A Glimpse of Rocketship Education

Rocketship education has been in application for the last decade. The program has not been able to achieve smooth transition as expected but the founders have learned a few lessons from the years in the application. When the program began, there was a lot of attention from the media due to the use of technology. Rocketship has realized that there is more to technology for the technology to work. It’s essential to understand the needs of each student and give guidelines. To cover for the shortcomings, the organization has carried out regular home visits. The visits are designed to strengthen the bonds with the respective families.

The program is built for elementary level students. The program has embarked on trying and covering a broader scope because once the students reach an advanced level of learning, they may face some difficulties. However, the program is meant to create an environment that is similar to the one offered in private institutions. Once the students and parents have the taste of the learning, they are required to pressure the government to provide similar services in public schools.

In the recent years, there have been a lot of issues regarding segregation of students. Rocketship is open to people of all races and believes that all students should receive equal treatment. Although the program focused on the exclusion of students, the program forgot to integrate various teachers. For the program to be more efficient, it should include teachers of all ethnicity and thus creating the required diversity. In the future, it may help combat segregation based on color. The providers of the education should be among the first to enroll their children in the program. It will eliminate the hypocrisy within and may serve to improve instead of being all talk and no action.

Like the other system of learning, Rocketship had not considered disabled students in their program. Rocketship has realized that it should be inclusive of all the students. It will enable all students to understand their potential because they are equal. Most of the educators burn out due to carrying the same activities day in. Rocketship has realized that to overcome this; it’s necessary to have educators who are willing to learn.