Eva Moskowitz Fight and Success for Charter Education

Public education criticism has been the core of her livelihood, aiming at making education accessible to each and every child regardless on their economic bases. This has enabled children to exploit and fulfill their education potential. She has been offering parents with the alternative from failing local schools. Graduating from Stuyvesant High School, the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University respectively.


The mother of three, urge to this career started after she studied writing, getting a B.A. with honors in history. This has been her priority influence to enhance writing by her students at Success Academy Charter Schools. She has also written about health care and campaign finance reform including publishing Mission Possible in 2012 and In Therapy We Trust. Eva Moskowitz also noticed a gap in the educational career which included widespread student cheating and a cover up by the senior teachers. In her view, non-charter schools are not as good as parents think they are. She disagreed with the culture of children going to where they are zoned and also campaigned for the state to enhance its efforts to help struggling students from as early as prekindergarten levels. This is to identify learning disabilities earlier and perhaps solve them in time to enhance grade levels.


According to her views, Moskowitz questioned public school system in New York City public, calling on its reformation to replace the traditional model with charters model which is more challenging. She supported parental choice for their children choice of school and advocated for charter schools to be funded as public non-charters too. She also encouraged socio-economic integration in school. The school runs with no bureaucracy.


After graduating, she taught communications and mass culture in women’s history, as a visiting professor at the University of Virginia in 1989–1990. She later worked as an assistant professor in Vanderbilt University and City University of New York teaching history. Eva Moskowitz also chaired the faculty seminar in American studies at Columbia University and headed the children’s literacy program Read Net and public affairs at the Prep for Prep school.


Born in 1964, she is the CEO of success academy and former City Council member for the Upper East Side. Through the success academy, Eva had centered on the privatization of public education. The success academy operates 41 schools and supports 11,000 kids and employs hundreds of teachers among other professionals Great Public Schools. This has seen Eva receive 2016 Savas Award for public and private partnership from Reason Foundation.