Will CVS Team Up with Drew Madden?

The medical retail side of things is seeing an incredible upheaval with the arrival of Amazon as the newest seller of medical goods. They’ve been selling general-purpose supplements and OTC goods for awhile now, but certain medical goods require state-bound licenses for legal distribution, and that’s pretty much what the retail giant has been trying to do. They’ve already succeeded at gaining approval to sell pharmaceutical equipment in a handful of states, and as that expands to cover more of the country, the net-based colossus is also attempting to gain a leg-up on selling prescription pills as well.

Now, this doesn’t bode well for a company like CVS, and every such company of their sort is scurrying about at the time of writing this. There are many ideas that are being entertained, but innovation is the only way to go here; Amazon has fought many such battles in its rise to power and continues to push other companies around it into a similar position as the one that it used to be in. Now, it’s more important than ever for health and wellness stores to focus on their health care IT services, and that’s where the assistance of Evergreen Healthcare and the legendary Drew Madden will become relevant.

CVS started by working their way into a discussion with Aetna wherein the two companies would hopefully merge and allow CVS retail locations to convey health insurance as a result. This will take a toll on the current back-end services, however, and upgrades will be necessary to keep the hard- and software ends of the spectrum up to date. On the other hand, keeping up with the expeditiousness of instantly accessing records whenever health care or pharmaceutical services are required is an excellent strategic move that can shut Amazon out for awhile.

To make this happen, CVS is speculated to call upon Drew Madden and his co-managers to bring their sage to the table and keep the company afloat. CVS is currently in no danger of falling apart; they’re simply too well-managed for that to happen any time soon. However, that’s subject to change down the road if Amazon continues their rampage, and CVS is doing what’s required of it at this time. It’s more or less a case of David and Goliath, but with Madden on their side, CVS could turn those tides.