Susan McGalla; Delivering in Business through Diversity

Many commentators are of the opinion that gender diversity in corporations improves their performance to a certain point. This is because to some extent; gender diversity attracts different view of points as well as experiences from the employees. Furthermore, rigorous peer-reviewed research goes ahead to paint gender diversity as an intuitive appeal that helps corporations to outperform companies that stigmatize the inclusion of gender diversity in their portfolios. Even so, there are only a few executive positions in Fortune 500 companies and their equivalent left out for women.

The Success Story of Susan McGalla

As such, many women are still struggling to secure top executive positions in leading corporations. Even so, all hope is not lost because there are women who are trying to pave the way for others. One such individual is Susan McGalla, who attributes her success to the manner in which, she was raised. Growing up with hard working brothers in addition to a football coach as her father, McGalla barely had the opportunity to interact with her peers like any other girl growing up. She, therefore, carried forward the lesson by investing in attaining formal education and later landing incredibly substantial job opportunities in leading corporations across different industries.

Hard Work and Dedication

McGalla worked her way up to various leadership positions including American Eagle Outfitters and P3 Executive Consulting where she is not only the founder but also a dedicated team player who uses her skills to impart leadership knowledge in her employees. Besides, she also worked for Pittsburgh Steelers as the creative development manager. Always ensuring that she interacts with the ‘who is who ‘of various companies, McGalla has astonishingly achieved what a conventional mindset would not be able to reach even with thousands of years in practice.

The Overview

Well, Susan McGalla’s success may be encouraging, but not all women are strategically placed to find the same opportunities in different companies or better yet industries. However, this is not a new problem to various sectors as women have been addressing it for decades. McGalla and her associates are delving into different programs that will, in turn, empower women to land executive positions as well.

More about Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an American business professional who has cemented her name on the walls of successful consultancy and business mentorship. Aside from that, she is known for her leadership roles in the following companies;

  • Wet Seal Inc
  • HFF Inc
  • Magee-Women’s Hospital