The Life Of Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani has found fame and success as the Corporate Executive Officer of the burgeoning business Milan Farms. He is also widely regarded as a valued write for the Huffington Post. In addition to these responsibilities, he is also a student in the West Coast California city of San Francisco.

He started Milan Farms back in 2015 with his mission being that he wanted to raise humanely cared for poultry and also grow completely pure and organic saffron. The current selection of product that Milan Farms offers are free range organic eggs, pure saffron and mint. They have structures their business to be as transparent as possible to the consumer. They invite the public to witness how their poultry is raised on a day to day basis and they also ensure their crops are grown completely organically. This is because Milan Kordestani believes that if the consumer wants a pure option, they should able to have one with no hiding how the animal was raised or how the plant was grown.

Milan Kordestani trademarked the Milan Farms brand and logo back in 2016. The business currently consists of three farms which distribute eggs throughout the entirety of the west coast. They also distribute eggs to Colorado and saffron throughout the entire world. While Milan Kordestani and his Milan Farms business certainly believe in doing things in a traditional fashion, such as drip irrigation, Kordestani is also working on cutting-edge methods such as hydroponic and aquaponic methods to grow saffron. While there has been a success in using both aforementioned methods, they are also working to tweak saline levels and mineral levels to perfect the growing of saffron. With standards such as these, it seems that Milan Farms will be a success for many years to come.