Boraie Changes the Face of Brunswick through Real estate development

About forty years ago, Brunswick was in an awful state that not many people were able to live there. The place looked deserted and everyone would leave the place by 4 PM and no one would be seen around. Boraie therefore came up with the idea of changing the face of that town by building high quality buildings that will attract people again. He aimed at making Brunswick look like the buildings he had seen when he was travelling to Europe as a scholar .He began his business in 1972 after working in Europe as travelling chemistry scholar.

Boraies’ project started when he built a 21 block rundown building. In his work, not all people were convinced about his vision .Most of them thought that it was insane to build storey buildings in that town .The first tower known as Albany street plaza was completed in 1980s and 1990s.It is a 250000 square feet building that provided the city with well-designed offices which were in demand. Afterwards, Boraie saw that the city still needed residential houses for its people. He wanted to build I high rise complex building like those in New York. In 2007, spring street condominium building was completed. It is a 25 storey building with 121 units, retail shops, parking garage and office spaces. Check out Fundacity to know more.

Aspire was built after Boraie saw that there was market for luxury developments. He built aspire with the aim of attracting good quality tenants .These people include doctors, lawyers, policemen nurses and other professionals. Aspire was therefore built in a place that has a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment as well as night life. Boraie and his industry have not seized to build high quality buildings in the New Brunswick. In addition they are also building offices and condos in Atlantic City and Newark. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Boraie Development is a real estate industry that has been in market for about 40 years. Boraie is the president of this industry who is proud of the accomplishment of his visionary on Brunswick city. Boraie development has designed buildings for residents and for people who work in offices. According to the Boraie developers, the New Brunswick is sophisticated and it cannot be compared to how it was 15 years . Omar Boraie says that their project would not have been complete if it was not from the supportive agencies like Mortgage financing agency and EDA’s Urban Transit Hub Program.

In conclusion, the 2nd blog post which was published by Central Jersey Working Moms has shown how Boraie and his building industry design has attracted people to the New Brunswick including professionals. As the industry expands its building, more innovative people will be attracted to Brunswick therefore leading to further development of the city.

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Omar Boraie and His Developmental Role in Rebuilding New Brunswick


Omar Boraie, 73 was born and raised in Egypt and only came to America in the late 1960’s to further his chemistry studies. He had come to America to pursue a Ph. D in Chemistry and settled in New Brunswick during the race riots of the early 1970’s. He realized what a good investment the American real estate industry presented and decided to gamble with the then deserted New Brunswick city. It is during this time that he started Boraie development LLC that he currently serves as the President in partnership with his two sons.
Four over four decades, Boraie development has been transforming the New Brunswick city with developments of both affordable and high end residential and commercial buildings. It has had the backing of the local government, local investors, and has been seeing a lot of input from outsiders interested in property development in New Brunswick and the larger state of New Jersey. It is these partnerships that the company attributes to the restored glory of the city of New Brunswick.
In the early stages of the company’s development, Omar says that he started out with buying properties burnt during the racism unrests and rehabilitating them. He then approached the local authority with development proposal who termed his dreams unrealistic. However, he went on and built his first two developments which stand to date and on which his company’s offices rest. He had a vision for the city which he has maintained and one that has drawn in more industry players to help fulfill.
His company is the largest in New Jersey and is acclaimed with the development of some of the most prominent structures in the region. It is credited with the development of the record setting One Spring Street Condominium Building in New Brunswick. This is a New-York styled building, the first of its kind in the entire region, and also the tallest with over 100 residential units and over 40,000 square feet of office space.
He also has been instrumental in the development of other valuable properties in the city including the Albany Street Plazas and The Aspire. The Aspire is a project he is undertaking in downtown Newark in partnership with a basketball legend O’Neal. They started with the refurbishment of the city’s theatre and before embarking on the 17 storey High end commercial and residential building.
These are just some of the ways in which he and his company are bringing back life to New Brunswick. He has been very instrumental to the city in its post racism era and will surely be remembered for the many initiatives he started.

Joseph Bismark Went Out To Prove A Point


There are few people who can leave a huge mark on the business world. There are few people who are brave enough to do something different, and who are so successful in doing something different that others want to imitate them. But, Joseph Bismark is one of those people. He is a rare kind of human, and he has been able to make a huge impact on the business world by the way that he added spirituality to his own business. He set out to prove a point when he did this, and he has been able to make just the impact that he had been hoping to by what he did.
Joseph Bismark grew up with monks, and he learned many good things from them. He learned how to treat the people that he works with with the respect that they deserve. He learned to believe in himself and in the abilities of the people around him. And he learned to be happy, peaceful and content.
Joseph Bismark has taken all that he has learned, and he has brought it into the business that he started. He showed people that spirituality can be a part of the business world, and that when it is, good things happen. The business that he started for himself has seen a lot of success because of the way that he combined these two things, and people have begun to take notice of that. They are excited that Joseph Bismark was able to do something different than what others have done before him, and that he has been able to be successful in that.
Too many people are afraid of stepping out on their own and doing what they want to do, even if they know that it will work.
The future belongs to the bold
Qi Limited was founded in 1998.In late 2008 Joseph Bismark took over as its managing director and has from then on taken the forefront in establishing a reputable name for the company and has been very instrumental in the development of Qnet. His versatile and go-ahead leadership skills have pushed Joseph Bismark to the top of the food chain
The corporate world remains one of the toughest economic environments with hungry corporate sharks always geared up for the next prey. To survive in this environment takes a lot of evolutionary and survival skills. To be someone in the corporate world you have to work your way up the corporate ladder and hold your grounds. Joseph Bismark is one fine example of a corporate virtuoso who’s worked his way up the top
His inimitable background has led him to a path of spiritual enlightenment that is evident even in his work. While off work, Joseph makes a lot of his time available for the RHYTHM foundation, QL groups social responsibility wing. Bismark brilliance began at a very youthful age. While he was young, he chose to leave the comforts of his home and left for a monastery in the Philippines to become a monk.
He spent eight years in the monastery living secluded from the rest of the world. This helped him develop a very spiritual life for him that engraved the values of teamwork and meaningful service to others, that he has shown in his work. At seventeen Joseph, a young adult by then joined the corporate world where he applied the skills he had acquired from the monastery to his work life.
Joseph Bismark has since then proven himself as a business guru with exceptional skills that have helped him earn his spot up there as one of the all-time greats.