Securus Technologies Expands its Payment Processing Services with another Acquisition

Securus Technologies, the leader in the American incarceration industry, recently declared its decision to expand the firm’s payment processing services by acquiring GovPayNet. Interestingly, GovPayNet is the leader in debit and credit card payments to various government agencies in the incarceration environment. I have noticed that the firm is known as a solution-oriented processor and credited for a number of services including facilitating cash bail, court fines and costs, traffic, parking and speeding violations, property as well as real estate tax payments, and more. Interestingly, GovPayNet provides its high-value services to more than 2,300 correctional agencies that are spread across 35 states or giving coverage to over 26 percent of the counties in the country.


The CEO and President of Securus, Robert Pickens said that the company is happy with the deal and excitedly waiting for integrating GovPayNet into its portfolio of products. I am impressed by the leadership of GovPayNet as it has expertise over a few decades in the area and created a business that is based on a great team of associates, excellent customer satisfaction, and high-quality services. He also added that all these characteristics of GovPayNet are something Securus recognize and value a company. Pickens continued that in the continued journey, Securus wanted to showcase its core competency in payment processing services connecting consumers and governmental organizations.


He also added that with the integration of GovPayNet, Securus completes more than 40 million transactions or payments annually. Pickens also laid out the plans of Securus including investments in products, sales, and people along with combining services of JPay, to create and work in new segments of government payments market, which the firm considers as one of the most promising areas of the sector. The CEO of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie also reciprocated the similar feelings and said that the division wants to expand its capabilities under the vast innovation space created by Securus Technologies.



Securus Technologies on Improving Correctional Facilities

Life has its ups and downs. We tend to make mistakes which happen not to be a surprise as it is well said that human is to error. Those mistakes may be against the law which of course means there are consequences. Prison happens to be one of the consequence. Prisoners find it hard especially being far away from their families, friends and basically those they care about. However, that’s not the case anymore. With the formation of Securus Technologies company that came to change. Inmates are able to make contact with their beloved ones, thus able to give them more reason to live and hope for brighter tomorrow despite being detainees.

Securus Technologies company not only links up inmates with their families but it is also a source of livelihood to many. Serving approximately 2,600 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada means a high labor force is required. For this reason, it has over one thousand employees. This is a good thing for both economies as it helps in curbing the unemployment menace. It also gives the employees a platform for them to provide for their families.

On top of that, the company in conjunction with Harris Corporation came up with a strategic plan to solve one of the ills facing the communication technology world, that of making sure contraband cell phones do not connect to mobile networks.

The good work of any company never goes unnoticed. Customers have aired their satisfaction with the company via emails and even formal letters. This includes how the customers have been able to curb drug trafficking in prisons, stop corrupt staff by the issuance of search warrants and ensuring the safety of the general public in case of reported harassment by offering great investigative equipment.

With Securus Technologies also security in jails is enhanced, by tapping conversation of inmates with outsiders, a lead maybe found thus able to solve cases easily. These are just but a few of the customers’ reviews. I advise other correctional facilities not only in Canada and The United States to make Securus Technologies a choice to better their services.


Why Securus Technologies Is a Leading Provider of Secure Communication Channels

There has been increasing concern about the safety of many correctional institutions around the world. The concerns have led to the emergence of companies that provide secure communication channels among the correctional facilities thus giving the inmates an opportunity to express themselves. The communication also helps family members and inmates have access to information regarding the prisoners’ wellbeing by communicating through cell phones. This has also been replicated among the administration where they can share information with other correctional facilities without the information leaking to the public. This is considered as one of the safest forms of communication that are highly secured with tamperproof software. Securus Technologies is a provider for communication channels for the criminal justice technological solutions, correction, monitoring and investigation.

The company has been investing heavily in the development of advanced software that has been used to improve security in our correctional facilities. For instance, it has spent over $600 million in the development of safe, efficient and secure communication products in a span of 3 years. This has been one of its primary investment towards ensuring the development of modern security features is up to date. The company has embarked on the recruitment of new sales team that will ensure professionalism in the elaboration of the new software.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus Rick Smith, the company requires the services of an experienced and professional sales manager that will expand their product in the market. As a result, the company has recruited John Bell who is one of the leading sales executives in the industry. He has over 35 years’ experience in sales having worked in different multinational companies like the IBM. John Bell graduated from the Holy Cross where he acquired the desired skills to take him through the managerial process. John Bell is now in charge of over 100 sales representative in the company spread across the market. He will be responsible for formulating policies and guiding his team to reach daily targets while identifying the niche market in the society. Josh Conklin who is the Vice President of sales will be reporting directly to the new Senior Vice President John Bell.

The success of the company revolves around accomplishing particular goals that include selling the product to more customers and reaching right decision makers, present the product to customers face-to-face on a monthly basis, to fully utilize the facilities at the Securus Technologies Centre and developed responsive sales training programs. These are the key points to drive the company to the next level.

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The company has continued to receive positive email feedback from the public. Many people have started appreciating the work they have been doing over the years and have recommended their real work by writing back. This has been a significant boost to the company because of increased media coverage. Read more on

Securus Technologies Help Families Stay Connected

Securus Technologies is a 25-year-old communications company based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in the proliferation and maintenance of phone systems for correctional systems. These phone systems and accompanying extras link inmates with their families and friends in a very friendly and organized manner.


Securus serves over 3,400 correction facilities, law enforcement groups, and safety organizations and over 1.2 million inmates with their phone and communications services. Phones can be directed to work with Android or Apple smartphones, tablets, PCs or even landlines, wherever they may be.


It is very comforting for a family to be able to contact a loved one who is incarcerated and be able to spend valuable time visiting and talking. Securus makes it easy for people to connect with phone plans that are easy to use and very cost effective.


Choices can be made between a prepaid calling account where the calls can be budgeted, a direct bill plan, where the family can be billed on a regular basis, a collect plan, where the inmate can call collect, and a debit plan where the inmate pays for the service.


There is email, chat and jail voicemail as well, as we are not always able to get right to the phone so that a message can be left and a phone call can be returned. These processes work just like they do in every home and business situation, making it very convenient to leave a short message or a quick email.


When folks who are incarcerated have contact with family members or friends on the outside of prison, their outlook is usually just a little more hopeful and the times of contact helps to build a person up. One of the more popular services is the video service as it seems as though the callers are physically together.


Securus constantly strives to make the service more user-friendly and convenient so inmates and families can reach out to one another continually with a system they can count on time after time.