Securus Technologies Help Families Stay Connected

Securus Technologies is a 25-year-old communications company based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in the proliferation and maintenance of phone systems for correctional systems. These phone systems and accompanying extras link inmates with their families and friends in a very friendly and organized manner.


Securus serves over 3,400 correction facilities, law enforcement groups, and safety organizations and over 1.2 million inmates with their phone and communications services. Phones can be directed to work with Android or Apple smartphones, tablets, PCs or even landlines, wherever they may be.


It is very comforting for a family to be able to contact a loved one who is incarcerated and be able to spend valuable time visiting and talking. Securus makes it easy for people to connect with phone plans that are easy to use and very cost effective.


Choices can be made between a prepaid calling account where the calls can be budgeted, a direct bill plan, where the family can be billed on a regular basis, a collect plan, where the inmate can call collect, and a debit plan where the inmate pays for the service.


There is email, chat and jail voicemail as well, as we are not always able to get right to the phone so that a message can be left and a phone call can be returned. These processes work just like they do in every home and business situation, making it very convenient to leave a short message or a quick email.


When folks who are incarcerated have contact with family members or friends on the outside of prison, their outlook is usually just a little more hopeful and the times of contact helps to build a person up. One of the more popular services is the video service as it seems as though the callers are physically together.


Securus constantly strives to make the service more user-friendly and convenient so inmates and families can reach out to one another continually with a system they can count on time after time.