Lip Balm Review: Are EOS Lip Balms Worth Buying?

EOS has been making waves int he lip balm industry for many years since they are always producing new products and various styles of lip balm. Today, their latest lip balm is a medicated version known as Cooling Chamomile and is chocked full of antioxidants and a nice soothing sensation that can take the pain away from even the most chapped set of lips. All natural ingredients allow the lips to heal quickly and prevent future damage as well. Every lip balm produced by EOS has ingredients such as jojoba oils, olive oils, shea butter, and more contained within (

EOS stands out in the market for various different reasons and they have managed to do so since they first opened for business back in 2009. The first thing that allowed the company to take off was their unique design to their lip balms. They deviated from the standard stick lip balms and created their own ball shaped lip balm. These lip balms can be screwed open or closed to keep the balm inside protected, should it fall into the hands of children or pets. That being said, kids love these EOS lip balms for their shape, colors, and flavors, of which there are more than enough to appeal to virtually anyone. They even have tea and cake flavors.

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Another important aspect of EOS lip balms that should be noted is their affordability. Nearly anyone can buy up these fun and effective lip balms despite their high quality for just a couple bucks. Nearly anyone isn’t an exaggeration either since EOS lip balms are pretty much everywhere around the world. Almost all major retailers around the world carry these lip balms and they can also be found online through sellers such as Amazon or Evolution of Smoothes company website.