The Anne Frank Center and the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

The Anne Frank Center For Mutual Respect is a civil rights organization that is named after Anne Frank, the famous girl who wrote a diary while she was hiding from the Nazis. It is not officially a Jewish organization, and it is not an organization that focuses exclusively on combating anti-semitism. It is also not only about the Holocaust. However, what it focuses on is combating hatred and xenophobia in general.

Anne Frank was a famous girl who was hiding from the Nazis in an attic. While she was doing that, she also wrote a diary detailing her daily experiences. She was captured and killed by the Nazis. However, her diary was discovered. It is a well known book and a bestseller. She was a leading example of someone who stood up to the Nazis.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is a similar organization to the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. The Frontera Fund was founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. These two people were journalists who were targeted for their exposing the bad habits of the Arizonian Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey both wrote for the Phoenix New Times. One was the editor and the other was the CEO.

At that time, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was leading a harassment campaign against certain groups of people, including immigrants, Latinos, and people in the prison system. Unfortunately, nobody was doing much to stop this.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey felt that they had a moral obligation to do something about this harassment. Thus, they used the power that they had as journalists to speak out about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the way he was handling things.

For that, Sheriff Joe Arpaio rewarded them only with troubles. He told them that they had to give over the information of everyone who worked for the newspaper.

He issued a subpoena, telling them that they had to give over not just the personal information of the writers and editors of the Phoenix New Times, but that they had to tell him all about the readers of the Phoenix New Times as well. He demanded to know their IP addresses.

Of course, Larkin and Lacey knew that they had to protect the right to free speech of everyone in their town and on the internet who read their newspaper. That is why they refused to give over the information that Sheriff Joe Arpaio requested of them.

This led him to have his deputies arrest them in the middle of the night. He said that it was because they had published information about the illegal subpoena in their newspaper, but everyone knew that the real reason he was doing this was that he wanted to intimidate anyone who would not agree with him.

With the money that they got out of the lawsuit they filed against the county, Larkin and Lacey started the Frontera Fund, an organization that helps out immigrants and other minority groups.

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Talos Energy 2018 Acquisition

Talos Energy was recently heard making some bold moves in the ever-changing chronicles of the Gulf saga. As CEO Timothy S. Duncan puts it, they will be acquiring Stone Energy Corp to the tune of $1.9 billion through a merger. When combined the two companies will form Talos Energy Inc, and will still trade on NYSE under the symbol “TALO.”

Many are anticipating updates, with news of a late first quarter or early second quarter closing. Having the goal of becoming something similar to the premier offshore exploration as well as production company, Talos is ready to thrive. Not only will development be accelerated, the combination of talent as well as project inventory sends a message of continuity in regard to merger news.

Talos stakeholders should be thrilled to know that in addition to being a majority stakeholder, they will also hold around 63 percent. Stone shareholders will in turn hold the remaining 37 percent, as stated by the release. Talos is thriving and the climate is right for a deal closing ceremony. To put this into perspective, Talos Energy Inc. will have a huge amount of resources at hand when their 1.2 million combined acreage is finalized. Having such a stronghold on these reserves insures that Talos will be a strong player in the field for years to come.

In addition to their proven reserves of 136 million barrels of oil, the newly formed company will have much more flexibility financially. This flexibility allows for growth, since it is expected they will have a $1 billion credit facility. As expected, these reserves are paying out in more ways than one. When it comes to financial flexiblity, you must listen closely to your advisors in order to stay on the right path. Citigroup as well as UBS Investment banks happen to be advisors to Talos, with Stone sticking with Petrie Parnters Securities LLC.

Stone ended up filed for a bankruptcy, when they checked the books and found $1.23 billion in assets along with $1.75 billion as a debt. As much as this merger shows Stone’s success in terms of a restructure, it also shows Talos is willing to do what it takes to ensure the continuity of expoloration. Talos has been known to mention the competition down in the Gulf, as well as the intensity with which business must be done in that climate. Back in 2015 Talos was victorious in winning a bid in Mexico, a way to increase it’s reach in the region.


Jeunesse Nutritional Products

Jeunesse is a global company founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The company offers a wide range of products designed to enhance a youthful appearance and provide nutritional support and energy. Since its inception, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. It is a one billion dollar, direct selling company that continues to grow its product line and distribution base.

Jeunesse offers a variety of nutritional products and supplements. AM/PM Essentials are a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement system. The easy to take pills are consummed in both the morning and the evening. The AM bottle provides the right mix of supplements to invigorate the user for a busy day. The PM bottle has the essential ingredients for restoring a youthful feeling during the sleeping hours.

Mind is a unique dietary supplement that combines ingredients that will assist with memory, and they will help to prevent the mind from becoming distracted. CERA-Q is a supplement derived from silk proteins. It aids the memory allowing for better recall of names, places and events. L-Theanine is useful in keeping the mind focused on the task at hand.

Finiti is a product made from fruit and vegetable extracts. The goal of this product is to provide and restore a feeling of youthfulness. Some of the ingredients in Finiti include pomegranate extract, palm fruits, turmeric and Co-Q10.

Reserve is an antioxidant drink. It is intended to provide a boost in energy whenever a person needs a pickup. People who are on the go and involved in a variety of different sporting activities could benefit from Reserve. Ingredients that make up the unique blend in Reserve include bluberry, dark sweet cherry, Concord grape, acai and pomegranate.

In addition to these supplemental nutritional products, Jeunesse also offers a line of cosmetic products that are designed to restore a youthful appearance. A complete weight-loss system is also available.

The Oxford Club Members Create Tax Smart Investment Portfolios

The Oxford Club is a group of elite wealthy investors that utilize their membership resources to create substantial returns on investments on investment assets and help members create tax-smart investment portfolios that will continue to grow in the long term. The Oxford Club has a vast array of resources and publications that provide its members with exceptional analysis and evaluation of asset investment classes that produce high yields and tremendous returns on investment for its members. The opportunities presented in their publications and other platforms also eliminate risk potentials from economic downturns and other important negative criteria that drive down profit in investment opportunities.


The Oxford Club was established in 1989 by successful businessman Bill Bonner and quickly became recognized as one of the most elite and prestigious investment memberships in the world. Their publications and valuable resources provided to their members are cutting-edge research and analysis of various global investment opportunities that create tremendous windfalls for the investors willing to follow the strategies and concepts distributed within the resource materials. Currently, there are more than 100,000 members in the Oxford Club from more than 131 different countries around the globe. The networking and data sharing opportunities that are available for these diverse cultural and geographically different investors provides key insight an analysis of opportunities of various asset classes. The Oxford Club has a very knowledgeable and intellectually capable staff that provides valuable tax opportunities for its wealthy members to minimize their tax burden and create opportunities for their investment portfolios to grow at the optimum rate.


The information provided within their resources highlight valuable approaches to minimizing the risk and exposure of those portfolios to the adverse effects of economic downturns and strategic direction changes within investment classes and vehicles. By providing The Oxford Club members with real-time 24/7 information on various opportunities, members are able to capitalize quickly on information and provide opportunities for them to reap large returns on investments. The Oxford Club members also have an opportunity to create portfolios that are tax-smart investment portfolios that minimize their tax burden and increase profits and returns on their Investments.

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Larkin & Lacey

Two men in their late 60s, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, have been exposing things about Sheriff Joe Arpaio that they perceive as the truth. Them and their journalists have reported all of the things about Sheriff Joe Arpaio that they could figure out. These things included terrible jail conditions, alleged sexual abuses and racial profiling. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They were really a thorn in Sheriff Arpaio’s side for a long time, though they struck a nerve in 2004 when they published the address of where him and his family live. Somewhere in the laws of Arizona it says that publishing an officer’s name with malicious, harmful intentions is illegal.

In a way, this is really not an unreasonable law. After all, law enforcement people are put in vulnerable situations where doing their jobs properly may lead to people trying to stalk or kill them.

It’s bad enough that the risk exists for law enforcement, but publishing people’s addresses may exacerbate the problem. Also, here is a reasonable question: Was it completely necessary to publish the address of that man’s domicile? There might be other people who live him who are put at risk for being harmed, like a wife, children, grandchildren or friends.

Here is another consideration: being a law enforcement official is never an easy task, and people sometimes have to make difficult choices when there are no pretty options. Perhaps we can say that there was some underlying anti-cop sentiment in this act of publishing his address?

Anyway, for reasons listed above, Trump was nice enough to give this man a pardon. Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin are up in arms, because they believe that Sheriff Arpaio has objectified, discriminated against and dehumanized Latino people.

They are very much pro-immigrant, and they believe that helping another human being to come here and stay here immediately trumps any argument that anyone has about why immigrants shouldn’t be here. There is plenty of validity in Lacey and Larkin’s viewpoint because many of the countries that immigrants come from have rampant poverty and domestic violence.

A considerable amount of these problems have their origins in the fact that America came into those countries and economically exploited those places. In some ways, America is still directly and indirectly exploiting these countries.

One of the most well known tales of exploitation is the story of United Fruit. In the 20th century, United Fruit, an American company, took over a huge percentage of land in Guatemala and made it so that most of the native Guatemalans were landless, low paid peasants. All uprisings was squashed by America and demonized by the American media.

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Talk Fusion Expands Into India

Founded by former Deputy Sheriff, Bob Reina, in 2007, Talk Fusion is an easy and affordable way to create video communications that have a more professional look. The innovative system allows its users to simply select their desired theme, record their video, then press the Send button. There are more than 1,000 designs that users can choose from, and the program can be played on any device and any browser.


Talk Fusion is considered to be one of the world’s first video marketing companies that offers a more complete solution for business people who want to build relationships with customers using an alternative method. It is also used by people who just want to connect with their families and friends and share the many special events that take place in their lives.


Because of its global popularity, the leaders of Talk Fusion have recently decided to expand their business by opening a new office in India. Located in the city of New Delhi, the new office will be a place where people who want to be take advantage of this entrepreneurial opportunity can get training and meet with other associates. This new venture has generated lots of excitement from the locals in New Delhi, due to the fact that the company’s Instant Pay plan will give them a chance to become a part of a successful network that will help build their income.


Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina, who has 25 years of network marketing experience, stated that he feels that India will become one of the company’s top marketplaces, and he also expressed that he felt the timing was right for an expansion into that country. Being that New Delhi is one of India’s most populated places, he thinks that the business will see a lot of success there, which will change the lives and situations of many. Learn more:


The business is based in Florida, and its products are marketed and sold by Independent Associates in more than 140 countries who use the company’s video marketing system, which includes Video Chat, Video Emails, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters and Sign-up Forms.