An Insight Into Beneficial Investment Banking

Investment banking according to wikipedia is rapidly becoming an important financial aspect in every citizen of US. Many people are quickly embracing the concept of investment banking with a variety of individuals, corporations and governments signing up in order to raise capital especially in the stock market. In short, investment banking is a big deal now. Statistics reveals that more than 70 percent of US citizens are benefiting from the lucrativeness of this financial sector directly and indirectly. The statistics show that it has become a huge financial sector with millions of stocks flowing in and out on a daily basis. The success of investment banking sector is as a result of stable and brilliant individuals from different investment banking companies that formulate efficient and wise policies that steer this part of the financial economy. One of the enterprises that has rapidly emerged and spread its networks is Citadel LLC. Citadel is a big hedge fund that is primarily oriented to offering financial assistance to a wide array of people from different countries. Citadel LLC is managed Ken Griffin, one of the prominent business men in the whole of US. Mr. Griffin has worked tirelessly to oversee the company’s transformation from a small investment agency to a big wig company in investment banking. At just 45, Ken Griffin is already hitting business headlines for all the right reasons. He is currently ranked at no 89 in Forbes’ release of top 400 richest people in the US with a net worth of $7 billion. Griffins is an influential, but secretive politician who will donate his money to politicians he feels has manifestos that please him. In June 2014, he was a record breaker when he signed a check worth 2.5 million to Reuner, a Republican candidate who was competing against Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. Kenneth started his business career in 1986 at Harvard University where he was a freshman studying a bachelor of arts. He began trading in stocks and during his sophomore year, he launched a convertible bond arbitrage fund and by 1987, he had already hit the stock market so hard and came out rich. Since graduating from Harvard, Griffins has been in the forefront in making investment banking have a meaningful appeal. Due to his success, he has many admirers across the US and other parts of the world. For instance, his exemplary managerial skills have handed him membership in several organizations such as the Economic Club Chicago, Civic Committee Commercial Club of Chicago, Wall Street and the G100. Outside work, Mr. Griffins is actively involved in philanthropic and community activities. For instance, he is an active supporter of the Chicago civic and cultural institutions. In February 2014, he offered $150 million to Harvard University to aid in supporting unprivileged students within the system. The donation marked one of the largest gifts ever made to Harvard University since its commencement. He is also on the board of trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago and the Whitey Museum. His sound principles in Hedge fund management have helped him to make Citadel a top notch company when it comes to investment banking.