How To Create An Effective To-Do List

Upwork is a platform for many freelancers to apply for a variety of assignments that need to be completed. This process allows freelancers to choose their own pay per item as well as choose what they wish to work on and what they do not wish to work on. It offers free choice and allows individuals to build on their skills as they grow in their profession. Many freelancers find it difficult to manage their time, especially with multiple tasks at hand. Upwork provides its users with 10 tips to create and get through their task lists.

The first recommended step is to write down all items that need to be completed. Having many incomplete items on one’s mind can lead to an inability to focus on what you are presently trying to complete. Having all the items written down will ease your mind and allow you to focus better. When preparing this list it is best to complete it the night prior and use all your valuable time the day of to knock those to-do items out.

When writing them down make sure to utilize one method of where your to-do list will be located. This will save you time when you are starting to complete the tasks. Next to each time, put a time frame on it. Put the date you will start it, and what time of day as well as how long you will spend doing that task. As you complete tasks you may find that you’ve finished quickly and you can use that data to work more effectively the next time you have similar items. Upwork provides you with a time sampling of how long it takes you to complete items.

After you’ve determined time frames you will want to assign priorities. You can do this by checking to see what needs to happen first in the day and what can wait till later. By doing this you ensure you will get the must-do items done first before unexpected circumstances pop up. Re-evaluate your to-do list regularly to check for items that may not need to be on there anymore. If you’ve procrastinated an item multiple times over a course of weeks, it could be that there’s little value in completing it.

Make sure to make your items stress free by delegating certain tasks to others in your group or team. You can also break down tasks into smaller steps to help you focus on one step at a time to reduce stress. You can also reduce stress by blocking your times accordingly. By spending chunks of time in one area you are making your work easier. For example, spending 30 minutes just sending out emails for the day. Last, but not least, assess your energy levels throughout the day and assign yourself tasks that fit those energy levels.