Chris Burch: The Multihyphenate Businessman

You might say that the course of billionaire entrepreneur and renaissance man Chris Burch’s life has been cyclical. Like many people Chris Burch has many personal and professional interests that range from topics such as the luxury industry, hotels, fashion, entrepreneurship and venture capital. Unlike many people who often dream of taking one of their hobbies from being a mere past time that they engage in to add flavor to their lives Chris Burch was actually able to act on the ideas generated by his varied interests and to turn them into ambitious projects that helped him to build the fortune that he has today.  For an additional article check

Chris Burch is perhaps best known as the co-founder of one of the most interesting fashion houses in the United States. But very people actually know that one of the very first industries that Chris Burch was involved in was not necessarily fashion. Very early on in Chris Burch’s life he was able to be exposed to the industry of construction through his father who actually worked in the construction business. When Chris Burch actually got the chance to attend college himself and spend time determining what kind of profession he would pursue when he graduated from college he actually turned his interests towards both the worlds of entrepreneurship and fashion. While Chris Burch was attending college in the state of New York it was there that he would discover his knack for being able to build a business and for being able to understand what it took to run a fashion business that was actually profitable. Chris was able to launch his very own company that sold apparel such as sweaters.  More info about him on

Like many people who start their own businesses Chris found that he had to perform very important functions of the business such as sales himself.  For update of his latest timeline activities, hit

Part of the work that Chris did to build the apparel business that he began as a young college student involved him selling the sweaters that his company was known for by knocking on people’s doors and convincing them to spend their money on the products that he was selling. From there Chris would go on to sell the company that he started and eventually help to build one of the most respected names in American fashion. Click on to read more of his creative vision and output.

Chris has since moved on from fashion to the world of luxury hotels by building a resort of his own in Indonesia. In this way it seems that Chris Burch’s storied career has come full circle as he is somewhat involved in the world of construction now that he has become a luxury hotelier.  More about his luxury resort here.

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