The Life And Career Of Lime Crime And Doe Deere

Have you ever noticed that make up is basically the same. The cosmetic companies just try to out do each other. But there is one individual who is not in that race on Her name is Doe Deere, and she wants to stand apart.

The company Lime Crime, a vegan friendly cosmetic company, came to life in 2008, and has been very successful from the moment of inception. This make up consist of loose pigments, rainbow colored liquid liners, pastel nail polish, glittery lip gloss and lipsticks to die for. In 2009 the company saw a lot of growth and revenue, and not surprisingly has continue to make strides.

Doe Deere was not surprised by her success. She states that since she was a child she had a love for makeup. Her path was an interesting one. She first attended FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, to study fashion design. But another bug hit her, and she dropped out to start her own clothing line, which she named Lime Crime. Hence the name. But this was not to be her last stop, just her transition. While designing her own clothes, she yearned to do something with make up, and this was how it all started.

One thing she wanted was that her make up must be cruelty-free. She claims she fantasies a lot and this has helped her come up with the different names for her make up. She figures this way it would keep the customer interested. Deere says why she uses the color purple is because when she looks at it, it’s always changing, and that depicts her.

When she started her company, she wanted someone who saw her vision, and wanted to work with her only because she wanted to develop her products herself, just not handing it over to another company, then stamping her approval. There were nasty things said about her in the beginning, but she chose to rise above it. She used the negative criticisms and drew strength from it. She takes her customers very seriously, she really listen to what they have to say, because without them there won’t be any Lime Crime. Also having respect for her vendors and employees, has helped tremendously.

Doe Deere found her niche, and she wants everyone to know, that if you are passionate about something and you really think it would work. Trust your gut-use your gut to guide you. Deere would say. If you never try; you will never know what you can do. Her only regret is that she wished she had started on this journey earlier.

The Lime Crime Look

Though rock and roll has been around for a really long time, its funny how certain industries, like the cosmetics industry, seem to have avoided its influence. The commercial makeup industry generally has kept going with a look that is lovely, yet also somewhat safe and staid. Each season we seem the same list of new concealers, primers and foundations, and a new assortment of lip colors in very predictable shades. All of this is presented in ads with predictable looking models and actresses who look polished and lovely, and yet, predictable.

Something New

While the commercial makeup industry certainly has a lot of quality products to offer, there has been a void as far as brands that offer something new and a little bit rock and roll. That is, until the Lime Crime brand came on the scene and started to shake up the way makeup looks.

Lime Crime is an online makeup brand on facebook that was launched by Internet Entrepreneur Doe Deere in 2007/2008. Deere created Lime Crime with the idea of introducing bold colors into an industry that had gotten far too staid. Lime Crime has a definite rock and roll vibe in its look and in its approach to beauty. The look of this brand is strong, colorful and wild. It makes a statement for the women who wear it that’s all about not being afraid to take a few chances with beauty. Under scoring all of this is the rebel feel of rock and roll, and how it infuses everything that goes on with young people today.

Glitter Rock Lip Color

Lime Crime has lip color that truly rocks. The Velvetines lip color line is the first lip color that goes on “liquid to matte.” That means this lip color is both a gloss and a lipstick, and frankly, it’s attention getting and pretty as can be. Lime Crime also has the Unicorn Lipstick line, which is another lip color that really rocks it, color wise. Women who want to get daringly beautiful can choose colors from pink to purple and red, all the way into blue, yellow and orange. These colors go on full and matte, and have a major impact.

If these colors aren’t quite wild enough for some, they can add a dusting of iridescent glitter from the Zodiac Glitter pots from Lime Crime. These glitters stay put with Glitter Helper adhesive from Lime Crime, for a look that stays fabulous for hours. The Zodiac Glitter can also be used on the eyelids and cheeks, for a look that is as glamorous as can be.

When it’s time to find the rock and roll influence that’s been missing of late, look no further than Lime Crime cosmetics.