NewsWatch TV Reviews Show How the Company Helps With Branding and Marketing Efficiently

NewsWatch TV is one of the most watched TV show in the United States and features a wide range of news that includes tech news, gadget news, promotional offers, sponsored product reviews, financial news, consumer reviews, and more. NewsWatch TV was first aired in the year 1990 and to date has aired close to 1300 episodes and counting. The fact that the show has been running for so long apparently indicates its popularity and commercial success. NewsWatch TV can be seen on ION and AMC Network, which makes it one of the most far-reaching television shows in the country. Many of the companies who have marketed with NewsWatch TV have received great response from their target audience.


NewsWatch TV has also featured some of the most prominent celebrities in the country, including Diane Lane, Dr. Oz, Brooklyn Decker, Dale Earnhardt, and more. It has dramatically increased the popularity of the show, and any brand that advertises with NewsWatch TV is going to enjoy a broader coverage in the country. As per the testimonial of one of the many companies that marketed with NewsWatch TV, SteelSeries said that the company helped them understand the benefits of marketing on television and how it can entirely change the dynamics of the company’s existing marketing strategy.


SteelSeries a headphone company with a worldwide presence and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The testimonial was given by the company speak about how NewsWatch TV helped in making a brilliant video advertisement and was involved in the entire procedure of ad making. It talked about the involvement of NewsWatch TV’s specialized public relations and marketing team in every aspect of ad-making, starting from scripting to editing and from video production to post-production, and everything in between. SteelSeries said in its testimonial that NewsWatch TV helped considerably in increasing the popularity and revenue of the company substantially.

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Wen By Chaz Dean: A Review

In a recent Bustle article, fashion & beauty expert Emily McClure documented the use of Wen by Chaz Dean products on her hair through a series of photos, uploaded Youtube videos and a brief description of the effects on the “not shampoo” on her hair.
One of the interesting things to note about Wen by Chaz Dean products is that it is quite clearly NOT a shampoo. Shampoo — no matter who makes it, or where it’s sold from — has one active main ingredient: sodium laurel (or laureth) sulfate, often abbreviated to SLS. This ingredient is a detergent — hence the “bubbles” that form when you shampoo your hair — but it also has another effect: it denatures (breaks down) proteins. Since your hair is made up of a protein called keratin, you can see why shampoo breaks your hair down.

But, as the article proves, Wen by Chaz Dean works completely differently. Because the conditioner contains no SLS, there’s no denaturing of the proteins in your hair. As an end result, your hair will look and feel thicker just after the first use. And while it may seem as though you’re using an obscene amount of product — especially when compared to the amount of product you typically use with regular shampoo and conditioner, it’s well worth every penny…or every pump, such as it were.

Overall, Wen by Chaz Dean is an amazing product, and one that all women, of all hair lengths and types, should consider using. Wen is available online via

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Motorola Moto E Deal from FreedomPop

The mobile phone industry is constantly changing, and these changes have been especially dramatic over the last couple of years. With all of the new technology being released phone prices have still been dropping. However in order to keep profits up carriers have moved toward extremely aggressive plan pricing. This can lead to unreasonably high monthly bills for many customers. However, this does not need to be the case any longer thanks to FreedomPop. This company is the country’s one and only 100% no cost phone service. This includes all voice, text, data, and even some international calls.

Freedom Pop offers a basic plan free to all users which consists of 200 voice minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data which can be more than enough for the average phone user. However if you find yourself needing a bit more the company offers several different options. The next tier of service is still an absolute steal at $10.99 a month. This plan gives customers unlimited talk and text with 500MB of data. If the 500MB of data is not quite doing the job the company’s premium plan provides unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data for only $19.99 a month.

In order to be eligible for these plans one first needs to purchase a phone. However with FreedomPop the phone is almost as cheap as the service. Currently a certified pre-owned Motorola Moto E (2nd generation) is available for just $49.99. That is almost a $250 value for just $49.99. After buying the phone customers also receive a one month free trial to the premium service option with the ability to change to the free version at any time. Although pre-owned the phone has been looked over by FreedomPop staff and is also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Doe Deere: The Artist Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, created the make-up brand Lime Crime. Lime Crime has recently been featured in the November 2015 issue of Nylon magazine. Deere’s Lime Crime takes the idea of the beauty of the unicorn to the next level, featuring the silhouette on the packaging for individuals who radiate unique spirit like the unicorn. Deere calls herself the “queen of unicorns” because of her love for the mystical creature.

Deere was originally a Russian mail order bride who moved to the U.S. in 1999. Since moving to the U.S. she has begun fashion school and then dropped out, worked in fashion as a clothing designer, been a part of the rock band Sky Salt, and become a cosmetics guru. At one point Deere sold clothing that she made and altered with unusual techniques, such as the use of duct tape, on eBay. Eventually her interests turned to other endeavors and she quit making clothes and selling them.

In 2002 Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime  started working on her new project, the rock band Sky Salt, along with her husband. At one point Deere rented a club for the night to showcase her music. She enjoyed playing music and taking part in creative endeavors but found it difficult to make a living. In 2007 Deere was forced to take on a position at a bank to pay the bills.

The move to working at a nine to five job at a bank sparked Deere’s interest in becoming successful as a cosmetics business owner. She began creating eye shadows made from mineral micas to sell under her brand Lime Crime. The eye shadows and lipsticks are known for their whimsical packaging and beautiful, vibrant colors. Deere has worked to remove as many fillers as possible from her products so that they appear as bright and bold on the face as they do in the package. Deere often posted videos of her cosmetics business or tutorials on how to apply her products. By this time she had developed quite a following online the world wide web.

Deere has many fans, but the Internet has a love and hate relationship with her. She is not bothered by the criticism she receives, as it is natural for an Internet celebrity to receive some flack for being successful, along with simple jealousy from haters. Deere’s success speaks for itself, as she is a self-made woman who believes in the products that she sells through her Lime Crime brand.

Selling Your Home Through The 990 Company Really Works

I cannot say enough good things about the 990 company. I saved over 20,00 dollars by committing the sale of my home to the 990. My home sold in less than one week and we received full service amenities from our local licensed and trusted real estate agent. This amazing company is changing how business in the real estate market is currently being handled. I could not be more happy with the services provided to me from this comprehensive company. There really is no up front or hidden service costs to start when you work with the 990 real estate listing company. You can start today, without spending a dime. I can tell you that the 990 company worked for me, and it can definitely work for you as well.

You receive fantastic full online advertising through popular companies like, zillow and trulia. You will have listings published in print, MLS, and color brochures printed to showcase your home at its best to attract your future buyer. It is just like you are using a real estate selling service that expects a 6% return upon selling your home. You do not need to give up quality services to save with the 990 company. But you only pay $990 dollars. This is not a scam or discount service by any means. The 990 company really is the real deal. You will never need to pay more to sell your home again.

But, why you might ask would a licensed real estate ever want to give up a 6% commission to receive only $990 at closing? There are lots of great reasons that working with the 990 company can be an amazing opportunity for you real estate agent. Our local real estate agent tells us that he loves working with the 990 company. We went ahead and purchased our next home through our incredible local real estate agent. He closed that deal with a regular 6% commission.  He also received lots of clients generated from buyers who were originally interested in our home. Using the 990 company, in the end is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Do you want to save a considerable amount of money, while still enjoying all the best services and advertising available to generate interest in your home? Then I highly recommend you use the services offered to you from the 990 company.  You will be a believer in this innovative new home sales program just like me. Try 990 sells homes, and expect nothing but the very best!

Understanding Business and Technology Through Shaygan Kheradpir

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses require technology in order to meet and achieve their goals and demands. Information technology involves the use of hardware, software and various services in order for businesses to reach to their intended target markets. Every business department starting from the customer care to the management benefits highly from the development of technology. Use of technology in business helps in reducing operational costs besides aiding small enterprise to penetrate the market.

Through business technology small, medium and large businesses are able to harness full growth through production of consumer oriented products and services. Innovative products that include desktops, laptops, printers, digital cameras, keyboards, projectors, mobile phones, monitors and servers have become part of business settings.

Software that helps in the day-to-day functions of an entity are quite important in improving operational efficiency for the various businesses. Software are not only limited to office settings but also are used in engineering, architecture and design industries. Windows and Macintosh are the most popular programs when it comes to the operating system, word processing and multimedia applications.

Internet is the fastest way through which people can communicate, sell and market products, download, upload and access information. By use of internet, software as a service can be successfully delivered without the use of downloads or flash drives. The services are usually offered at an affordable fee that can be paid in a monthly or yearly plan. Business technology has expanded outside the office setting to include specialized machinery that can work independently thus, cutting out operational costs of an entity. The specialized machinery is mostly automated and dependent on software for them to run in an efficient manner.

Technology has had massive benefits to various enterprises. Use of technology lessens the workload especially in small business settings where a business owner has more than one role. It also boosts communications and marketing strategy for different brands. Through technology, access to information is made easy and quick. The reduced workload gives the entrepreneur time to focus on his or her business.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an example of a successful business and technology executive. He studied for his bachelors, masters and doctorate degree in Electrical engineering from the world-renowned Cornell University. He majored in control systems. Shaygan commenced his career at the GTE Labs Company in Boston. At the company, he was made a manager in charge of network routing, control and management. His success story saw him become the head of software systems. While serving In this position, he created a network management platform called Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System, which was liked by many. He moved to New York when GTE and Bell Atlantic merged to form Verizon Company to take up the position of the head of eBusiness Unit.

Shaygan Kheradpir on left Verizon and joined the Barclays group where he was made the chief in charge of operations and technology. During his tenure, he was instrumental in enhancing technological innovation and augmenting digitization of the industry.  Currently, he holds the position of chief executive officer at Juniper Networks located at the famous Silicon Valley.

Marc Sparks Emphasizes the Need for Amazing Customer Service

Almost all of us have dealt with customer service before. Customer service is the difference between getting repeat customers who happily refer their friends and family to your business or customers who never come back again and possibly tell everyone they know not to do business with you.

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks covers this topic on his blog. He has helped over 60 companies get their start over the past few decades with his private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital.

Since he has been in the business of helping other businesses get started and thrive (or sometimes not thrive), I’m sure he knows first hand how customer service affects the income coming in.

I agree with Sparks. It doesn’t matter how much money a company spends on advertising if they don’t follow it up with outstanding customer service. If someone chooses to do business with you and buy your product, make sure you treat them well! I think the best thing to do is to keep in mind what you expect when you’re on the other side.

In the post, Sparks goes on to list research statistics about how the percentage of people who buy from a company again due to awesome customer service and how many discontinued shopping with a particular company due to terrible customer service. He also describes what people surveyed thought constituted great service and what they hated about customer service.

Making mistakes is part of being human. Everyone makes them once in a while. Sometimes people get frustrated trying to figure out how to hook up their cable box to the television or they forget the password to log into their bank account. Sometimes a fast food worker forgets to put napkins in the to-go bag when you drive through or maybe even some of your food. When a corporation deals with these problems in a quick and efficient way, they are on the path to being on top in their industry.

In today’s world of internet marketing where there are several websites dedicated to reviewing and rating every single item, place, and person, it’s easier than it’s ever been to research a company’s reputation before ever doing business with them. Whether you’re an Uber driver or a CEO, your reputation is dependent on satisfied clients. A company’s reputation is the principal ingredient for a successful business.