New York May Be Overcrowded, But Your Lifestyle Doesn’t Have To Be

New York City has always been the place to go, but it seems lately everyone wants to live in the Big Apple. The apartment vacancy rate in the big city hovers around 1% and average rent is about $4000, and luxury rents are far above that. It should come as little surprise that people are starting to squeeze in with each other in an effort to save some money and some space. A new report was just published that reveals that one out of every 12 NYC apartments for rent is actually overcrowded.

The report was released from the office of Comptroller Scott Stringer and showed that households in the city are getting more and more packed. In some cases more than one person is living per room and in severely crowded locations there are is about 1.5 persons per room if not more. The overcrowding is a legitimate concern in the city. Long waits for public housing make it even larger problem.

However, not everywhere in New York City is crowded. In fact, just the opposite is true if you look for a building that is situated closer to downtown and in the happening neighborhoods. There are a lot of great luxury rentals that manage to offer you space and in some cases even a little open air spaces on the roof.

Town Real Estate offers luxury residents in all of NYC’s top neighborhoods including Greenwich Village, SoHo, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, West Village, and more. Perfect for the modern business professional, each apartment is crafted to offer space, modern décor, and safety. Door service, multiple bedrooms, and even multiple bathes in some case allow everyone the room they need to spread out and relax.

New York may be quickly becoming the most cramped city in the US, but that does not mean that you have to experience the cramped lifestyle that comes with it. There is still plenty of prime real estate in the city calling to professionals and families. Look a bit harder into the city past the statistics and find out just why most NYC citizens would never consider living anywhere else.