Ryan Seacrest: An American Story

Like many who wish to jump into showbiz, Ryan Seacrest decided to move to L.A to pursue a career in radio. In the 1990’s Ryan Seacrest would form his own radio show called “Ryan Seacrest for the ride home”. The radio show would go on to be so successful that he ran with it till 2004. Ryan Seacrest wasn’t done with radio, in fact, he would end up taking over one of the most beloved radio shows in America, American Top 40 hosted by Casey Kasem. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) would not rely on just radio to showcase his talents. During his stints as a radio host in the 90’s Ryan Seacrest would also step in front of the camera to host shows like Radical Outdoor Challenge on ESPN and the kids show “Click” early on in the 2000’s. Ryan’s big break would come in 2002 as the host of the newly formed singing competition American Idol. Although the job was at first a co-host with Brian Dunkleman, his remaining time with American idol would land him as the primary host till the end of the show in 2016. Finally, in 2016 after the end of American Idol, Seacrest would go on to co-host NBC’s Live with Kelly and Ryan after the departure of Michael Strahan.

Behind the camera and mic, Ryan Seacrest, producer and TV and radio show host, has utilized his talents to jump into the skin care industry with the release of his new skin care line “Polished”. Ryan Seacrest states that men want to look good too, and this product along with Dr. Lancer has the best formula for combating aging in men.

A venture of Seacrest that he humbly doesn’t speak too much about is his foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation provides state of the art studios to medical facilities in order to introduce a variety of programming to patients. Not only that, but the patients themselves partake in organizing their own shows next to celebrities and other performers. He states that this will provide aid in the healing process of children and parents currently undergoing medical treatments.

Ryan’s clothing line: https://www.ryanseacrestdistinction.com/