Chris Burch Life and Career

Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur who owns companies in multiple industries ( He was born to middle-class parents in Pennsylvania. Although his parents worked hard, they were never able to build substantial wealth.

Chris Burch wanted to make a ton of money as an adult. When he was young, he started reading numerous books on the subject of money. He quickly learned basic financial principles that he applied in his life. While attending Ithaca College, he started a company called Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye was an apparel company that sold sweater for a low price. The company was successful, and he eventually managed the business with his brother.

Real Estate

Throughout his entire career, Chris Burch has always invested in real estate. He believes that real estate investing is an excellent tool for people to use when building wealth. Many people enjoy buying homes and renting them out to tenants. Although real estate investing can be difficult at first, Chris Burch has done an excellent job building a massive real estate empire.

In the years ahead, Chris Burch plans to continue buying more properties. He focuses on apartments and commercial properties, but he also owns single-family homes.


Burch is a serial entrepreneur. He continually looks for new business and investment opportunities. In 2013, he started a project to build an island resort in Indonesia. He had to invest millions of dollars to get the project started. The project was completed in 2015, and the resort gets impressive reviews from most clients.

The name is the resort is Nihiwatu. It is an amazing resort that offers excellent views for people who stay there. Although it is expensive to stay at the Nihiwatu Resort, Burch believes it is still a great value for people who visit there. Chris plans to continue investing in new companies in the years ahead.

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