Fabletics: Kate Hudson’s Bright Idea

For most celebrities, starting their own company is a side project. They usually just put their name and face next to the company’s logo and collect paychecks. Kate Hudson is not the average celebrity-entrepreneur. When she co-founded Fabletics in 2013, her company faced massive odds going up against the already dominating activewear powerhouses.

Fabletics deployed many marketing strategies to get ahead of the competition, but none more successful than embracing crowd-sourced reviews. The “power of the crowd” plays a crucial part in determining modern consumers’ final purchases. This shift in consumer behavior’s created more review-centric marketing strategies.

These reviews come directly from fellow purchasers who’ve already bought and used the product or service. This gives potential buyers a user review that comes from someone with first-hand experience. Research shows that the modern consumer trusts these reviews more than they trust advertising from traditional and sponsored promotions.

Despite some naysayers, Fabletics continues to achieve great success. Last year, the company experienced a 43 percent growth in sales. The brand also has over one million monthly members, who have fallen in love with the numerous discounts they get on countless items. Some of the discounts are up to 50 percent off and include bundle deals.

Fabletic’s success isn’t just based on their low prices. Members seem to really like the personal touches and the personalized service that Fabletics offers. All those extra, little things are ideas from Kate Hudson. She saw what other companies did and wanted to do something similar but different.

For a start, she wanted Fabletic’s fashion to inspire every woman. That involved creating high-quality on-trend fashion that made all women – no matter their size, age, or level of health – look and feel as beautiful as possible. Hudson hopes to use fashion to encourage women to start living healthier lives.

She figured out a way to encourage women at their pace. She doesn’t want to be like other companies who only make activewear for extremely active people. She wants women to feel comfortable starting small and building up their self-esteem. By embracing activewear, they’ll feel stronger about embracing active choices.

Even after four years of throwing herself into her work, she continues to pull new ideas out of her head. Last year, she filmed her own commercial with her phone. That shows that ever-increasing level of creativity she brings to the brand.

New Year with New Active Wear from Fabletics by Kate Hudson

During the holidays, people will take part in many feasts. It can happen with just your family or it can happen during holiday parties. No matter where it happens or how it happens, you most likely will find that you have gained some weight. It is shortly after the holidays that people start to plan their new years resolution. If you have gained some weight during the holidays, you most likely have learned that your next year is going to be the one that you start to diet on. Lets face it however, we all will say that our new years resolution is to lose those extra 20 pounds and will vow to stay on the diet. What you don’t know or want to understand is, you have to exercise to also keep the weight off.


If you are new to working out or dieting, you most likely do not have the proper gear to work out the right way. What’s that? You didn’t know you had to have specific gear for working out! Well at last, you do.


In order to bike the right way, you will see a cyclist has a specific type of gear he or she uses. The gear they use help them to maneuver easily in the wind and rain. The same idea is valid for those people who like to practice yoga. A person who does yoga is going to need clothing that allows them to freely move from pose to pose. The Fabletics yoga wear is what people are talking about these days. The yoga wear is great for those individuals who have shopped in local stores and have not found items that fit themselves properly.


A individual who uses Fabletics will tell you how comfortable they are in their new active gear. The active gear is going to hold you in where it really matters and will help you to remain comfortable enough to move around the room. Active wear is not meant to constrict your air flow which is vital for yoga. You have to be able to breathe in and out with the right amount of air to keep you focused. If not, you will fall down often and yoga then becomes no fun.


If you like to purchase your clothing online, you most likely have purchased something from Amazon or other sites like Amazon. If you have, maybe you didn’t know about Fabletics. Now you do. Now you can turn your head to them to get your next round of athletic wear. What makes it even better, all you have to do is sign up once, pay the membership cost and then each month after, your card will be billed and you will receive a new shipment. It makes it easier on you all the way around. Who wouldn’t be interested in Fabletics?

Fashion for All Sizes

Fashion does not have to be for the super thin. Even people often look to the thin for the stylish and the fashionable, there are other sizes that can be just as stylish. In fact, clothing retailers like JustFab has launched its plus size clothing line called JustFab Plus as reported on The Curvy Fashionista. This give plus sized women a chance to enjoy some of the greatest pieces of fashion that JustFab has to offer. There are some pieces that will flatter women of all sizes now that JustFab has released its plus sized line. Women also get to enjoy the pieces of clothing that they have always wanted without having to worry about losing weight.

JustFab is one of the online retailers that offer a lot of stylish clothes for women to try on. Every category of clothing is very fashionable. There are a lot of interesting pieces of fashion that will allow women to put together their own look that they will be satisfied with. At the same time, they will impress others with their sense of style and the pieces that they have picked up. JustFab is a great place for women who have an amazing sense of style that they can put together.
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Just because one is a little bit larger does not mean that she has to miss out on some of the great peaces of fashion that stylish online clothing retailers like JustFab have to offer. JustFab understands that there is a significant amount of people who are a little larger than many retailers have clothing for. They aimed to reach out to that market with some of the elegant and beautiful pieces of clothing that they have to offer. Plus sized women have a place to go where they can shop for the right clothing.

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Lime Crime Shares Essential Tools for Applying Cosmetics

Women wear cosmetics to enhance their features. However, even the highest quality cosmetics will look dull without the right tools to apply the cosmetics. Of course, you could use your fingers in an emergency. Even substitute cotton balls or swabs to apply cosmetics. Still, the best way to apply cosmetics and look really fabulous is with the right cosmetic tools. What are the essential tools that every woman should have in her makeup tool kit? In this article, we break down the basic tools for you. Let’s take a closer look.

Essential Tools
Every cosmetic tool kit should include several brushes. Add a good quality makeup brush, powder brush, lip brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, and an eyebrow brush to your cosmetic kit. Add cosmetic sponges to apply concealers, foundation, or to blend in the makeup. A good quality pair of eyebrow tweezers is required to handle those unruly eyebrows. Add tweezers to get rid of those strays that get in the way. Another essential tool is a pair of eyelash curlers to make your eyelashes really pop. Q-tips are a girls best friend. They are essential for cleaning up smudges and helping to seamlessly blend a line of makeup, eyeliner, lip liner that has gone astray. Don’t forget to fill a cosmetic bag with these essentials to take on the road. Make sure that you keep one or two essential kits at home also.

Lime Crime Cosmetics
Certainly, there are literally thousands of makeup lines across the country. However, they produce essentially the same type of cosmetics. Therefore, those that buy those cosmetics will essentially look just like every other woman that wears those cosmetic lines. Perhaps, you are a bold woman that is searching for a cosmetic line to match your creative and unique personality. Well, consider Lime Crime. Lime Crime cosmetics are for the woman that does not like to blend in. They are for the woman that likes to make a bold statement and stand out in a crowd. Their wild and expressive cosmetic line will really get your creativity flowing. Create a look that is one of a kind or bold and exciting with their cosmetics. Lime Crime from pinterest is an established makeup and cosmetic company that is attracting a lot of positive attention and stirring up excitement in the cosmetic world. The founder and CEO of the company is Doe Deere. This very creative and successful entrepreneur turned her dream about making bold, unique, and glam makeup into reality. Consider her makeup and cosmetic line to express your own unique personality.