Chris Burch Revamps A Once Isolated Surf Spot

Sumba is an island located in eastern Indonesia. Due to its lack of natural resources, it has never been occupied by modern civilization. It is over 3000 miles wide, with a population upwards of 500,000 people, check In the late 20th century, The majority of the tourist were surfers. This is due to the famous Nihiwatu Beach. On the south west coast of the island, there is the Nihiwatu beach, with waves that can come up to 20 feet high. Chris Burch, who is a resourceful fashion mogul, saw opportunity in the virtually uninhabited island, and has built a five-star resort, know as Nihi.

The luxury resort consists of many areas for visitors to immerse themselves in a natural setting. This includes a five-villa estate known as Raja Mandaka, a conjoined jungle villa known as Manoel Ree House, and visits to villages of the locals (

Christopher Burch is the co-founder of a luxury fashion brand, Tory Burch. He has invested in companies relating to financial services, hospitality, and fashion. In the past 40 years, he has helped with the success of over 50 companies. His first entrepreneurial venture was through a company called Eagle Eye Apparel, which he co-founded with his brother while at Ithaca College.

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Burch credits his understanding of people as the reason behind his success. He was greatly influenced by his father, who he considers to be his “hero”, who taught him the core values that he carries throughout his businesses today. His father was “100 percent about integrity and truth.”

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Chris Burch’s Island Paradise

The world has officially seen the best five-star resort on a remote Indonesian island and Chris Burch, entrepreneur, is to thank. Nihiwatu resort re-opened in 2015 after $30 million was spent renovating it and has become the largest local employer on the island. The hotel is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba ( Burch bought it for his children as something that he can preserve for the community.

The island is mostly unknown but has soft white beautiful sand that looks like paradise. Originally, the resort was small and geared towards surfers, but Burch wanted to expand and partnered with James McBride, a proprietor with hotels. Now, the hotel is giving back to the community by partnering with the Sumba Foundation and raises money from guest contributions and provides aid to the island’s communities.

The rooms at the resort are exquisite and unique, with three of the rooms being tree houses. A plus is that every room comes with a private butler. With costs ranging from $750 to $14,000 per night, there are options for everyone. Accommodations include non-alcoholic beverages, and meals that include produce from the hotel’s organic gardens, and fresh seafood that is caught that day.

While at the resort, there is always time to relax. Therapeutic treatments are offered in the rooms or at the beach spa. Yoga is also offered at dawn as the sun is rising. Another tranquil opportunity to take is to go paddle boarding on the water.   Check for an additional article.

Burch is also the founder of Burch Creative Capital, where he is also CEO, and has invested in multiple industries for almost four decades. In his early years at Ithaca College, his investments began when he invested in an apparel business that grew to be $165 million. As an entrepreneur, he is always researching and looking for innovative projects. However, he doesn’t focus on the numbers but rather focuses on people and the market.

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