Geoffrey Cone Offers Expertise in the Field of Tax Law


The co-founder of the nationally renowned New Zealand law firm, Cone Marshall, has recently offered his expertise in tax law to the owners of several New Zealand law firms in an effort to train new professionals and serve the citizens of New Zealand. Geoffrey Cone, the CEO of ConeMarshall who has an extensive background in tax law and trust establishment that was developed over his 30 year career, has developed a focused plan to improve the tax and trust industry in New Zealand and around the world. During an interview with a business weekly magazine, Cone stated that his expertise in the field of tax law is currently helping new legal professionals to establish reputable tax firms, develop business plans with long-term objectives, and create incentives for clients that create stable relationships.


Establishment of Reputable Tax Firms

During his interview with one of New Zealand’s business weekly publications, Geoffrey Cone stated that his contribution to the education of new legal professionals is currently helping new attorneys to build reputable tax firms. Cone educates new professionals through the recently developed consultation services offered by the Cone Marshall law firm. Cone stated that the establishment of reputable tax firms is the most important step in the development of a community that is brimming with excellent tax and trust establishment services.


Development of Business Plans With Long-Term Objectives

Geoffrey Cone also discussed the importance of educating new professionals about the development of business plans that implement a long-term perspective. Cone stated that business plans often focus on the issues like client intake and cash flow options but neglect aspects of long term development. Cone described the process that he endured during the development of Cone Marshall as a journey that requires business owners to operate with an end goal in mind. By sharing his tax law and business development expertise with new professionals, Cone hopes to inspire attorneys to complete the journey of business ownership.


Creation of Incentives for Clients

As he wrapped up his interview with the business weekly magazine, Geoffrey Cone discussed the development of incentive programs for the clients of newly established tax and trust establishment firms. Cone stated that the implementation of client incentives in a newly established law firm can create a positive relationship between the firm’s owners and the firm’s clients. Cone hopes to continue to offer the wisdom he has earned through years of service in the legal profession to those who are new to the tax law industry.


Woke Twitter Unveils Racism; Brenda Wardle Contributes To Discourse

In the minds of many people, racism is one of the most serious issues we face in the 21st century world. The professionals of Woke Twitter certainly think so. In continually and consciously challenging the idea that racism is a thing of the past, the supporters of this online community advance the notion that anti-black sentiment is prevalent in this contemporary era. In acknowledging this reality, the supporters of Woke Twitter are diligent in exposing and analyzing manifestations of racism in online communities such as social media. Recently, the organization drew attention to Penny Sparrow’s use of animal-like language in reference to the blacks of South Africa. Specifically, Sparrow used words indicating her assent to the idea that blacks are like monkeys. Woke Twitter cites her expressed sentiment as a prime example of racism in a so-called post-racial world.

Brenda Wardle’s Suppositions Regarding Sparrow’s Statement

Just as the Woke Twitter representatives are calling out Sparrow for racism, legal analyst Brenda Wardle has decided to do the same. In contributing to the discourse regarding Sparrow’s racist assessment, Wardle has pointed out that the constitution places specific limits on speech freedoms. As such, Sparrow’s equation of South African blacks to monkeys ultimately prejudices the rights of South African blacks. Sparrow goes on to argue that Sparrow’s assessments intentionally and unlawfully impair the human dignity of the individuals at whom the words were aimed.

Who Is Brenda Wardle?

Individuals interested in the commentary submitted by Brenda Wardle regarding Sparrow may want to learn more about her background. Wardle is a legal analyst who maintains an ongoing interest in the legal world. She is currently completing studies at the University of South Africa. Wardle enjoys pointing out the conjunctions between the worlds of race and law.

Woke Twitter Will Continue Pushing Progressives Forward

As made plain by both Brenda Wardle and the supporters of Woke Twitter, racism continues to play an integral role in the lives of people around the world. As such, Woke Twitter is committed to delineating and discussing this ugly reality for the purpose of raising consciousness and challenging the status quo. People who want to participate in this progressive move can do so by commenting on and criticizing acts of racism via Twitter. Be sure to use the #woke hashtag when you tweet!

Brenda Wardle discusses Pistorius Trial:

Frans Schoeman And His Contribution To Intellectual Property Law

We all have big ideas of success. Through our daily experiences, we go through difficulties here and there. There are inventions that we come up with to make life easier. That single idea could be the beginning of something beautiful. The inventions that have seen life become all beautiful and simple were made by people like us. When you have that original idea, and you want it to benefit the world through you, get it secured. This is because there are many people out there who may copy it and get credit for it. This leads us to an important topic of intellectual property law.

The intellectual property law deals with ideas and inventions that the owners are given the upper hand. The people or artists, who come up with these ideas, want to be in control of their invention. For this reason, the law prevents other people to make use their inventions. For instance, movies and songs are easy to be copied thus the owner of a song needs to have the copyrights for the song. The owner has a right to sue you for copying their content. This means that if you want your property covered, you need to have originally come up with the idea.

The movies have a copyright at the end that clearly states that they are intellectual property that have been registered by the owner and which should not be duplicated without the owner’s knowledge and approval. Other works of art are also covered. These include trademarks, trade secrets, and even industrial design rights. These cover products and even the company itself.

There are a number benefits from getting an intellectual property lawyer. Through the lawyer, your intellectual property will remain solely yours. A good lawyer is needed here as you can lose your property easily due to lack of sobriety. A lawyer should also explain to you what intellectual property entails and what you can do to ensure that everything is covered. This can prevent other users from exporting your property or even selling it for a period. Your invention needs to meet various requirements. It should be unique and out of the blue, and it should be practical meaning that it can really be made. When you meet these requirements, your invention can be secured and patented.

Frans Schoeman is a managing director at the Phatsima Diamond Corporation. He holds a law degree from the University of the Free State. He has been practicing law for over 25 years. Apart from intellectual property, he has expertise in other areas such as constitutional law, corporate due diligence, property laws among other areas of practice. This makes him an excellent lawyer. When you hire his services, he will fully deliver ensuring that y6ou meet all the legal requirements. Frans Schoeman is the perfect person top contact when you need legal aid, especially about the property.