FreedomPop’s Brilliant New Wi-Fi Smartphone

The whole concept FreedomPop is based on is the notion people need budget mobile phones. Not everyone has the funds to pay huge monthly fees for phone, text, and internet service. FreedomPop now has a solution for those who are looking for a far less expensive alternative to more commonly available cellular service. The arrival of FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi first smartphone delivers amazing technology, reliable service, and affordable costs.

The smartphone is slated to debut in 2016.

Cnet has published and interesting article that goes into great depth about the Wi-Fi first smartphone. The article goes into great depth about the price of the phone, details on the processor, how it will be manufactured, and what it will cost.

The question many Itunes consumers are sure to have is “Why purchase a Wi-Fi smartphone?” For those who might have a very limited budget and need to use their phone frequently, a Wi-Fi phone utilizes the very inexpensive concept of VoIP (Voice over IP) calling. To access VoIP service, all the user has to do is connect to a Wi-Fi signal at a hotspot. Connecting to a cellular service becomes unnecessary. As a result, there is no draining of data or minutes from a cellular plan.

Staying in the “Wi-Fi loop” should not be too difficult. There are scores of FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspots all across the United States. This delivers unlimited talk, text, and data. Again, those with a limited budget or those who just want a second phone will find this deal an excellent one.

The Los Angeles-based FreedomPop is growing its presence all across the globe. The eventual release of this Wi-Fi smartphone should further establish the company’s place as a hot, up-and-coming budget phone service.