Wes Edens has Taken Fortress Investment Group Far Over the Years

Wes Edens is a finance major with a degree from Oregan Stage University. After completing his education in 1984, Wes Edens took no time at all to put himself out there and start getting work experience in the financial industry. It took Wes a mere three years before he was already in a management position at Lehman Brothers. Before that, Wes climbed up the ranks through various positions at Smith Barney, California Savings, and Merrill Lynch. In 1998, Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone started up Fortress Investment Group as a private alternative investment firm in New York. After becoming public in 2007, Fortress was already one of the biggest investment companies in the country, worth more than 10 billion dollars throughout all of its assets, roughly 18 percent of which belonged to Edens.

Fortress Investment Group has offices spread out not just in the United States, but internationally as well. Since 2006, Wes has been on the board of directors and still maintains his position, working to improve Fortress Investment year by year. That is not all Wes Edens spends his time on though, as he has various other side projects and business deals that he is working on. One of the more significant purchases that Wes has made was acquiring the Milwaukee Bucks, a professional team in the NBA. As a sports fan, Wes has shown a lot of interest in various different sports leagues and continues to get involved as much as he can while leading Fortress Investment Group.

Wes is also playing a big role in the development of the Brightline Train system that is being constructed in Florida currently. While the train is still going through the development stages to improve, things have been working out well and the traffic it aims to defeat has been lessened to an extreme degree. As Brightline continues to develop, Wes hopes to bring the train system to more states that are suffering from heavy traffic and long commute times.


The Business Journey Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus has recently joined the billionaires club. His current net worth is an estimated $1.1 billion and is steadily growing. The recent billionaire has amassed most of his fortune from the several businesses in the travel industry that he has founded and co-founded. Guilherme Paulus is now 68 years old and has almost 50 years of experience in the travel industry. He was born in Brazil in 1949 and has been actively pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams since he was 24 years old. Guilherme Paulus has been recognized by several international governments and many media outlets. Read more articles by Paulus at advb.com

Guilherme Paulus is known in Brazil as one of the most successful businessmen. His most notable business venture has been the co-founding of the CVC travel agency. Guilherme co-founded the CVC travel agency in 1972 with his politician partner, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Carlos left the business venture after four years of the founding and left Guilherme to be the sole leader of the CVC travel agency. Guilherme managed to lead the company to success, and the CVC travel agency soon became the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America.

Guilherme Paulus felt that he could still take the CVC to greater heights of success with the support of a global investment fund. He sold most of the company to the global investment firm, the Carlyle Group, in 2009. The estimated value of the part of the company that was sold to the Carlyle group was $750 million. Guilherme is still 8% owner of the CVC. The CVC travel agency opened up its capital on the stock exchange in 2013 and has been able to generate approximately $5.2 billion in annual sales.

The Brazilian entrepreneur has also invested an estimated $600 million in hotels and is currently the employer of approximately 1.9 thousand people. Guilherme founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005 and the network is now in control of 19 hotels and resorts all over the country of Brazil. The GJP network has four different types of categories that suit different types of classes. The Wish Resort Golf Convention of the GJP network in Foz do Iguaco won the award for best golf hotel in Brazil.

More about of Guilherme Paulus: http://www.revistahoteis.com.br/guilherme-paulus-abriu-grade-de-palestra-do-top-seller-events-2017/


Felipe Montoro Jens reports the IDB

The infrastructure specialist and well-respected reporter Felipe Montoro Jens has details from a very important meeting of the governors that took place March 24th in Mendoza Argentina. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) meeting is a very important gathering of governors from various regions in Latin America to discuss the economic climate and formulate ideas and strategies. This year the hottest topic was the economy and challenges stopping progress in various sectors. The Minister of Planning, Development, and Management, Dyogo Oliveira had many issues he wanted to be addressed during the meeting. Learn more on ideamensch about Montoro Jens.

Mr. Oliveira spoke about the need for an increase in investment funding directly towards infrastructure projects. As reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, there have been many infrastructure public-private partnerships implemented successfully throughout Brazil in recent years. The Minister of Planning, Development, and Management also said he feels there is a need for more efficient solutions to explore project risk and management solutions. A major issue is the private sector investors are taking on too much risk and this hurdle is really slowing progress. Mr. Oliveira also went on to discuss the industrial revolution 4.0. The revolution will require more road construction and improvements in sanitation to provide clean water. The Minister of Planning, Development, and Management also brought to the IDB the loans to Brazil in 2018 totaled $12.9 billion, which was a 20% increase from 2017.

During this year’s meeting the Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Luis Caputo agreed totally with Oliveria, in there is a need to create more financial safety for the private sector. Luis Alberto Moreno who is the president of the Inter-American Development Bank spoke about the need to improve roads connecting the different countries in South America. The Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support of Spain, Garrido assured investment would be distributed to Brazil first because of the importance of their economy and dynamism of the economic situation there. Visit their websites: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/


Stream Energy’s New Philanthropy Foundation

Stream Energy is among the first corporations to assist in funding of Hurricane Harvey, in recovering. This firm is also known to be of help to their client’s financial crisis. This organization has also joined with the Hope Supply Coin to reduce the rate of homelessness in Dallas. The homeless children are now able to receive basic necessities as well as education.

Stream energy has also been in partnership with an organization known as Habitat for Humanity, which supports less fortunate families to build their homes and also repair the existing ones. The families receiving assistance are expected to contribute labor known as sweat equity. This way they are offered affordable mortgages. They also volunteer their labor. Stream energy is also in partnership with The American Red Cross that help managing disaster in the United States.

Stream Energy also recently joined with the Salvation Army in raising funds for victims in North Texas. They have assisted Dallas-area veterans as well through what is called Operation Once in a Lifetime.

The most successful and effective value of Stream is the corporate philanthropy. Stream Energy has also come up with another charity foundation known as Stream Cares. This foundation was launched to formally present the philanthropic activities that they have been taking place for the past 12 years all over the United States on funding.

Besides offering funds, they also provide human resources. The Stream Company did show other organizations their mode of conducting charity work when Hurricane Harvey took place. Many of the firms take part in philanthropic activities. However, they fail to divide into different departments to cater for similar.

Philanthropy is essential in the society since it benefits both the less fortunate and the organizations carrying out the programs. By offering their assistance to the community, the people get to respect them and will always remain loyal to them. The people will still be ready to give back to the company. Philanthropy places an organization in a better position in time of crisis for they receive assistance from the people. Stream Energy is, therefore, having a better chance in the community.


Meet Eric Lefkofsky; a Great Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Cancer is a chronic disease that requires more research so that it can be managed. As a result, many governments, as well as entrepreneurs, are investing heavily in cancer research. The research aims at coming up with the cure as well as treatment plans of the disease. Technologies are being developed to analyze cancer tumors and establish most of the cancer causes. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the successful entrepreneurs who has dedicated much of their time and funds to cancer management.

Recently there has been a positive development in lung cancer causes research. A Dartmouth research team was working to determine the environmental and genetic risks factors that cause lung cancer. The study was led by Yafang Li who eventually showed the connection of smoking and gene interaction that cause of lung cancer. The study identified three new lung cancer genetic biomarkers. The three SNPs stratify lung cancer risk by smoking. These SNPs can be potential biomarkers which can be used to assist in the prediction of the treatment plan for lung cancer.

On top of that, other people like Eric have been busy working and investing heavily to help cancer patients. Eric co-founded Tempus, which is a technology company that has built an operating system that helps cancer patients. Eric is the CEO of the company, and with the help of his staff, he has helped many cancer patients by taking care of them. At Tempus they use technology to analyze genomic data using statistical analysis to come up with personalized and precise treatment. The data from the operating is the one that guides doctors in coming up with better care plan as well as specialized treatment.

Eric together with his wife they have founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The foundation aims at funding research centers that specialize in cancer causes and treatment. Through the foundation, they have donated $1.2 million to the University of Michigan and $250000 to New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine for cancer and breast cancer respectively. On top of that, the foundation has given $500000 to Stanford University which was used to support gastric cancer research.

Eric Lefkofsky has achieved all these through hard work and intelligence. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and holds a Juris Doctor from University of Michigan Law School. Currently, he is a successful entrepreneur in Chicago. His route to success has not been easy. He is the co-founder of many technology companies like Mediaocean, Uptake Technologies, Groupon, Inner Workings as well as Echo Global Logistics.


The Achievements of Logan Stout?

Logan Stout grew up in Richardson, Texas where he was born. Stout and his wife Haley Stout graduated from J.J. Pearce H.S. Due to his brilliance in the classroom, leadership, and sports, Logan was voted to the Athletic student council. Although Logan shone a basketballer, he would later pursue baseball beyond the level of high school. Logan Stout is a gifted entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist, leadership trainer, best-selling author, and keynote speaker. Stout has made revenue worth billions of dollars during his illustrious career. It is because of his track record and credibility of leadership, success principles, and team building that his venture not only continues to prosper but has made him one of the world’s keynote speakers most sought-after personality.

Logan most recent commercial endeavor is focused in the field of wellness and health. IDLife, LLC has developed exponentially, since its inauguration in May 2014. This has been made possible due to the quality of its partners such as billionaire Darwin Deason, Troy Aikman and celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom. The group is then united with countrywide acknowledged fitness ambassadors and authors on the process of educating people on the significance of wellness and health. They also offer nutritional products of the highest quality. IDLife was named among Solid Top MLM 100 world companies.

Logan possesses a lot of passion in assisting others to achieve quality leadership abilities. It is in the light of this desire that he published “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, people and Teams” in 2013 with the aim of inspiring and empowering readers, at the same time leaving a lifelong impression on those determined to fulfill the potential that God has given them. The book was positively acclaimed by prominent entrepreneurs’ Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran.

Logan is also the CEO and founder of an organization known as the Dallas Patriots baseball. Here, Logan concentrates on leading and mentoring youth. Dallas Patriots baseball organization is today one of the world largest, offering chosen teams of players aged six to eighteen years old with first-class mentoring, training, coaches and instructors. All Dallas Patriot baseball organization graduates have gone on to play college baseball, and most of them are each year picked in the MLB draft. Nowadays, Logan Stout is a dedicated family man and is thankful to God and everybody who has stood by him. Stout relishes time with his spouse and sons is eager to share life pieces of advice with others.

Learn More: www.nutritiouseats.com/idlife/