A Nutritional and Exciting Mouthful for Pets

Recently, the Daily Herald published an article regarding the modern traditions of pet feeding in which a trend among domestic pet owners involved feeding their dog or cat a meal very much similar to what they were putting on their own table. Thanksgiving entrees, lasagna, beef stroganoff are but some of the new dishes both dogs and cats can now consume on a daily basis. And the competition between pet food companies is now said to be more notable than ever as manufacturers rush to create a marketable product that the pet will indefinitely be satisfied with. There is even immense effort and emphasis on the nutritional value of such pet foods so as to keep the pets health in mind while also allowing them to joyfully devour. Though such producing is costly once it is incorporated into the marketplace, company executives like Richard Thompson of Freshpet believes that owners will see past the timid financial concerns and provide only the best for their pets like they would for themselves and their family. Beneful, a dog food manufacturer, produce both dry and wet foods for dogs, with products being sold in virtually every grocery store as well as online on Amazon. All products are made with quality nutritional value in respect to dogs of all ages, sizes, and spirits. Beneful incorporates a variety of meats, chicken, salmon and other ingredients into an array of meal options and treats that owners can feed to their pet. Whether the owner wants to satisfy their dogs meat or poultry craving or provide them with somewhat of a healthier diet, Beneful offers products that will do just that. In addition to helping maintain the diets of dogs, Beneful also provides products that can help dogs maintain their dental health through the consumption of their dog treats produce line. They even offer products in bulk or individually.