Attorney Ross Abelow Launches GoFundMe To Help Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow is an attorney based in New York City. As an attorney, Ross has seen many things and he has fought for many things during his legal career. One thing that Ross is currently fighting for is homeless animals who can’t fight for themselves. Every day Ross sees first hand the issues of stray and homeless animals. With the temperatures hitting record cold levels these animals seem to have little hope of staying warm and maybe even smaller chance of staying alive without the help of the animal shelters. The problem with the shelters is that they need funding. Ross Abelow has decided to do his part to help by setting up a GoFundMe campaign to help the animal shelters with their costs.

Because Mr. Abelow is deeply involved with his community, he feels that the animal project is a great way to help out within the community where he lives and works. Homeless animals can not fend for themselves and Ross knows that by calling on animal lovers to help out animal shelters can give these pets the much needed care.

Ross hopes to reach the five thousand dollar mark that he set during the set up of his GoFundMe. The money raised will help distressed animals. The shelters will be able to help these animals with additional funds. When Ross is not working on his community activities he is at the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro LLP where he is a partner. Ross Abelow specializes in family law, commercial litigation and entertainment law. Ross also is active writing for his legal blogs and even his personal blog. He also keeps up with the social media sites and you can often find him there.

If you love pets and animals as much as Ross does, you might want to give a donation to his GoFundMe and help the animals in need. You will feel much happier once you know that you helped to do your part helping these homeless animals get the health care they need. Animal shelters need money and you can do you part by simply helping to donate to Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe.

Majeed Ekbal’s Marketing and Philanthropic Pursuits

The field of real estate investment is a high-stakes one indeed. This is a market that craves innovation, especially in the competitive area of Chicago. Enter Majeed Ekbal, who has been active in this real estate since the early 1990’s. Ekbal began as just any other hungry entrepreneur, devising a system in 1991 where customers of grocery stores could have their purchased and delivered for them strictly through electronic means. The system was called Expresso, Inc., and quickly grew into one of the preferred means for upper middle-class Chicago residents to acquire their groceries.

Even though that was almost a quarter-century ago, Ekbal has continued to remain a force in the Chicago real estate and entrepreneurial markets. He has established a number of venutres where direct and digital marketing where an important facet. Ekbal is experienced in generating revenue for businesses and works tirelessly with his associates to develop comprehensive marketing strategies for his clients. His ability to assemble and provide mentorship to diverse teams is simply unheralded within the Chicago area. Naturally, his expertise as a consultant has become highly valued and sought after within the state of Illinois.

Ekbal has also established himself as a humanitarian for his many efforts working within special projects locally and throughout the world. His tireless efforts have ensured that marginalized women and children throughout the world are empowered to become productive world citizens. Because he realizes that many individuals throughout the world are victims of circumstance, he has developed a number of campaigns in order to assist and help them. One of his latest projects would be the establishment of a GoFundMe campaign in order to aid the victims of the Earthquake that occurred in Nepal earlier this year. The nature of Majeed Ekbal’s humanitarian efforts can be found in the fact that he only begins projects that are relevant to him. His current effort to raise for the earthquake victims in Nepal is important to him because he has developed many friends from that area. The donations garnered from Ekbal’s GoFundMe campaign will be put into a crowdrise campaign that has a goal of raising one million for the Nepalese earthquake victims. He hopes to help the sick, hungry and homeless through this effort.