Newswatch T.V. Another Testimony to Greatness

Newswatch tv is a company that has built for itself a great and influential platform. Over the 20-years span that the show has been around it has helped a many companies and business in getting their products in open space for the public to se them. The reviews that the show and now website provides can and has made products very successful. The show is so good that it even has had multiple celebrities on it. Newswatch tv is truly a technological and cultural influencer that has made an immense impact and the work they did with the company Saygus is a primary example.

Saygus is a company that creates and manufactures tier own brand of cell phones. They recently developed a new line that they wanted to quickly get to consumers. They needed a campaign that reached to the tv as well s online communities and that’s where Newswatch tv came in. Newswatch went to Barcelona to gather the video footage and the resources that they needed to do the video. Newswatch does reviews that are unbiased and that showcase the various functions of the products. This is exactly what Saygus wanted and needed from them. Newswatch created the video and it along with a crowdfunding campaign worked to get the new cell phones the promotion that they needed.

The results of the wok between Saygus and Newswatch had a phenomenal turn out. The crowdfunding campaign that Saygus had reached 1.3 million dollars and exceeded all expectations. They got 3000,000 dollars over the amount that they needed. Tim rush the vice president of Saygus is now singing praises of Newswatch and has officially started recommending it. Newswatch has done this many times over its history with companies. The sales that they drive are a testament to their effectiveness in the marketplace.


Jeunesse Nutritional Products

Jeunesse is a global company founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The company offers a wide range of products designed to enhance a youthful appearance and provide nutritional support and energy. Since its inception, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. It is a one billion dollar, direct selling company that continues to grow its product line and distribution base.

Jeunesse offers a variety of nutritional products and supplements. AM/PM Essentials are a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement system. The easy to take pills are consummed in both the morning and the evening. The AM bottle provides the right mix of supplements to invigorate the user for a busy day. The PM bottle has the essential ingredients for restoring a youthful feeling during the sleeping hours.

Mind is a unique dietary supplement that combines ingredients that will assist with memory, and they will help to prevent the mind from becoming distracted. CERA-Q is a supplement derived from silk proteins. It aids the memory allowing for better recall of names, places and events. L-Theanine is useful in keeping the mind focused on the task at hand.

Finiti is a product made from fruit and vegetable extracts. The goal of this product is to provide and restore a feeling of youthfulness. Some of the ingredients in Finiti include pomegranate extract, palm fruits, turmeric and Co-Q10.

Reserve is an antioxidant drink. It is intended to provide a boost in energy whenever a person needs a pickup. People who are on the go and involved in a variety of different sporting activities could benefit from Reserve. Ingredients that make up the unique blend in Reserve include bluberry, dark sweet cherry, Concord grape, acai and pomegranate.

In addition to these supplemental nutritional products, Jeunesse also offers a line of cosmetic products that are designed to restore a youthful appearance. A complete weight-loss system is also available.

Talk Fusion Expands Into India

Founded by former Deputy Sheriff, Bob Reina, in 2007, Talk Fusion is an easy and affordable way to create video communications that have a more professional look. The innovative system allows its users to simply select their desired theme, record their video, then press the Send button. There are more than 1,000 designs that users can choose from, and the program can be played on any device and any browser.


Talk Fusion is considered to be one of the world’s first video marketing companies that offers a more complete solution for business people who want to build relationships with customers using an alternative method. It is also used by people who just want to connect with their families and friends and share the many special events that take place in their lives.


Because of its global popularity, the leaders of Talk Fusion have recently decided to expand their business by opening a new office in India. Located in the city of New Delhi, the new office will be a place where people who want to be take advantage of this entrepreneurial opportunity can get training and meet with other associates. This new venture has generated lots of excitement from the locals in New Delhi, due to the fact that the company’s Instant Pay plan will give them a chance to become a part of a successful network that will help build their income.


Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina, who has 25 years of network marketing experience, stated that he feels that India will become one of the company’s top marketplaces, and he also expressed that he felt the timing was right for an expansion into that country. Being that New Delhi is one of India’s most populated places, he thinks that the business will see a lot of success there, which will change the lives and situations of many. Learn more:


The business is based in Florida, and its products are marketed and sold by Independent Associates in more than 140 countries who use the company’s video marketing system, which includes Video Chat, Video Emails, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters and Sign-up Forms.