Fabletics: Kate Hudson’s Bright Idea

For most celebrities, starting their own company is a side project. They usually just put their name and face next to the company’s logo and collect paychecks. Kate Hudson is not the average celebrity-entrepreneur. When she co-founded Fabletics in 2013, her company faced massive odds going up against the already dominating activewear powerhouses.

Fabletics deployed many marketing strategies to get ahead of the competition, but none more successful than embracing crowd-sourced reviews. The “power of the crowd” plays a crucial part in determining modern consumers’ final purchases. This shift in consumer behavior’s created more review-centric marketing strategies.

These reviews come directly from fellow purchasers who’ve already bought and used the product or service. This gives potential buyers a user review that comes from someone with first-hand experience. Research shows that the modern consumer trusts these reviews more than they trust advertising from traditional and sponsored promotions.

Despite some naysayers, Fabletics continues to achieve great success. Last year, the company experienced a 43 percent growth in sales. The brand also has over one million monthly members, who have fallen in love with the numerous discounts they get on countless items. Some of the discounts are up to 50 percent off and include bundle deals.

Fabletic’s success isn’t just based on their low prices. Members seem to really like the personal touches and the personalized service that Fabletics offers. All those extra, little things are ideas from Kate Hudson. She saw what other companies did and wanted to do something similar but different.

For a start, she wanted Fabletic’s fashion to inspire every woman. That involved creating high-quality on-trend fashion that made all women – no matter their size, age, or level of health – look and feel as beautiful as possible. Hudson hopes to use fashion to encourage women to start living healthier lives.

She figured out a way to encourage women at their pace. She doesn’t want to be like other companies who only make activewear for extremely active people. She wants women to feel comfortable starting small and building up their self-esteem. By embracing activewear, they’ll feel stronger about embracing active choices.

Even after four years of throwing herself into her work, she continues to pull new ideas out of her head. Last year, she filmed her own commercial with her phone. That shows that ever-increasing level of creativity she brings to the brand.

EOS Shows How To Offer Unique Products and Stand Out

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After looking at the product, they have looked for ways that they could bring about improvements to the lip balm industry. Fortunately, Chapstick has left a lot of room for improvement. For one thing, there was little variety in the product line. EOS has taken the opportunity to bring about a lot of variety so that it can bring forth something that is going to catch people’s attention. https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos

Among the different types of variety that EOS has brought to lip balms are different shapes and flavors. This is not just so that they look better to customers. It is also so that it can be more easily used. EOS lip balm is also very easy to keep track of. This is one of the reasons that it is a successful product. EOS has done everything it can to make it easy on the customer to use the products. After all, no one is going to use a product they are going to have a hard time with. There is no point to using such a product. EOS looks to the customer in order to see what is wanted from them. EOS products are sold online on eBay and Amazon.