Group is a winner of the Supplier Award for Innovative Thinking Best and Diversifying at the Trade Monthly Food and Magazine Awards in 2017. Ranking at number 58 on Americas largest private companies according to Forbes, with over 20,000 employees in 17 countries and 6.1 billion in revenue look forward to further growth and quality that will keep OSI Group alive and well.

Global Visionary Award winner Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin plays a pivotal leader among the global team that spearheads OSI Group’s growth. Newly appointed on January 22nd 2018, Sharon Birkett joins the leadership team as the Quality and Food Safety Leadership role in OSI Group European affairs reporting to Managing Director of European Affairs Kevin Cahill and Dr. Kenneth Petersen, Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance and a key member of America’s Leadership team.

Their impact on keeping the global growth of OSI Group shows a level of sustainability that will impact another 100 years of success.