Handling Personal Debt Through Solo Capital


Personal finance is an important topic to discuss about when you are meeting with a finance analyst. Among other things, debt is one of the most crucial matters that these analysts would like to point out during discussion. Debt in itself is not an evil. To be able to never borrow money for anything in life is equal to living in a land full of rich people. At the other extreme, fully financing your life is ridiculous and precarious. All of the debt – mortgage, student loans, credit card loans and loans on discretionary items – are better handled through professionals.

Solo Capital is one of the firms that specializes in personal finance including debt consolidation. It is founded by Sanjay Shah who is also the founder of a non-profit organization called Autism Rocks, as well as more than dozen companies that handles a wide range of businesses all over the world. He is also a well-known philanthropist. Solo Capital has experts where you can talk about your debt and devise a plan suitable for your situation and budget.

Crunchbase.com asked people, what has debt to do with everyday life? When you have little to show for the credit card debt you have over a lifetime, it is when problem arises. Credit cards can perform very big functions sometimes. Other times, it can be a huge burden. It can be a bridge as well as a safety net that can help you keep a roof over your head and take care of all expenses when you are short of cash. Granted, using other people’s money is a slippery slope, all you want to do is use it carefully. Credit cards are used to purchase equipment for business and it can also provide income. Unfortunately, for many people using credit cards is all about living beyond their means. This is where the cost gets much too high and calls for professional help. Solo Capital is one such firm that has the right combination of product and service to handle situations arising in debt related matters.

Credit card debt should not be neglected at any time because this type of debt carry a huge interest rate that can cost you an arm and a leg. Plus any interest that you are paying on the debt that is not put to work for you is a loss. There are many other fees associated with credit card debt as well besides the typical interest rate. Some of them include annual fees, low balance fees, no-balance fees, late payment fee, cash advance fee and balance transfer fee. Solo Capital’s tips and advice can help its clients deal with such fees and charges related to this type of debt.

Strides Made under the New Pittsburg Steelers Campaign

The Steelers have launched a new website, a fashion line and exciting ways to interact with fans. The move comes in a time when Steelers engage in a premier-season home game. It is not known the number of points that the team will score during the Sunday game but one thing for sure is that they are winning with their fans. Steelers merchandise is on demand and has been made in such a way that they satisfy the utilities of their clients. Steelers’ new director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla, has provided effortless ways for fans to shop and reach out to the team using the Facebook website. Their products also include Pandora jewelry that has the Steelers charms. Teenage and young girls who love Steelers have a selection of pink, metallic gold and neon to choose from. The idea behind the fashion line is for sports to meet the streets and for individuals to pick out styles that suit them. Fashion conscious women will appreciate the thumb holes and the zip. They can also tweak the style by using a scarf. Susan has brought her vast experience to the team. She is well versed in branding and merchandising. Susan is using the skills to push the popularity of the team. Susan McGalla is an American entrepreneur. She was born on May 31st 1964 in East Liverpool, Ohio. She is the daughter of a former football coach and has two brothers. Susan attended Mount Union College where she earned her undergraduate in business and marketing. Her career started at Joseph Horne Company where she worked from 1986 to 1994. At Joseph Horne, she served in managerial and marketing positions before making a career shift to American eagle. At American Eagle, she started off as the divisional merchandise buyer for the women section and worked her way up to being the president and the chief merchandising officer. She was in charge of the launch of the aerie children’s brands. Susan left the firm in 2009 to become a private consultant for financial and retail investment firms. McGalla has in the past served on the board of HFF Inc.

Omar Boraie and His Developmental Role in Rebuilding New Brunswick


Omar Boraie, 73 was born and raised in Egypt and only came to America in the late 1960’s to further his chemistry studies. He had come to America to pursue a Ph. D in Chemistry and settled in New Brunswick during the race riots of the early 1970’s. He realized what a good investment the American real estate industry presented and decided to gamble with the then deserted New Brunswick city. It is during this time that he started Boraie development LLC that he currently serves as the President in partnership with his two sons.
Four over four decades, Boraie development has been transforming the New Brunswick city with developments of both affordable and high end residential and commercial buildings. It has had the backing of the local government, local investors, and has been seeing a lot of input from outsiders interested in property development in New Brunswick and the larger state of New Jersey. It is these partnerships that the company attributes to the restored glory of the city of New Brunswick.
In the early stages of the company’s development, Omar says that he started out with buying properties burnt during the racism unrests and rehabilitating them. He then approached the local authority with development proposal who termed his dreams unrealistic. However, he went on and built his first two developments which stand to date and on which his company’s offices rest. He had a vision for the city which he has maintained and one that has drawn in more industry players to help fulfill.
His company is the largest in New Jersey and is acclaimed with the development of some of the most prominent structures in the region. It is credited with the development of the record setting One Spring Street Condominium Building in New Brunswick. This is a New-York styled building, the first of its kind in the entire region, and also the tallest with over 100 residential units and over 40,000 square feet of office space.
He also has been instrumental in the development of other valuable properties in the city including the Albany Street Plazas and The Aspire. The Aspire is a project he is undertaking in downtown Newark in partnership with a basketball legend O’Neal. They started with the refurbishment of the city’s theatre and before embarking on the 17 storey High end commercial and residential building.
These are just some of the ways in which he and his company are bringing back life to New Brunswick. He has been very instrumental to the city in its post racism era and will surely be remembered for the many initiatives he started.

CCMP Capital and Contribution of Stephen Murray

The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an investment company focusing on leveraged buyout as well as growth capital. Since inception, the company has made heavy investment in growth capital and in leveraged buyout amounting to around $12 billion. This has seen it ranking among the top 20 companies in private equity funds. This firm was established in the year 2006 in order to continue with the successful investment strategy that was developed and executed by the professionals of the firm while they were still member of the LLC, JP Morgan Partners and its predecessors. These predecessors included, Manufacturers Hanover, Chemical Venture Partners and the Chase Capital Partners.

Murray was among the founding partners of CCMP and he saw the firm spun out of the JP Morgan Chase and Co. This was done in 2006 as measure to avoid looming conflict with the clients of the bank. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has put more emphasis on growth-equity investments and mid-market leveraged buyouts. This has seen it raise its latest fund, as per last year, with an estimated $3.6 billion. The firm typically invests about $100 to $500 million of equity on each transaction. Its primary target are those companies in industrial, consumption, energy and health care sectors.

On March 12, 2015, the world woke to unfortunate news that Stephen Murray, who had served as the CEO of CCMP Capital, had passed on. Murray was raised in New York. He attended Boston College where he earned an undergraduate degree in Arts before enrolling for a graduate degree in Business Administration from the Columbia University. The Hanover Trust Co. employed him as credit trainee before he later on rose to the position of a vice president of the mid-market lending. In 2005, he was named the head of the buyout business of the bank. He acted as the CEO of the CCMP Capital until he resigned early this year.

A sense of teamwork, partnership, diversity and integrity are very essential to the realization of each investment. Murray left a legacy in the firm through his successful business career and his philanthropic measures. The company has remained true to his faith on hard work and it is putting all its effort to remain at the top of the game.

The deep industry expertise of the CCMP Capital is a direct result of their significant transaction experiences in the four targeted sectors. The firm has heavily invested in these sectors over a prolonged time period including various business cycles and the widely varying market conditions. The deep understanding of specific issues and the opportunities within the industries has made the firm to stand out as the preferred partner among managers of potential companies that operate within the sectors that are their primary target (consumer, industrial, energy and health).

What Everyone Needs to Learn About Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin is a leading hedge fund manager, who has taken over the American market for his creative ideas that have transformed how these funds are managed. He has featured in many investments and his contributions have been invaluable to offering a lasting solution. Ken Griffin has been featured in many dailies and magazines including Forbes for his great efforts to bringing a transformation to how the hedge fund management industry works. He founded and heads the largest investment management firm, Citadel, which has managed to stand as the most successful funds in the world.

Born in 1968 in Daytona Beach, Ken Griffin started his zeal for investment at an early age. He joined the Harvard University and started his investing career after he got information through an article in Forbes. Ken Griffin has been successful in creating a system that has stood firm for many years offering solutions to different problems. During his second year at the University, he launched his first hedge fund, which was founded on convertible bond arbitrage. His strategy managed to gather $265, 000from friends and family. He was smart enough and he installed a satellite in his dorm so he could receive real-time information about the movement of the market. This exposed him as a young entrepreneur and his early success opened up more opportunities for his career later. In 1989, he graduated with a degree in Economics.

After the completion of his university education, he now came out with a bigger idea and sough for financing from Frank C. Meyer, who was the founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. He received $1 million, something that was viewed as an excess of what Meyer had expected. In that process Meyer made 70% return on investment.

It is in 1990 when Ken Griffin founded Citadel with a capital of $4.6 million. In less than ten years, Citadel had expanded into an international company that employed more than 100 employees and with an investment capital of $1 billion. Twenty years working in the industry, Ken Griffins has managed to record a great reputation and has spearheaded the creation of great products that are seen as a great revolution to the industry. His creativity and patience have been seen as top qualities that have contributed to his emergence as a leading investor and manager. His worth grew by the years and he has been featured in the Forbes magazine many times highlighting different roles he has played in the creation of systems that are meant to make the operations of Citadel seamless.

One of the things he has been successful in achieving is showcasing the ability to read the flow of the market and to offer strategies that have helped tap the market at the right moment. Even when others were struggling to catch up with rising competition, Citadel moved on and managed to grow despite many challenges that were happening in the market. Ken Griffin is indeed a reliable professional, who has impacted positively in the market.

Christian Broda Called The Dollar Strength Months Ago

Some economists acted surprise when the proverbial other shoe dropped from China. People in the financial industry have been studying the moves from the Chinese government for months. The recent drops in their stock market has caused investors in the United States to ignore the relatively good news that has been released about the economy. The idea that housing starts were up and consumer confidence increased quickly gave ways to fears that China could bring the whole thing down. The stock market saw tremendous amounts of market capitalization dissipate in the last week.

The bigger question is, should any economists or companies that employ economists have been surprised by the recent events? They are paid to study the movements of the economy and the market. What will happen to the U.S. Dollar? If they have been listening to Christian Broda, they would have placed their bets six months ago that they dollar would continue to strengthen throughout the year. When many were saying that the USD would lose its position as the reserve currency of the globe, Broda flatly said it wasn’t going to happen. Broda went on the record as early as 2009 explaining why he felt the dollar would be handled carefully and the inflation would be kept very low. Broda, who is a Duquesne Capital Management managing director and University of Chicago professor, has been outspoken about his belief that the dollar would weather numerous storms in 2015.

There are still some economists out there who are clinging to the belief that the Fed will raise interest rates in September. These brave economists think it’s the perfect time to raise rates simply because of the incredible volatility of the markets. Others argue that would be insane because it would slam the door on already-slow growth. One could argue that a rate hike could be slid in because the “bad news” has already been baked in stock prices, especially in the last few days. Few people could have predicted that the United States of America would have stayed in an ostensible “zero interest rate environment” for all these years. Will the Fed, under Chairwoman Zellen finally begin to cut ties on the “cheap money” that’s been flooding the financial markets for so long? That’s the trillion dollar question that will soon be answered. Major investors and institutions have to make the right calls now before Yellen makes her announcement. If they don’t, they can sit back and watch while their huge investments are vaporized. Some are openly questioning whether the Fed will make a move for the markets like they’ve been doing, or for the betterment of the economy. Everyone will have to wait and see. Investors are placing their bets now.

Joseph Bismark Went Out To Prove A Point


There are few people who can leave a huge mark on the business world. There are few people who are brave enough to do something different, and who are so successful in doing something different that others want to imitate them. But, Joseph Bismark is one of those people. He is a rare kind of human, and he has been able to make a huge impact on the business world by the way that he added spirituality to his own business. He set out to prove a point when he did this, and he has been able to make just the impact that he had been hoping to by what he did.
Joseph Bismark grew up with monks, and he learned many good things from them. He learned how to treat the people that he works with with the respect that they deserve. He learned to believe in himself and in the abilities of the people around him. And he learned to be happy, peaceful and content.
Joseph Bismark has taken all that he has learned, and he has brought it into the business that he started. He showed people that spirituality can be a part of the business world, and that when it is, good things happen. The business that he started for himself has seen a lot of success because of the way that he combined these two things, and people have begun to take notice of that. They are excited that Joseph Bismark was able to do something different than what others have done before him, and that he has been able to be successful in that.
Too many people are afraid of stepping out on their own and doing what they want to do, even if they know that it will work.
The future belongs to the bold
Qi Limited was founded in 1998.In late 2008 Joseph Bismark took over as its managing director and has from then on taken the forefront in establishing a reputable name for the company and has been very instrumental in the development of Qnet. His versatile and go-ahead leadership skills have pushed Joseph Bismark to the top of the food chain
The corporate world remains one of the toughest economic environments with hungry corporate sharks always geared up for the next prey. To survive in this environment takes a lot of evolutionary and survival skills. To be someone in the corporate world you have to work your way up the corporate ladder and hold your grounds. Joseph Bismark is one fine example of a corporate virtuoso who’s worked his way up the top
His inimitable background has led him to a path of spiritual enlightenment that is evident even in his work. While off work, Joseph makes a lot of his time available for the RHYTHM foundation, QL groups social responsibility wing. Bismark brilliance began at a very youthful age. While he was young, he chose to leave the comforts of his home and left for a monastery in the Philippines to become a monk.
He spent eight years in the monastery living secluded from the rest of the world. This helped him develop a very spiritual life for him that engraved the values of teamwork and meaningful service to others, that he has shown in his work. At seventeen Joseph, a young adult by then joined the corporate world where he applied the skills he had acquired from the monastery to his work life.
Joseph Bismark has since then proven himself as a business guru with exceptional skills that have helped him earn his spot up there as one of the all-time greats.