Ryan Seacrest: An American Story

Like many who wish to jump into showbiz, Ryan Seacrest decided to move to L.A to pursue a career in radio. In the 1990’s Ryan Seacrest would form his own radio show called “Ryan Seacrest for the ride home”. The radio show would go on to be so successful that he ran with it till 2004. Ryan Seacrest wasn’t done with radio, in fact, he would end up taking over one of the most beloved radio shows in America, American Top 40 hosted by Casey Kasem. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) would not rely on just radio to showcase his talents. During his stints as a radio host in the 90’s Ryan Seacrest would also step in front of the camera to host shows like Radical Outdoor Challenge on ESPN and the kids show “Click” early on in the 2000’s. Ryan’s big break would come in 2002 as the host of the newly formed singing competition American Idol. Although the job was at first a co-host with Brian Dunkleman, his remaining time with American idol would land him as the primary host till the end of the show in 2016. Finally, in 2016 after the end of American Idol, Seacrest would go on to co-host NBC’s Live with Kelly and Ryan after the departure of Michael Strahan.

Behind the camera and mic, Ryan Seacrest, producer and TV and radio show host, has utilized his talents to jump into the skin care industry with the release of his new skin care line “Polished”. Ryan Seacrest states that men want to look good too, and this product along with Dr. Lancer has the best formula for combating aging in men.

A venture of Seacrest that he humbly doesn’t speak too much about is his foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation provides state of the art studios to medical facilities in order to introduce a variety of programming to patients. Not only that, but the patients themselves partake in organizing their own shows next to celebrities and other performers. He states that this will provide aid in the healing process of children and parents currently undergoing medical treatments.

Ryan’s clothing line: https://www.ryanseacrestdistinction.com/

Stream Energy’s New Philanthropy Foundation

Stream Energy is among the first corporations to assist in funding of Hurricane Harvey, in recovering. This firm is also known to be of help to their client’s financial crisis. This organization has also joined with the Hope Supply Coin to reduce the rate of homelessness in Dallas. The homeless children are now able to receive basic necessities as well as education.

Stream energy has also been in partnership with an organization known as Habitat for Humanity, which supports less fortunate families to build their homes and also repair the existing ones. The families receiving assistance are expected to contribute labor known as sweat equity. This way they are offered affordable mortgages. They also volunteer their labor. Stream energy is also in partnership with The American Red Cross that help managing disaster in the United States.

Stream Energy also recently joined with the Salvation Army in raising funds for victims in North Texas. They have assisted Dallas-area veterans as well through what is called Operation Once in a Lifetime.

The most successful and effective value of Stream is the corporate philanthropy. Stream Energy has also come up with another charity foundation known as Stream Cares. This foundation was launched to formally present the philanthropic activities that they have been taking place for the past 12 years all over the United States on funding.

Besides offering funds, they also provide human resources. The Stream Company did show other organizations their mode of conducting charity work when Hurricane Harvey took place. Many of the firms take part in philanthropic activities. However, they fail to divide into different departments to cater for similar.

Philanthropy is essential in the society since it benefits both the less fortunate and the organizations carrying out the programs. By offering their assistance to the community, the people get to respect them and will always remain loyal to them. The people will still be ready to give back to the company. Philanthropy places an organization in a better position in time of crisis for they receive assistance from the people. Stream Energy is, therefore, having a better chance in the community.


OSI Group: Sustainability Is Progressive

Otto Kolschowsky started Otto and Sons USA in Chicago in 1909, today known as OSI Group is all about sustainability. OSI Group’s Leadership team tackles customer trust by the quality of the products they carefully produce and manage.

OSI Group consistently reaches out and builds upon its success as the leading provider in food production services. OSI Group understands that to survive and thrive in today’s technical age, extending industry partnerships are a key ingredient in advancement.

There is always a push from OSI Group Chief Officer and President David G. McDonald to uphold it’s handling of sustainable beef as a global valuable resource. OSI Group commits to fully support and backs new President of Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) Nicole Johnson-Hoffman in keeping practices involving the treatment of food production in regard to the standards of the plants and animals that are used.

OSI Group international growth can also contribute to the purchase of Creative Foods Europe in December 2016 formally known as Flagship Europe, a 2016 Excellence in Innovation Winner at the Food Supplier Awards. The focus of food to go as a constant sustainable entity that keeps OSI Group thriving. Extending it’s global reach, Creative Foods purchasing of Calder Foods, a supplier in sauces and sandwich fillings adds to OSI Group out doing themselves even further.

Creative Foods is also a member of QADEX, a raw material management system. OSI Group is a winner of the Supplier Award for Innovative Thinking Best and Diversifying at the Trade Monthly Food and Magazine Awards in 2017. Ranking at number 58 on Americas largest private companies according to Forbes, with over 20,000 employees in 17 countries and 6.1 billion in revenue look forward to further growth and quality that will keep OSI Group alive and well.

Global Visionary Award winner Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin plays a pivotal leader among the global team that spearheads OSI Group’s growth. Newly appointed on January 22nd 2018, Sharon Birkett joins the leadership team as the Quality and Food Safety Leadership role in OSI Group European affairs reporting to Managing Director of European Affairs Kevin Cahill and Dr. Kenneth Petersen, Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance and a key member of America’s Leadership team.

Their impact on keeping the global growth of OSI Group shows a level of sustainability that will impact another 100 years of success.


Jeunesse Nutritional Products

Jeunesse is a global company founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The company offers a wide range of products designed to enhance a youthful appearance and provide nutritional support and energy. Since its inception, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. It is a one billion dollar, direct selling company that continues to grow its product line and distribution base.

Jeunesse offers a variety of nutritional products and supplements. AM/PM Essentials are a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement system. The easy to take pills are consummed in both the morning and the evening. The AM bottle provides the right mix of supplements to invigorate the user for a busy day. The PM bottle has the essential ingredients for restoring a youthful feeling during the sleeping hours.

Mind is a unique dietary supplement that combines ingredients that will assist with memory, and they will help to prevent the mind from becoming distracted. CERA-Q is a supplement derived from silk proteins. It aids the memory allowing for better recall of names, places and events. L-Theanine is useful in keeping the mind focused on the task at hand.

Finiti is a product made from fruit and vegetable extracts. The goal of this product is to provide and restore a feeling of youthfulness. Some of the ingredients in Finiti include pomegranate extract, palm fruits, turmeric and Co-Q10.

Reserve is an antioxidant drink. It is intended to provide a boost in energy whenever a person needs a pickup. People who are on the go and involved in a variety of different sporting activities could benefit from Reserve. Ingredients that make up the unique blend in Reserve include bluberry, dark sweet cherry, Concord grape, acai and pomegranate.

In addition to these supplemental nutritional products, Jeunesse also offers a line of cosmetic products that are designed to restore a youthful appearance. A complete weight-loss system is also available.


Whitney Wolfe Deals With Tinder’s Jealousy

The parent company that runs Tinder knows they lost out on a lot when they lost Whitney Wolfe. She was great at what she did and made the company better than it ever was. Since she knew there were things that she could do to make a company similar to Tinder, she felt it was her duty to go out on her own. By doing all this, she set herself up for success. Tinder didn’t see it that way, though. Instead, they saw her as a threat. They thought she stole their ideas and tried to make her app the same as the rest of the apps that are on the market.

Since Whitney Wolfe had experience with Tinder, they worried she found her ideas from them and was modeling Bumble after it. Even though Whitney Wolfe assured them there was nothing there, they felt jealous of the success she had. They wanted some way to get the business and the ideas Whitney Wolfe came up with. They knew Bumble was revolutionary dating app and it would be one of the top things to appeal to the female crowd they had for their business. They wanted her company.

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When Whitney Wolfe realized what Tinder was doing, she found it hard to continue working with them. The company wanted to buy her out when she first started Bumble. Whitney Wolfe knew she had to stay strong and not give into the pressure they put on her. She resisted their deals and that’s what helped make Bumble better. She is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to push to make things happen that are better than what she had in the past. In fact, she does everything she can to give people a chance at a better future.

Since Whitney Wolfe knew there were opportunities she could use, she felt confident in continuing with Bumble. She also felt there was a chance they could take advantage of the things she had to offer. For Whitney Wolfe, the idea of working with Tinder as co-founder is a terrible one. Even though the company is bullying her by saying she stole their ideas, she isn’t going to give in. She has a lot of work in the business and it’s not worth giving up to a company like Tinder. For Whitney Wolfe to do this, she must make sure she’s doing everything the right way on her own without the problems of working under Tinder.

Wes Edens: Investor, Entrepeneur and Financial Extrordinare!

Wes Edens is the Principal, Founder, and Co-Chairman of the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Founded in 1988, Fortress is a 62 million dollar alternative asset management company with headquarters in New York and offices internationally. Wes Edens holds the responsibility of Fortress’s private equity business, a company that loves to invest in infrastructure, transportation, real estate, health care, financial services and media. Wes Edens also owns the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks which are now worth more than a billion as of 2018.To top it all of, according to Biz Journal, his take home is pay is currently at a whopping 54 million dollars.

Before he founded Fortress investment, Wes Edens studied Finance from Oregon State University and earned himself a Bachelor of Science degree. After his studies, Edens went on to be the management director of BlackRock Financial Management Inc., where he lead the BlackRock Asset Investors. He was also at some point was a partner and management director at Lehman Brothers, a global financial service firm that filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Today, Edens is proud to say that his firm that he started with 400 million dollars and 30 employees now manages 72 billion dollars worth of assets and 1200 employees. Fortress Investment has also been a very good place work according to the many positive reviews on Bloomberg.com.

With 26 reviews, Fortress Investment holds a strong four star rating, with 9 people rating it 5 stars, 11 rating it 4 stars, 4 people rating it 3 stars, no one rating it 2 stars and only a measly 2 people rating it a single star. By category that is 3.2 in work/life balance, 4.2 in compensation/benefits, 3.5 in job security/advancement, 3.8 in management, and a 3.6 in culture. Maybe I should work there. Not only does it appear great to employees, it is an exceptional place for interns to learn. Indeed.com also had a lot to say about intern life at Financial Investment. Distressed Debt Intern from Indeed.com stated “Interns are expected to learn quickly, but learn from an elite group of investment professionals. If you are motivated and quick you will be given responsibilities.” This would indicate that while Interns there will certainly be challenged, if they can succeed they will learn a lot. An honor it must truly be to be an intern there. Long live wes Eden.

Boraie Development Is Building A Better New Jersey

Cites like Newark, New Brunswick, Jersey City and Atlantic City have formed a lot of groups in hopes of turning around housing and commercial real estate markets that have been struggling for years. Boraie Development, one of the top investment and development companies has focused on addressing housing needs geared towards younger consumers by building new apartment complexes and condo lots that have the interior designs and on-site amenities that most young people prefer. One of the biggest factors affecting demand is housing in close proximity to public transportation stations, especially considering the proximity of the northeastern cities to New York City. The latest such housing from Boraie Development not only is close to public transportation but also is right in a beach recreational area, and thus is titled the Beach at South Inlet.

According to Patch, Boraie Development works with both government housing authorities and private contractors in city planning and has earned a good reputation for delivering quality work. The company Chairman is Sam Boraie who had the idea for real estate development over 40 years ago when he moved to the US from Egypt. His educational background was actually in chemistry and not real estate or business, and he was working on his doctorate’s degree in that field when he had the idea to start rebuilding New Brunswick. He felt the city was suffering from a lot of underdeveloped or neglected areas, and since nobody else was likely to start building in New Brunswick, Boraie decided to do it himself. He faced criticism for his decision, but he later said it was Johnson & Johnson the healthcare provider whose decision to stay there made him want to do it. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Development’s first commercial office spaces completed construction 1988 when the company came to the main hub of Albany Street and began a remarkable transformation. This area of the city at one point was so dangerous that people usually stayed off the streets after 4 PM, but when the first tower in the plaza was built businesses started populating the area again. Tower two was built in 2003 and a third tower will be built that Boraie hopes will be a place for scientific research firms. Boraie Development made their biggest surprise when the Spring Street condominium was rented out in just months, defying the expectations of most experts. Following that has been expanded campus housing at Rutgers University and built The Aspire. Omar Boraie has also given millions of dollars to the research at the Rutgers genomics labs, and in recognition of those contributions he was given an honorary chair at the department.

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The Achievements of Logan Stout?

Logan Stout grew up in Richardson, Texas where he was born. Stout and his wife Haley Stout graduated from J.J. Pearce H.S. Due to his brilliance in the classroom, leadership, and sports, Logan was voted to the Athletic student council. Although Logan shone a basketballer, he would later pursue baseball beyond the level of high school. Logan Stout is a gifted entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist, leadership trainer, best-selling author, and keynote speaker. Stout has made revenue worth billions of dollars during his illustrious career. It is because of his track record and credibility of leadership, success principles, and team building that his venture not only continues to prosper but has made him one of the world’s keynote speakers most sought-after personality.

Logan most recent commercial endeavor is focused in the field of wellness and health. IDLife, LLC has developed exponentially, since its inauguration in May 2014. This has been made possible due to the quality of its partners such as billionaire Darwin Deason, Troy Aikman and celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom. The group is then united with countrywide acknowledged fitness ambassadors and authors on the process of educating people on the significance of wellness and health. They also offer nutritional products of the highest quality. IDLife was named among Solid Top MLM 100 world companies.

Logan possesses a lot of passion in assisting others to achieve quality leadership abilities. It is in the light of this desire that he published “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, people and Teams” in 2013 with the aim of inspiring and empowering readers, at the same time leaving a lifelong impression on those determined to fulfill the potential that God has given them. The book was positively acclaimed by prominent entrepreneurs’ Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran.

Logan is also the CEO and founder of an organization known as the Dallas Patriots baseball. Here, Logan concentrates on leading and mentoring youth. Dallas Patriots baseball organization is today one of the world largest, offering chosen teams of players aged six to eighteen years old with first-class mentoring, training, coaches and instructors. All Dallas Patriot baseball organization graduates have gone on to play college baseball, and most of them are each year picked in the MLB draft. Nowadays, Logan Stout is a dedicated family man and is thankful to God and everybody who has stood by him. Stout relishes time with his spouse and sons is eager to share life pieces of advice with others.

Learn More: www.nutritiouseats.com/idlife/

Reviewing Vincent Parascandola Professional Achievements

AXA is a French Multinational protection firm and presently one of the biggest insurance agencies on the planet. The underlying originators picked the name as they felt that anyone on the planet would easily articulate it. AXA Advisors follows its source path back in 1816 when it was established and was known as The Ancienne Mutuelle. It continued changing its name in the wake of purchasing firms throughout the years. It purchased Drouot Group in 1982, The Equitable in 1991, UAP in 1996, Guardian Royal Exchange in 1999, Sun Life and Provincial Holdings in 2000, and Winterthur Group in 2006.

AXA is primarily worried about the arrangement of administrations to people which include: speculation accounts, value ventures, resource oversaw accounts, life coverage, annuities, medical coverage and other hazard administration administrations. AXA has differentiated its operations for better conveyance of administrations. They incorporate AXA UK, AXA Sunlife, AXA PPP human services, AXA Canada, and AXA Schengen. It additionally has operations in United States, Mexico, Asia, and Africa. AXA central station are situated in Paris.

According to Rocket Reach, AXA is additionally known for its magnanimity. In 2008, AXA Research Fund was made. It predominantly targets youthful scientists and those doing PhDs by financing their ventures far and wide. It likewise tutors youthful via preparing, and furthermore by allowing them to impart to the accomplished specialists everywhere throughout the world. To date, it has financed more than 256 ventures which have originated from 22 nations.

AXA has encountered brains, and a case is Vincent Parascandola. Vincent is Senior Executive Vice President, and his significant work is deals and administration advancement. He is additionally in charge of enlisting experts. Vincent sought after his Bachelor of Science in Pace University, New York. His vocation began in 1987 when he functioned as an operator at Prudential. Vincent later held a few posts, for example, Financial Professional in The MONY where he later turned into the business chief and after that the Managing Director. Vincent Parascandola functioned as the Field Vice President from 1998 to 2005 and afterward turned into The Executive Vice President at AXA.

Vincent Parascandola is perceived globally for his authority attributes and has gotten a few administration grants. He is additionally an open speaker where he tutors the youthful as he shares his 25-years’ involvement.

Hippos Return to Dallas Zoo Thanks to Philanthropist James Dondero

At the beginning of 2017, visitors of the Dallas Zoo started experiencing the beauty of a special hippo habitat with two hippo residents made possible by Dallas philanthropist James Dondero and his investment firm, Highland Capital Management. Hippos have been absent from the zoo for over a decade after the last hippo in the old exhibit died in 2001. Highland Capital Management’s donation of one million dollars has been instrumental in reconstructing the hippo exhibit, providing unique displays, and building a lodge designed to drive proceeds to be used for future zoo advancements.

Adhama and Boipelo, male and female hippos respectively, enjoy the lavish living conditions in the hippo environment. The new habitat is an extreme undertaking, built over two acres and including a massive waterhole with underwater viewing privileges for visitors. In addition to the entertainment brought to individuals by the return of the hippos, the habitat has raised awareness of the importance of exotic animals in accessible zoos for families and organizations. The inclusion of the hippo exhibit has quickly shown an increase in visitors and interest for the already famous Dallas Zoo.

Reinstating the hippo exhibit at the Dallas Zoo adds more positivity to James Dondero’s glowing reputation and the history of donations from his investment firm. Other philanthropists contributed to the 14 million dollar hippo project including foundations in the names of Harold Simmons and Eugene McDermott.

About James Dondero

As co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero uses the influence and capital of his investment firm to improve the lives of residents and living conditions in the Dallas area. He frequently supports many education and community progress initiatives.

Highland Capital Management has been in operation since 1990, and it has grown into a global investment giant in the industry. The firm has donated substantial amounts of money to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, and the Education is Freedom charity .