Who Gives More Than Peter Briger?

Who gives more than Peter Briger? Some might donate a little of their time or a little of their money, but Peter Briger does both. He is a billionaire that gives more than he takes.

Billionaire Briger

Inflation will naturally increase the amount of money needed to qualify as wealthy. It used to be that millionaires were a big deal. Now, the top wealth category is billionaire.How many billionaires are there in the world? In 2015, Forbes listed 1,826 billionaires. And where was billionaire Briger on this list?Peter Briger was listed as #968 on Forbes 2008 “Billionaire’s List.” The fortunes of these top producers might change dramatically. Many of them are tied to large corporations, where they own many types of shares.

For Mr. Briger, the Fortress Investment Group was the primary source of his wealth. He had done well for himself at Goldman Sachs, but Fortress was another story. It was the first hedge fund to go public and made a number of billionaires when it was sold to SoftBank. SoftBank wanted to add both physical and human assets. Former Goldman Sachs employees, such as Peter Briger brought a number of key skills and connections with him. He was retained by SoftBank as manager of the Fortress hybrid hedge fund.

Future Princeton Startups

Peter Briger studied at both Princeton and Penn. He has also helped fund a program for Princeton startups. What is better than helping intelligent college graduates, who want to start their own business?This helps creates jobs. It increases the value of a Princeton education. The Princeton Alumni Education Fund (PAEF) makes up to $100,000 available to men and women who want to start their own company. But, if that is not valuable enough, Peter Briger also will mentor some of these future business owners. He gives both his time and his money to help create the next generation of entrepreneurs. The PAEF seeks to create the right mindset in business owners. It can be challenging to bring new products and services to the market. This fund and Mr. Briger help the entrepreneurs discover how to prepare for success. Some billionaires simply bury their wealth at the bottom of some Swiss mountain. Thankfully, billionaire Peter Briger shares his wealth of wisdom and money with the world. Who gives more than Peter Briger?

Music Executive Desiree Perez Recognizes Barriers to Women in Industry

Music executive Desiree Perez is perhaps one of the most influential and powerful women in the music industry today, with years of success and networking behind her. With her role in many of the careers of female and male singers, as well as establishing herself in the business and executive side of the music industry, Perez and her opinion matter.Recently, society and culture has come to the realization that women in the music industry are not always given equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

Everyone is recognizing that it is up to everyone, at every level of the industry, to make opportunities both available and possible for both men and women without any barriers or preferences based on sex. Following a controversial statement made by Recording Academy president, Neil Portnow, Perez joined in with a group of other female music executives to point out the issues with Portnow’s statement about women and the Recording Academy and Grammys.

The letter criticized Portnow, saying that it was not a badly voiced personal opinion about women and their role in the music industry, but a deep rooted belief by members of the Academy that fails to recognize the barriers that are faced by female artists.The letter goes a step further and addresses the need for the Academy as a whole to reevaluate and assess the organizational issues that can lead to unequal opportunities in music, and even harbor individuals that chronically oppress or abuse their power over women trying to gain opportunities within the industry. As one of the most vocal and prominent women in the music industry, Desiree Perez can and has made a difference simply by using her voice to call attention to the issues.

Julia Jackson: A Personal Success and Inspiration for Others

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is currently a successful proprietor of Jackson Family Wines. However, her interest in wine has been with her throughout most of her life. She has fond memories with her father, picking and sorting grapes and learning about the wine business, where she learned the importance of working hard. Since her child-hood years, she has taken that philosophy to heart, attending Scripps College and obtaining her bachelor’s degree before attending Stanford School of Business to pursue her graduate degree. After studying about French sales and distribution, working during the harvest at the Jackson Family Château Lassègue in France, she was inspired to be involved with international wine brands.

She currently works in the Jackson Family Communications and Marketing Departments where she improves websites for Jackson Family Wines’ brands such as Tenuta di Arceno, and Yangarra. With her Julia Jacksonsuccess with Jackson Family Wines, she was inspired to create a non-profit organization, that celebrates women leaders who overcome life’s adversities, called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Each year, her organization donates $100,000 annually to other non-profit organizations that exemplify strong traits of equality, community and spirit. As she moves forward in her career, she hopes to honor her father’s legacy by improving her family’s wine business making quality products and continuing her contributions to her valuable non-profit organization.

David McDonald Has Made OSI Group Better

While OSI Group has always been a successful company, they have sometimes been more successful than other times. David McDonald has recognized this throughout his career and he has made sure that he is able to provide even more successful opportunities to the company.

David McDonald is the President of the company and is the COO. Because of this, he has a lot of influence over OSI Group and has been able to make a difference in the company. David McDonald knows the right moves to make and works in combination with other leaders at the company to come up with all of the right strategies for success in the different areas that the business is a part of. Since it is a food service company, David McDonald knows that things will get better for the company as they continue to expand to different areas that they are a part of.

David McDonald OSI Group recently made the decision to put an OSI Group in China. This was a bold move to make and something that many other food service companies would choose to do because of the implications of having a plant in that country. The positive part of it, though, is that it is going to be able to serve the restaurants throughout the country. Since OSI Group is the provider for McDonald’s and other major international brands, positioning a plant in Beijing is a great way to ensure that they are going to be able to serve everyone in China.

Since David McDonald has worked with OSI Group, he has won awards for the work that he is doing. While he has had promotions and offers extended to him, these awards are things that are personal.

They have made a difference in the way that he feels about the company and the things that he can do for the company. David McDonald plans to stay with OSI Group for years to come and hopes that he will be able to continue earning awards. He also has hopes that the company will keep growing and they can put more plants in other countries.

Find more about David McDonald: https://members.nationalgeographic.com/730321295927/.

Eric Pulier Starts A New Seed Company For Mobile Apps

Things didn’t quite go the way Eric Pulier planned when he hoped to make one of his companies the feature part of the Computer Sciences Corporation, an endeavor that became fraught with untrue stories and allegations. But despite that setback, Pulier found something even better when he saw the potential for mobile gaming to be turned into practical solutions at his new company, vAtomic Systems. Pulier has moved from SOA to cloud computing and now believes new apps with functions like Uber are going to take over the mainstream.


Pulier’s disruptive technology really actually started when he was only in elementary school and began impressing his teachers with his programming skills. By high school he was already taking his programming into business and building database systems. He became a top student at Harvard where he studied literature and wrote for the Harvard Crimson. What made his time at Harvard unique was being the only literature major to take high level computer courses at MIT at the same time. He graduated with high honors from both schools.


Eric Pulier joined a group of students and activists in Los Angeles in 1991 when he formed People Doing Things which emerged into Digital Evolution. This was a company that took advantage of web design and video solutions to help companies market their niches online. Pulier became one of the nation’s top young entrepreneurs and was soon a favorite of then President Bill Clinton. Clinton selected Pulier to be the chairman of the Presidential Technology Exhibition, and at this event Pulier showed displays of future technology at various exhibits.


Eric Pulier’s philanthropy includes being a lead member of a team of engineers at Starbright World. This 1998 program connected patients at different children’s hospitals through a social media network aimed at helping them discuss their illnesses with others and make friends at other hospitals. It also had live games and simulations. Eric Pulier is also on the board of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp in California that provides summer weeks of fun activities to children with special needs. He’s also an advisor to XPrize Foundation.